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SINAI Profile Hits Home

As the parent of a former SINAI student, Elizabeth Kratz’s recent article, “Supporting Classmates, Supporting SINAI,” truly resonated with me.

When our son Binyamin was a SINAI student, he got so much out of inclusion with his peers at RYNJ. When he was very young it was just the social


What the Halachic Prenup Does, and What It Doesn’t

Editor’s note: Due to the sensitive nature of this letter, we have removed all identifying information.

We are writing regarding ORA’s Q&A article in the relationships section of your December 1 issue entitled “The Purpose of a Halachic


VIP at the VP’s Chanukah Party

On page 48 of the recent Jewish Link publication an article was written about the Chanukah celebration (“Jewish Leaders Attend VP Harris Chanukah Party” (December 22, 2022), the first of its kind at VP Kamala Harris’ official residence in Washington, DC. Pictures of VP Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff,


UN Rep Equates IDF With Terrorists

Such chutzpah! Such hubris! (“UN Rep Equates IDF with Terrorists” December 21, 2022) Deputy Ambassador Robert Johnson must really have a strong background in Islamic fanaticism. How does he think Americans should have reacted to 9/11? How does he think Americans should have reacted when Arab neighborhoods in Israel


Juxtaposition of Chanukah: We Will Survive

The juxtaposition of a Chanukah menorah opposite a Nazi flag in Keil, Germany in pre-Holocaust era in the 1930s is very eerie but real.

Chanukah 5783 may now be over but our triumph for freedom and survival still lives on.


The Wrong Solution

I commend Mr. Mallin for his attempt to solve the agunah crisis (“Constructing a Solution to the Agunah Crisis,” December 22, 2022), but his suggestions are completely infeasible. At the heart of his suggestion is the concept that, as he claims, “Ancient Torah dictates have been…reformed when…unworkable and


Response to Reader Question On Reading The Jewish Link in the Bathroom

Hopefully, you can publish my comment and response to a reader question posted in letters to the editor in the last edition, in relation to Halacha regarding the Jewish Link being read in the bathroom (“Halacha Regarding The Jewish Link,” December 15, 2022).

An easy and logical response to the


Science and Religion

Mr. Wisotsky’s interesting discussion travels well-trod ground (Sachs, Slifkin, Schroeder et al.)(“Is Hashem Using Scientists as His Agents to Fulfill Torah Prophecies?” December 22, 2022). He posits a syncretism between religion and science. I would argue with this premise. Religion and science have entirely different objectives. In


Hakarat Hatov and the Chanukah Toy Drive

Congratulations to our community upon the 30th successful year of the Bergen County Chanukah Toy Drive! We’d like to acknowledge the vision and contributions of two amazing women.

Marla Friedman started the Bergen County toy drive 30 years ago and poured her


Don’t Blame American Jews

Rabbi Paul Bloom (“American Jewish Leadership Failure or Antisemitism and Aliyah?” December 15, 2022) argues that, in response to increasing antisemitism in America, America’s Jewish leadership should “encourage the movement of Torah, Talmud and talent to a new destination, Israel, the start-up nation.” Rabbi


Support the American Jewish Community

I was very disappointed to read Rabbi Bloom’s scathing (and in my opinion, unjustified) critique of American Jewish leadership in last week’s paper (“American Jewish Leadership Failure or Antisemitism and Aliyah?” December 15, 2022). The rise in antisemitism is very concerning and Rabbi Bloom feels that “The


Grateful for SINAI

I am writing to express my gratitude for Elizabeth Kratz’s feature on SINAI Schools, “Supporting Classmates, Supporting SINAI.” (December 15, 2022)

As the parent of four current and former high school students who have had extensive interactions with SINAI students at Torah Academy of Bergen County

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