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Westchester Jewish Council Corrects Misstatements

Regarding your December 2, 2021, opinion piece “Should J Street Be Welcome in Westchester?,” I am writing to correct several misstatements regarding the Westchester Jewish Council (WJC or the Council), its purpose and mission.

The piece mischaracterizes WJC as one of the Jewish organizations


TVAC: So Much More Than Saving Lives

It is Monday evening at 6:45 p.m., with darkness already well underway now that the clocks have changed, and like it or not, winter is here. My daughter, Yaffa, walks proudly down the steps with her TVAC shirt bleached white (courtesy of dad), her black cargo pants and steel-toed shoes. With her penlight, stethoscope and


Referencing Thalidomide: Trust FDA Standards

The unnamed physician who wrote a letter in last week’s Jewish Link (“It’s Time for Kids to Return to Normalcy, With or Without the Vaccine” December 2, 2021) referred to the case of thalidomide as a precedent of a drug whose adverse side effects were not realized until years later. While the case of thalidomide


The Challah Dilemma

Long before COVID, there were common food-related cleanliness standards in place. Not today, it seems! Perhaps to reduce labor costs, items are now presented in an open, self-serve display. For example, challah: In several supermarkets, rather than individually bagging challahs or having a bakery-style system where a


Did Josephus Really Have A Big Nose?

In the last issue of The Jewish Link, Joel Davidi Weisberger reproduced a sculpture with a big nose as an “alleged” bust of Josephus (“Claiming Descent From the Maccabees,” December 2, 2021). Mr. Weisberger is correct to describe this identification as “alleged.” It is based upon antisemitic stereotypes that


Irresponsible Letter

I write in regards to “It’s Time for Kids to Return to Normalcy, With or Without the Vaccine” (December 2, 2021), which was submitted anonymously. I find it irresponsible of The Jewish Link to let this letter be the final word on the vaccine discussion that has dominated the Letters section. While the letter writer


What About the Other Jews?

I was delighted to read your Dec 2 op-ed article, entitled, “This Is the Greatest Threat to the Jewish Community,” by the Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union Rabbi Moshe Hauer. He is correct. The great tragedy of the massive assimilation and intermarriage of our people is far more damaging than


Jews May Not Be as Smart As They Think They Are

Israelis are often among the first to rush in to assist after crises or disasters anywhere in the world. One example is their offer to send a large number of doses of COVID vaccine to very poorly vaccinated African countries (“Israel to Send COVID Vaccines to Africa,” The Jewish Link, December 2, 2021).


Dangerous Letters

I am a high school student writing in response to two anonymous letters from the December 2, 2021 Jewish Link issue that I believe are misleading and potentially life-threatening.

The first anonymous letter (“It’s Time for Kids to Return to Normalcy, With or Without the Vaccine”) discouraged COVID


Teaneck Can Rely on TVAC

As a lifelong resident of Teaneck, I can say that the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps (TVAC) has always been there for us in times of need.

TVAC has provided care for myself and for my family on various occasions over the last 40-plus years. They always arrived promptly with a well trained crew and


More Dire Than One Might Think

Normally, I would not write regarding a line in a humor article; however, in Jon Kranz’s “Oy Vey!” article in the recent November 18 issue (titled “Quintessential Koreh”), he touches on a matter regarding which many people may have misimpressions in serious contexts as well, and so I feel a need to correct any potential


Clarifying on Verbal Assertiveness

Thank you to Genene Kaye for her letter (“Beware the Language Used in Advice Columns,” August 26, 2021) regarding the August Verbal Assertiveness column on Negative Assertion (“Verbal Assertiveness, Part Three: Accepting Criticism Using the Negative Assertion Skill,” August 12, 2021). I apologize for this tardy response to your

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