Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Bergenfield Museum Will Be Open One Sunday a Month

Our Bergenfield museum, starting on September 24, will be open the last Sunday of each month. On my Wednesday “Walk with the Mayor,” I was informed that not everyone knew about the museum, and since it was not open on Sundays it would be hard to attend. After speaking with the museum board, they agreed to open on the last Sunday of each month. For


Thank You to The Jewish Link for Spreading the Word to Help Houston

I would like to thank The Jewish Link profusely for your help in getting an army of New Jerseyans to help us load the trucks with supplies for our brothers and sisters in Houston. Between you reaching out across New Jersey and my good buddy, Michael Dube, reaching out in Tenafly the response was absolutely overwhelming. While Bergen County


Taking a Stand Against the Practice of Kaparot

We do not come into this world knowing everything; we slowly absorb and become aware of our surroundings as we mature. So too, in pursuing a more compassionate, spiritual and mindful life, it is impossible to focus on everything at once. Slowly, we widen our perspective and take in things we do not know about and sometimes things we never


Let’s Consider Candidates’ Deeds in the Voting Booth

Thank you for including two revealing, informative and compelling articles in your August 17 edition: an op-ed by Jonathan Feldstein (“Senator Booker Is Wrong on Funding Terror”), and a letter to the editor by Jonathan Gold (“Thanks to The Jewish Link for Covering Cory Booker’s ‘No’ Vote on Taylor Force


Removing Monuments Is Not ‘Rewriting History’

Regarding “Charlottesville, Mahwah and the Worst Version of Ourselves” (August 17, 2017), in seeking to cast those opposed to glorifying the treason and racism of the Confederacy in a negative light for some reason, Ms. Kratz makes a number of false assertions. I’m not sure where she came up with her “200 years”


Jewish Solidarity Has Always Been an Integral Component of Yad Vashem

The article published in The Jewish Link of New Jersey on August 7, 2017 by Tammy Mark, “Mordecai Paldiel Emphasizes the Importance of Honoring One’s Own,” incorrectly claims that Yad Vashem has only recently dealt with the phenomenon of Jewish solidarity and stories of how Jews saved their fellow Jews. Accordingly, several references


Two Additional Points to Consider Regarding the Eruv Controversy

I applaud you for printing a couple of minority viewpoints concerning the recent “South Monsey” eruv controversy. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that most of the articles and editorials were of the identical tone to one another. The assumption by most journalists has been that the vocal residents of Mahwah who oppose the


Thanks to The Jewish Link for Covering Cory Booker’s ‘No’ Vote on Taylor Force Act

I thank the editors of the Jewish Link for prominently carrying the story of our senator, Cory Booker, voting “no” on the Taylor Force Act. I, too, am very disappointed by him. The bill was supported by AIPAC, the OU, ADL and many other Jewish organizations. Booker went against all of them. This followed the Iran fiasco last year, where Booker also voted to allow


Thanks From a Jewish Link Subscriber in Florida

One of the greatest gifts I ever received was a subscription to The Jewish Link. I read it every week, just as I did when I lived in Bergenfield, and even now I pass it on to a friend, so two families benefit from the one subscription. It keeps me connected with my many friends in Teaneck and Bergenfield, where I lived my


Congressman Gottheimer Must Be Held to His Pro-Israel Campaign Stance

Thank you for last week’s editorial advocating “Move Forward With the Taylor Force Act” (August 3, 2017). There are many in Congress who are trying to make this happen. It is outrageous that our US taxpayer funds are being used to reward terrorists for killing innocent people. As of today (8/7/17), there are 102 members of the House


Let Us View Perceived Anti-Semitism in Mahwah Through Another Lens

In reading Justin Feldman’s op-ed (“A Fresh Perspective on the Mahwah Eruv,” August 3, 2017) in which he claims to have experienced anti-Semitism at a Mahwah town meeting, I would like to propose that perhaps he was observing a reasonable response to the eruv question. There are problems with eruvin:


A Very Personal Reminder to Always Wear a Helmet

Three days after Tisha b’Av, 12 Av, is our brother Dr. Heshy Rosenbaum’s 46th yahrtzeit. Heshy, z”l, a resident in pediatrics, was a very gentle person, super smart and loved to play ball. He was the pride of our family, becoming a doctor. He was always careful to be mekadesh shem Shamayim through his actions and behavior. For many of

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