Monday, September 26, 2022


Letter From Bergen Yeshiva Heads Regarding 2023 Winter Break

We write this letter to help our community understand the background behind the timing of winter break for the upcoming school year (2022-2023).

Mission-aligned values are at the core of communal decisions we make in all our schools. We would like to share


Expand The Bayit Association

I recently read your article in The Jewish Link regarding The Bayit Association (“Bayit Association of NJ is Born!” March 31 2022), and I really connected and felt inspired by the efforts you described in ensuring that you are able to help others. If possible, I would truly like to visit your office or one of your


Good Luck to the Bayit Association!

I was heartened to read the article from March 31 about the Bayit Association of New Jersey (“The Bayit Association Is Born!”). Any initiative to increase access to kosher housing in our community deserves our support. I wish the Bayit much success in their goal to help people with disabilities. The organization that


Teaching by Example

Rabbi Dr. Wallace Greene’s fine article brought long-ago thoughts to mind (“Tzedakah Education” March 24, 2022).

My parents, z”l, were Holocaust survivors. When we arrived in this Golden Land of opportunity we were embraced by a loving extended


RCBC Letter Regarding Humble Toast and La Cucina De Nava

In December, we sent a communication to the community regarding the civil proceedings brought against Shalom Yehudiel, the owner of two RCBC-supervised establishments, The Humble Toast and La Cucina De Nava. At that time, we decided to continue supervising the kashrut of these two restaurants on the condition that Mr.


A Letter to the Community

On March 20, 2022, we received a report of a missing 4½-year-old child. Upon receiving this call, we immediately set up perimeters and started searching for this young boy. As word got out by mouth and on social media, our wonderful community stopped whatever they were doing and responded in the area to assist in


Note on ‘The Revelation at Sinai’

I was pleased to read Ben Rothke’s review of the book “The Revelation at Sinai: What Does ‘Torah from Heaven’ Mean?” in the March 17 issue of The Jewish Link. I appreciate Mr. Rothke’s attempt to describe this book’s criticism of my own book on revelation at Sinai in a serious and respectful manner. Not


It Happened at Bnai Yeshurun … 1977

I enjoyed reading Michael Feldstein’s article “It Happened at Bnai Yeshurun: February 21, 1977” (March 16, 2022). As an invited guest, I attended the bat mitzvah celebration of his sister Ruthie and was inspired by this service for women.

As a founding member of the Teaneck Women’s Tefillah


What Baruch Means

With all respect to Mitchell First, whose expertise in Hebrew linguistics and etymology is exceptional (“The Three Meanings of the Root ‘Bet-Resh-Caf’,” March 24, 2022), I would like to offer what I believe is the true explanation of the phrase “Baruch Atah Ado-nai.”


After Eighth Grade Comes Ninth Grade

Our Modern Orthodox community employs a high school admission process that is concerning.

Except for some exceptions, all Modern Orthodox eighth graders must prove that they are worthy of admission to high school. This scrutiny goes well beyond ensuring that students are high school qualified. That


Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to give our heartfelt thanks to all those involved in returning our precious son Joey to us. Thank you to the Bergenfield, Teaneck and Maywood Police Departments; to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department; to Chaverim of Bergen County and Rockland County; BVAC, TVAC and Bergen Hatzalah. They


Chabad Helps in Ukraine

I would like to thank Harry Glazer for publishing the vast numbers of organizations in our community that have been galvanized to support the relief effort in Ukraine (“Jewish Community Reacts to Russia’s Assault on Ukraine” March 20, 2022). However, I was puzzled that Chabad was left off that list. There is no Jewish organization in

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