Thursday, April 15, 2021


Tallit Protocol

I often get comments on my articles from fellow congregants. This past Shabbat I received a wonderful validation about my position that one should not remove one’s tallit until after Adon Olam. A friend came over and told me he would wait until after Adon Olam to remove his tallit based on my article (“My Tallit”


Learning Happens Everywhere

As chair of the Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University Educator Preparation Program, I found this past week’s comic strip @JEWISHCARTOON by Jordan B. Gorfinkel especially curious. Play is a repository of rich learning experiences: Cooking supports generating and testing hypotheses and chronological reasoning;


I Owe My Life to Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, z”l

My husband and I were delighted to read the articles last week about the remarkable rabbinic career of Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, z”l. The biographies personally resonated with me since Rav Schwartz converted my mother nearly 40 years ago in Brooklyn. I had the privilege of meeting Rav Schwartz a few years back when I was introduced to him


Ner Shel Chanukah

I read Rabbi Gil Student’s illuminating article (“The Mixed-Up Blessing on Chanukah Lights,’’ December 10, 2020) about how commentators explain Rav Yosef Karo’s deviation of the form of the blessing (“lehadlik ner Chanukah,” skipping out on the Gemara’s use of the word “shel”) with interest. I


The Festivus Season, Already? Airing Jewish Link Grievances

I have been meaning to write this letter to the editor for some time. I like to receive bad news first, so here it is: I think The Jewish Link is way too big. This week’s edition (December 10) was 152 pages! I read books shorter than that. Furthermore, I think there are not enough substantive editorials, op-eds and the


The Mi Sheberach Debate

Rabbi Daniel Alter’s article (“The Future of Our Shuls Post-Pandemic,” December 3, 2020) brought to light many issues and opportunities that shuls will have to deal with when we all return to indoor davening.

I need to take issue with his question


The History of Harlem I Never Knew

Thank you for that informational and enlightening article on the evolvement and development of Jewish Harlem by the “Two Sues” (“The Jewish History of Harlem: A Virtual Stroll Through a Neighborhood Where Jewish Voices Echo,” December 3, 2020). This type of article is fascinating and a bit different from your


Open Dialogue Should Not Be Suppressed

The late, lamented Rabbi Sacks zt”l, had recently often expressed concern that the “willingness to listen respectfully to those with whom we disagree has been lost today” because “the only way we avoid error [is] by allowing dissent of voice.” He protested “the mischief of denying a hearing to opinions because we, in our own


Thank You to Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz

We find ourselves sandwiched between two events that focus on expressing our gratitude and thanks. On the secular calendar, Thanksgiving has recently passed. On the Jewish calendar (and of far greater importance), we will soon celebrate Chanukah. The Talmud (Shabbat 21b) explains that after the miracle of the oil occurred, the rabbis


We Are All in This Together

We are all in this together! Really?!? I think that’s one of the most overused slogans, and probably one of the most untrue. We may all be living on this planettogether, but we are not in thisall together. I’m just going to focus on the United States and not address the effects on the rest of the


Giving Thanks

In an age where the terms “giving thanks, grateful and hero” are inserted into our daily conversations, we would be remiss if we didn’t also acknowledge feelings of sadness, loss and even frustration. Some would even say this is a healthy way to live, as we are human beings who experience a full and diverse range of feelings


Advertising in The Link Works!

I write this letter to say thank you to The Jewish Link and to let our community know how beneficial my advertising was. When I first started my CO2 refill delivery business, I found the hardest part was getting customers. I only had a few of them. However, since first advertising in The Jewish Link only a few weeks ago,