Wednesday, August 05, 2020

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Thank You For Covering NJ’s Holocaust Center Yom HaShoah Program

I was gratified to see Pearl Markovitz’s coverage of our Yom HaShoah Zoom presentation featuring Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter (“NNJ Holocaust Memorial and Education Center Marks Yom HaShoah,” April 23, 2020), who spoke so eloquently about his father, Rabbi Hershel Schacter zt”l, who was an army chaplain among the troops who


Move Teaneck Forward

My father is my hero and I live every day to make him proud.

The Teaneck that I moved to over 45 years ago is very different from the Teaneck we live in today. This is because of people like my father, David Lew, who were always willing to step up and get


An Update From the Goldsmiths

Editor’s note: For those unaware or outside the greater Teaneck/Bergenfield community, we want to provide a short intro to this letter, which our staff was absolutely thrilled to receive from Bergenfield’s Elana and Michael Goldsmith. Their lives were thrown into disarray as the otherwise-healthy,


Share Your Quarantine Stories

This past Shabbos I was walking near the park with my two-year-old son. I saw a mother with her toddler and remarked that it’s good to see that civilization still exists. She asked me how I keep my son occupied, a great question.

With no daycare the


Vote for These Teaneck Leaders

As the former Mayor and current Deputy Mayor, I take pride in understanding the needs of our community and its residents, and who will do the best job representing us on the Town Council. I am voting for Mark Schwartz, Karen Lew Orgen and Michael Pagan because they have vowed to support a zero percent budget that keeps


Keep Teaneck on the Right Track

As a former Teaneck councilman and as a successful businessman, I know what it is going to take to help steer our township through the economic challenges we are now facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thankfully, Teaneck is on strong financial footing but it is important that we continue down


A Revolution in the World Zionist Congress

Following months of planning, engaging, and educating communities about an election which is one of the best kept secrets, something historic happened for Religious Zionists in America. The Mizrachi Orthodox Israel Coalition ranked number one among all Orthodox slates and placed second overall among the 15 slates. We will have an


A Note on the Dikduk Of Hashem’s Name

Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman of the Ahavas Israel Kehilla in Passaic told us that Rabbi Hershel Schachter taught him years ago that in Hallel, when we say (Psalms 114:7) “Milifnei Adon chuli aretz, milifnei Elo-ha Yaakov,” it’s a common mispronunciation that many of us make of the Shem Hashem. Really, the pronunciation is “Elo-ah.”


Thank You, Shomrei Torah

To the members of the amazing Fair Lawn Shomrei Torah community,

We in New Rochelle are awe-inspired and have no words to adequately express the appreciation and admiration we feel toward you.

Our community had been essentially put in quarantine a week before


Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association Provides Masks For Healthcare Workers

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association leadership, the organization has amassed over 1,650 N95 masks and hundreds of surgical masks and would like to distribute them to the nurses and other healthcare providers working tirelessly at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Daven for Healthcare Workers at SMGH

My colleagues at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Passaic tell me daily of the heroic work done by all the nurses, doctors and support staff there. They are working with a shortage of supplies and nearly every floor has been transformed into an intensive care unit. Every day more and more COVID-19 patients arrive. Yet, the hospital team is


Thank You to Our Elected Officials

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of those in our Teaneck municipality and elected officials, medical care providers, rabbinate, and fellow residents who have risen to the occasion during this difficult period. Times of crisis can bring out the best or worst in human nature and I am proud to be a Teaneck resident