Monday, March 27, 2023


Why Do We Love Congressman Gottheimer?

What is the love affair that Jews have with Congressman Josh Gottheimer? Is it because he has brought federal funds for security to synagogues and Jewish organizations, assists Israel and speaks at antisemitism conferences? Is that our only concern as American Jews? Is Gottheimer so invaluable, our only


Ruminations on My Sixth National Suicide Prevention Month

As I leisurely read The Jewish Link this past Shabbat, I was struck by how far this paper has come towards acknowledging the needs of people with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Six years ago The Jewish Link gave me a voice to talk about both. All too often, our Jewish community closes our eyes and


Yeshiva High Schools’ Mobile Phone Policy 2022-2023

Our shared goal is to provide the best possible religious, educational, and social-emotional experience for all of our students. The formative years of high school provide an important setting for our adolescents to grow in each of these areas by taking full advantage of the holistic high school experience provided in our yeshiva high schools. With


From a Nina Glick Fan

I had the privilege of seeing Nina Glick in shul this morning and as one of her biggest fans I told her that I was disappointed not to see an article by her in this week’s paper. She said that her article was there but just not in the table of contents—-such a bummer. I look forward to her article every week!


It’s a Larger Issue Than Cell Phones

I’m writing in response to Rabbi Avishur’s cell phone article “Yeshiva High Schools Join Together to Limit Student Cell Phone Use: Parents Can Help” (August 25, 2022). I agree with everything he said but what I think people need to realize is that it’s not just a cell phone issue. It is anything that can have apps on


The Way Forward

As the issue of Meir Kin, and his decision to refuse Lonna Ralbag a get that she feels comfortable accepting, has been fairly prevalent in the letters to The Jewish Link over the past several weeks (“Agunah as a Blight,” “Free, Free at Last?” August 18, 2022), I believe it is time to publicly express my


‘You Can Overcome It, Right, Dad?’

Recently, my toddler was fighting a virus, and out of nowhere he said to me, “You can overcome it, right, Dad?” I wasn’t sure how to process his words. I mean, it seemed in the situation he had to overcome the virus. Somehow, it reminded me of the episodes in the Gemara where rabbis would inquire of the children what the future held


ZOA: Educating the Future

I was surprised and disappointed that the article “What University Students Wish Their Yeshiva High School Israel Advocacy Class Had Covered” (August 17, 2022) failed to mention the educational and advocacy resources that the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) provides to college students across the


Truman Was Not Perfect, But Did Not Get Zionism 'All Wrong'

I happened to finish David McCullough’s biography of Harry Truman in the past two weeks. I found the work exquisitely detailed and footnoted, enthralling and moving. One might think that a book of its size (just shy of 1,000 pages) would be difficult to read in its entirety. But think again. This masterpiece is a real


Spotlighting Abuse

I would like to commend The Jewish Link on the very well researched and beautifully written article, “One Woman’s Fight Against the American Family Court System” (August 18, 2022). This article features the work of an amazing figure, Dr. Amy Neustein, whom I am proud to call a colleague and a friend.


The Value of Health and Wellness Coaching

I am writing in response to last week’s letter to the editor (“Please Share Citations When Sharing Health Information” August 18, 2022) regarding my August 4, 2022, article “How to Choose Safe Consumer Products.” Thank you Ms. Kira Rynhold, for expressing your thoughts; I appreciate your feedback. In your


DOE Chancellor’s Comments on Families of Special Needs Students

Outrage is growing over New York City Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor David Banks’ recent comments claiming families routinely “game the system” to receive benefits they are legally entitled to under the law for their special needs children.


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