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Modern Orthodox Jews Must Rally Around Rabbi Berman’s YU Appointment

Kudos to the editorial staff of The Jewish Link for imploring our community to support Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, the President-elect of Yeshiva University (“Support for YU’s New President,” November 17, 2016). While much attention has understandably been directed toward the President-elect of the United States these last


Correcting My Holocaust Narrative

I want to thank Pearl Markovitz for having given me the opportunity to tell my Holocaust story recently at Teaneck High School, as well as for the article she submitted to the Jewish Link (“Kristallnacht Witness Norbert Strauss Addresses Commemoration at Teaneck High School,” November 23, 2016).

I am


Call Your State Senators Regarding the Assisted Suicide Bill

On Thursday, November 3, the New Jersey Senate held a hearing on assisted suicide in the health committee. This came after the bill passed the assembly by only one vote. Days before the hearing they had announced that there would only be a hearing and will not be holding a vote on the bill, but only an hour before the hearing was scheduled


Garrett’s Pro-Israel Representation Will Be Missed

I was disappointed to hear that Congressman Scott Garrett had not prevailed in his re-election bid. Garrett was a staunch advocate of issues pertaining to the pro-Israel community. He worked assiduously for a united Jerusalem, for strengthening the US-Israel alliance, against the threat of terrorism and in opposition to the Iran nuclear


Election Reflections Shared With Excitement, Gratitude and Admiration

Another election cycle has drawn to a close and the American people have chosen Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. Many voters, of divergent political leanings, have expressed gratitude that the months of campaigning have finally wrapped up. Yet I am grateful for something else, and it’s meaningful to me


Trump, Who Enables Neo-Nazis, Should Not Be Supported by Jews

I am outraged by Jews who support Donald Trump.

I am outraged by Jews who know every word in Tanach, Mishna and Gemara, which contain the words, “And a stranger shalt thou not oppress; for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt,” and yet support someone who


What Is Behind the Curtain and Why Is It So Important?

Recently a discussion has come up about taking selfies in the voting booth. In New Jersey the practice is illegal. The conversation brings up the whole issue of voter privacy and reminded me of an incident in my childhood.

I remember fondly going with my mother to vote as a young child. My mother, the


Thank You to the Community for a Successful Challah Bake

This past Wednesday evening, November 9, over 1,000 women from Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Morris and Essex Counties gathered at Factory 220 in Passaic to take part in this year’s NJ Great Big Challah Bake. The event kicked off a weekend of programs as part of the Shabbos Project.

Thank you to The Jewish Link for articles and advertisement space to help promote


The Suspender Business Is Always Picking Up


That is the sound of my tearing kriyahover the loss of the last semblance of your journalistic integrity. I am writing to call The Link out on your shoddy treatment of one of the, if not the, critical issues of the day. By this I am, of course, referring to the “article” in


Kohelet Foundation Director: Solving ‘Tuition Crisis’ Is a Lifelong Communal Endeavor

Gershon Distenfield’s op-ed “Is There a Tuition Crisis?” (November 3, 2016) is an interesting article. I can’t argue with the value proposition that Yeshivat He’atid offers. It is a valuable institution to have access to for those who


Let’s Keep the Tuition Affordability Conversation Going

In reference to the November 3, 2016, article by Gershon Distenfeld (“Is There Still a Tuition Crisis?”) we wanted to express our appreciation to both The Jewish Link and to Gershon for continuing to keep tuition affordability at the forefront. We could not agree more with Gershon that our community is truly blessed to have so many wonderful day schools to choose


Our Representatives Let Us Down in Voting to Legalize Assisted Suicide

First and foremost, I love reading this wonderful paper!

I would like to express my opinion regarding one of the biggest new threats to America and America’s Jewish community, which is the legalization and

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