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Let’s Keep the Tuition Affordability Conversation Going

In reference to the November 3, 2016, article by Gershon Distenfeld (“Is There Still a Tuition Crisis?”) we wanted to express our appreciation to both The Jewish Link and to Gershon for continuing to keep tuition affordability at the forefront. We could not agree more with Gershon that our community is truly blessed to have so many wonderful day schools to choose


Our Representatives Let Us Down in Voting to Legalize Assisted Suicide

First and foremost, I love reading this wonderful paper!

I would like to express my opinion regarding one of the biggest new threats to America and America’s Jewish community, which is the legalization and


There Are No Guarantees When You

Have Children

In regards to the piece “How Will Your Children Parent You?” (November 3, 2016), by Adena Blickstein, I was a bit put off. I understand her point about parenting your children to be good people, but some of her “tips” were mildly offensive. First of all, by saying “Have


Hallel Yaffa Ariel Is Remembered at Yeshivat He’Atid

In June, a horrible tragedy took place in Israel. Hallel Yaffa, a 13-year-old who loved to dance, was asleep in her bed when she was murdered by an Arab terrorist. We all were shocked and heartbroken. Dr. Tani Foger, principal at Yeshivat He’Atid immediately wrote a letter to her parent body, expressing her vision for the school.


Support Scott Garrett, a Trusted Friend of Israel

Whether you are a Trump or Clinton supporter (or specifically voting against one of the two), I am puzzled that members of our community who hold Israel dear to their hearts would consider turning their backs and voting against the incumbent, Mr. Scott Garrett, a longtime tried and tested staunch supporter of Israel. While his opponent does


I Support Josh Gottheimer on Election Day

I have been a Bergen County resident for over 25 years. I have been a volunteer for Josh Gottheimer’s campaign since July and have met and talked with him on numerous occasions.

Personally, I have not felt much personal benefit having Mr. Garrett as my congressman since 2003. On issue after issue, he


Gottheimer Should Disassociate From Loretta Weinberg

In your October 7 article entitled “Garrett and Gottheimer: Pro-Israel Candidates at Odds With One Another” (October 7, 2016), Gottheimer shared that the reason he is running for Congress is because he is “frustrated with the government of today and how people treat each other.” In actuality, Josh Gottheimer should


A Vote for Ora Kornbluth Is a Vote for Bergenfield’s Future

It took me a long time to know what Bergenfield Councilwoman Ora C. Kornbluth looked like. Most of my first interactions with her were via email. It started four years ago after Hurricane Sandy. Our block had no power for quite a while and we were all frustrated. We reached out to Ora and she immediately sprang into action and assisted us.

Not long after we had


The Party System Is the Idolatry of Our Time

Party politics, the idolatry of our time, is a product of culture wars that have been ongoing for at least 3,800 years. This is when the first Jew, Avraham Avinu, refused to bow down before King Nimrod’s idol, for which he was thrown into a fiery furnace.

The king, of course, knew that an idol of gold and silver cannot cause the heavens to rain nor the fields


Support the Bergenfield Team of Kornbluth and Deauna

I am writing you today to express my enthusiastic support for the Democratic team of Councilwoman Ora Kornbluth and Buddy Deauna in this year’s Council Election on November 8. It has been a great privilege working with Councilwoman Kornbluth. Her strong record and tireless dedication to our community, specifically on the borough Finance and Police


 The UNESCO Travesty Continues

To add insult to injury, it is so appalling that the United Nations’ cultural body, UNESCO, passed a resolution just last week condemning Israeli actions at Jerusalem’s holy sites while totally ignoring Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. The travesty continues and this declaration is on the heels of the Palestinians currently calling to sue the


Bergenfield Mayor Seeks Support for Naylis and Long for Council

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone in Bergenfield for the honor and fortune of having been able to serve as your mayor for the last three years. I am proud that our Republican candidates in Bergenfield have not followed the lead of all of the national candidates for public office, and instead have remained

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