Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Shame Shem—Shame on the Name

I found Ira Buckman’s letter of February 25, “A Pastry by Any Other Name” very interesting because I had a slightly different but similar thought, about publicizing our worst enemies. We are commanded to forget Amalek, but do it by bringing its name up year after year for millennia. We scorn Haman by using the very mention of his name as a


A Thought on the Parsha

The Mishkan and chiddush are one and the same. That’s because wherever God resides, innovation is a constant. In this week’s parsha we are told that Betzalel was infused with chochma, tevuna, daat and “all his melacha.” Rashi clearly delineates that chochma is what you learn from others, tevuna is what you can understand on your own based on


Keep the Jewish in the Jewish Film Festival

I recently watched the trailer to one of the MetroWest JCC Jewish Film Festival’s Jewish(?) films, “Army of Lovers in the Holy Land,” with disbelief, disgust and abhorrence. It was filledwith inappropriate behavior and imagery.

Is this a Jewish film? Should this be in a Jewish film festival? Does this


Purim Satire ‘News’ Was in Bad Taste

The “Purim Satire” section of your February 25 issue contained an item which I feel any decent person would find to be in extremely bad taste.

Titled “100,000 Palestinians Get Shot by Israeli Soldiers,” the supposed “joke” was made around the pun of using “shot” to refer to the COVID-19 vaccine. The “joke” concludes with the following:


Shabbat Parah Thought: Marking Memory of Sharona Nagler, z”l

So many knew her, visited her, befriended her—during both her better and more difficult times.

I met her when I had the pleasure of meeting her mother—my dear eshet chayil, Evelyn—shortly before she was niftar, 14 years ago.

On the last day of shiva, following


Proud of Our Community

Yes, I am related to The Jewish Link publisher so one can argue that I am biased, but this past week’s Jewish Link was so packed with examples of the goodness of the Jewish people that I found myself frequently moved to tears. Hunger drives, matchmaking for those with medical conditions, fertility summits, loving


Masechet Megilla Reference to an Evil Germany Over 15 Centuries Ago

As a result of attending the amazing Siyum Hashas at MetLife Stadium last year, along with the urging of my much-wiser grandchildren, I have become a very senior latecomer to Daf Yomi. In order not to let the seven-and-a-half year cycle become too daunting, I am learning several daf a day online instead of just one as


Context for COVID-19 and Masks

In his letter (“Continuing Discussions on COVID-19 and Masks,” February 18, 2021), Dr. Yosef Glassman references the frightening number of children who die of pneumonia each year. He uses these numbers to argue that those who advocate for masking during COVID, such as the CDC and all the local hospitals, ought to


A Pastry by Any Other Name

Yom HaShoah is the day designated to annually commemorate the Holocaust, the tragic result of the Final Solution. That was the name given to the plan to exterminate the Jewish people, masterminded by Adolph Hitler. What would people think if part of that commemoration was to bake pastries in the shape of Hitler’s


Let’s Help Our Neighbors

When someone tells you they are hurting, it is important to listen. That’s basic human empathy. And when someone gives you ways to show support and foster healing, if you care, then you follow their lead.

Currently, the Black community in Teaneck, especially


Anti-Semitism on SNL Is Not OK

Over the past year in particular we have had to deal with numerous issues that have brought opposing viewpoints to the forefront. However, this past Saturday night, anti-Semitism unfortunately reared its ugly head in a way to remind us that such an issue does not discriminate between the more observant and the less


My Thoughts on Rush

You might have never known this, but Rush Limbaugh was my best friend at one point in time.

The year was 2011. I had just come back from a year in Eretz Yisrael and I started something new. A new school, in a new town with no one I knew. In between class I’d run to my car for a break, grab some food



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