Sunday, January 17, 2021


Call Him Out by Name

A little more than two years ago, in the wake of the Tree of Life Shooting, Columbia University came under withering and justified criticism from many of its Jewish alumni. In condemning the shooting in an official statement, Columbia had spoken out against hate, but failed to once mention anti-Semitism—the motivation


Objection to an Objection

I was incredibly disappointed with The Jewish Link’s decision to run the letter “Objections to Two LGBT Bills” in the January 7 edition. Regardless of the specifics of these two bills, the letter published was shameful, offensive, and beneath the standards of our community newspaper. Unabashed discrimination and


Why Print the Leiter Letter?

I’d like to know if you read the letter to the editor from Rabbi Leiter, a rabbi who supposedly “helps” children (“Objections to Two LGBT Bills” January 7, 2020), before you printed it. This is not politics, this is not an issue about tuition or taxes or whom to vote for in an election. These are lives. This


We Are All Created in God’s Image

In last week’s Jewish Link, Rabbi Leiter appealed to our community to urge our legislators to vote against two bills before them (“Objections to Two LGBT Bills” January 7, 2020). While he is entitled to express his opinion, he used many hateful, bigoted words and statements. I am capable of arguing with him, but


Fair Lawn Mikvah Correction

I enjoyed reading Robert Isler’s article “Fair Lawn Mikvah Project is Truly A Community Effort” (December 31, 2020), which beautifully conveyed the excitement of our community regarding the renovation of our mikvah. There is, however, one point which I must correct. I became the administrator of the Fair Lawn Mikvah


Response to ‘Objections To Two LGBT Bills’

In last week’s Jewish Link there was a disturbing and in my opinion truly bigoted article titled “Objecting to Two LGBT Bills,” by Rabbi Nosson Shmuel Leiter (January 7, 2020). In this article the rabbi claims we should encourage our legislators to vote against a bill that is introduced by New Jersey to “require school districts to


Communal Responsibility

The storming of the Capitol was distressing to every American and to us as Jews. The smashing of windows, the needless deaths—all rooted in conspiracy theories—and a leader who has fed his followers falsehoods and lies has shaken many of us. We know all too well the power that leaders have when they spread lies and


Don’t Equate Trump’s and Biden’s Reactions

In the banner headline article of last week (“Violence Erupts in DC” January 7, 2020), the editors quoted verbatim a number of senators and congressmen who spoke unequivocally about the “dark day” of the “anarchist mobs violently swarming the Capitol.” Earlier in the article, the editors wrote that “both


All Tied Up

I read Ms. Tracer’s article (“All Tied Up: Unraveling the Complexities of Tongue Tie,” January 7, 2020) with more than a little consternation. My colleagues have seen an uptick, or, more aptly, a deluge of referrals for what she refers to as TOTS, a cute acronym for tethered oral tissues, or a way to refer to all


Give the Original Fair Lawn Mikvah Its Due

I read the article regarding the Fair Lawn Mikvah Project (“Fair Lawn Mikvah Project Is Truly a Community Effort,” December 31, 2020) with great interest, as I have been in the Fair Lawn community for many years. I was impressed by Mr. Isler’s dedication to this wonderful collaborative effort, yet was disheartened


Pollard’s Disproportionate Sentence

I would like to respond to U.S. Army, retired, Col. Carl A. Singer’s letter to the editor regarding Jonathan Pollard (“Pollard Is No Hero,” January 7, 2021). In his own words, the author claims that Jews in the U.S. intelligence services were suspected of dual loyalties as a result of Pollard’s espionage. Fair enough. I, as well as


Pollard Is No Hero

Jonathan Pollard is a traitor to the United States of America. His misguided actions resulted in little to no valuable intelligence that Israel was not already privy to.

He cast a shadow of dual-loyalty upon Jews working in the classified arena, myself included.

I was