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Daf Hashovua Evolved From Rav Teitz’ Radio Program

Congratulations to the participants in the Daf Hashovua initiative; the news of the siyum is inspiring. The title of the program has a heritage, and knowing the context of the name will enrich the meaning of its current use.


Do Not Allow a Municipal Ordinance to Veil Anti-Semitism

The eruv has a significant and important role in the Orthodox Jewish community on the Sabbath and is often invisible to the eye. An eruv allows this community of faith to walk with a stroller to carry a young family to synagogue and handle similar tasks that would otherwise not be permitted on the Sabbath. We know that


Thank You for the Article on Nine Days Podcasts

I want to express my gratitude to Dov Greenwood for the article he wrote for The Jewish Link, “Four Podcasts for the Nine Days” (July 20, 2017). On my usually dull, uninteresting drive from Rochester to Teaneck and Queens I was able to entertain myself by listening to “Israel Story: Love Syndrome” about an amazing


Tisha B’Av Events for Children Should Impart the Day’s Meaning

In recent issues of The Jewish Link, there have been advertisements for Tisha B’Av programs for children that are not in the spirit of the day. Tisha B’Av has the potential to be one of the most important and meaningful days on the Jewish calendar. It reminds us that as good as we think things are now, they are nowhere near the ideal


Opening My Eyes to Your Generosity

Editor’s note: The following letter from Lesley Lipsitz was sent to us for publication by Elchanan Dulitz, who reported that the funding required by the family for Josh Lipsitz’s out-of-pocket medical care was received.

Regarding “Lipsitz Family Seeks Urgent Assistance” (June 8, 2017), I


The Jewish Link Editorial’s Discussion of Sinat Chinam Is Right on Target

Years ago as the president of the then-New Milford Jewish Center-Cong. Beth Tikvah, I gave a talk to the congregation, saying that as Jews we collectively wore a sign on our backs that said “Kick Me.” That started as a childish game whereupon children would try to tack such a sign on the backs of friends.

My point was that all too often Jews assume the role


Tomchei Shabbos Stresses Sensitivity, Responsibility

In response to name withheld:

Over the past 30 years, Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County has prided itself on never turning down any family in financial need. Families who currently work with Project Ezrah or other agencies, or a local rabbi who can attest to their ongoing need, are not required to submit


Encourage Our Legislators to Support Parental Rights Bill

Now that the government ruling class will stop at nothing to take back its ill-gotten power, New Jersey voters are in a key position to fix this and set our government back onto the constitutional track. We now have the incredible opportunity and responsibility to hold our legislators accountable to “secure the blessings


Please Support Tomchei Shabbos

I do not work or volunteer for Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County. Indeed, I am a recipient of their services.

For many years, to the best of my knowledge, Tomchei Shabbos prided itself on being a “no questions asked” organization. If someone was referred to them by a trustworthy source, e.g., a shul


Soncino Chumash Was Overlooked

In his recounting of “The Story of the Hertz Chumash” (June 22, 2017), Mitchell First writes that “another English option did not appear until 1981 when the Reform movement published its own Chumash.”

Inexplicably, he overlooks the hugely


Are Blue Laws Still Warranted and Relevant?

So it took the Jeopardy TV Game show to once again highlight the absurdity of the blue laws that still exist only in Bergen County. It was not surprising that no one on the panel could respond correctly to what the blue laws mean since the mandate promulgated in the 1600s on blue paper in colonial times is no longer relevant to anyone’s


Englewood’s Sylvia Berger Urgently Needs a Kidney

My name is Sylvia Berger. Many of you know me as a grandmother, mother, wife, long-term member of our synagogue and volunteer in this community for over 40 years. You may remember me as a parent of four in Yavneh Academy (Tamar, Ilan, Ari and Shiri), as co-owner of This Is It Boutique in Englewood, as Fair Lawn Hadassah’s past president

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