Friday, October 30, 2020


Why Palestine?

With the approach of our annual fasts of Tammuz 17 and Tisha B’Av, which commemorate the Roman incursion into Yerushalayim in 70 C.E., the destruction of our beloved state of Judea and the beginning of our long and tortuous diaspora, my thoughts turn to the name “Palestine.”


In Support of Congressman Josh Gottheimer

Israel has always been a sacred place for me. As a Jewish American living in the fifth district, I realize the importance of both the relationship between Israel and the U.S., as well as having representatives in Congress who support a strong Israeli-American bond. As a voter, a main issue for me is how my representative


Supporting John McCann

I am supporting John McCann in the Republican primary for Congress in the 5th congressional district. I hope that every registered Republican votes for John as well. John has been involved in politics in Bergen County for many years, and has expressed his support for our community and the state of Israel in his many years


It’s Not About Israel

We are members of the Jewish community of Teaneck with strong support and love for Israel. We are writing in response to the Norpac ad, “Rabbis Supporting Congressman Josh Gottheimer” in the June 18 edition of the Jewish Link.

It was extremely disappointing and disconcerting that a significant number


Sign Your Name

There have been many spirited opinions expressed in various letters to the editor over the past few weeks. I appreciate that we have the right to different points of view and have the ability to disagree with other letter writers and opinion pieces. However, I do not feel it appropriate that The Jewish Link will print


What Have We Learned?

As we begin the process of resuming davening with a minyan, I think this is the time to look back on the experience of davening b’yechidus and ask if there is anything to be learned. Almost all the people I spoke with regarding this stated that when davening privately in their homes, since they were not pressured to


Support the Black Community, Not Black Lives Matter

I am sending this letter with mixed emotions. It is inarguable that the black community has suffered. What happened to George Lloyd was horrific and cannot be justified. There have been all too many instances of awful aggression against the black community. As someone who works at an inner city social services


Statement From the Jewish Community Council of Greater Teaneck and the Northern NJ Holocaust Memorial & Education Center

The Jewish Community Council of Greater Teaneck and the Northern New Jersey Holocaust Memorial & Education Center wish to express our condolences to the family of George Floyd and to express our solidarity with the African-American community in their fight against racial injustice.

We live in


Masks Are Medically Necessary

In response to the letter from “Name withheld on request” (“Are Masks Medically Necessary,” June 4, 2020) regarding the necessity for continued wearing of masks, which quotes from a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, recognized as the most prestigious medical journal in America if not the


Thank You, Mayor Hameeduddin

Many thanks to Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin for his many years of service and dedication to our hometown. To be an effective mayor requires sound management and leadership skills, the ability to inspire, empathy, toughness and intelligence. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we again learned what the military has known


A Word of Caution to Our Yeshivot at Graduation Time

Mazal tov to all of Bergen County’s graduates! I have enjoyed flipping through the paper the past few weeks to see how the community has been celebrating amidst the madness (huge shoutout to Rabbi Hagler and Yeshivat Noam!).

At the same time, I was concerned


Reelect Josh Gottheimer

There is a lot wrong with Washington these days. There has always been a lot wrong with Washington. But the biggest historical and contemporary problem is the rancor of partisan politics. The two-party system is not at fault. It enables honest debate and protects minority positions. But when it evolves into destructive