Wednesday, June 03, 2020

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Not Taking This Seriously

I am writing this letter on Motzei Shabbos on May 2. Today was a very beautiful day with 70 degree weather and I had the opportunity to walk around Teaneck. I was very disappointed to see so many people not taking our current situation seriously. I saw many community members walking but not social distancing and, most


Make Sure to Mail in Your Ballot and Vote

We know that the last thing on your mind is elections, but we must continue to do our parts to ensure the vitality of our community both now and in the future. Our community’s success depends upon what each of us does between now and May 12.

Due to the


A Viral Opportunity? Not So Simple

In “A Viral Opportunity,” (April 24, 2020) Gershon Distenfeld makes excellent points about focusing on modesty in our spending decisions in order to reduce the financial pressure of living in our community. However, he also misleadingly touts Yeshivat He’Atid’s financial model as being a paradigm for reducing the community’s


Thank You for Quick Response To Talleisim Need

Last week, Hebrew Free Burial Association put out a request for talleisim on TeaneckShuls and on HFBA’s Facebook Page. Since then, HFBA has received over 1500 talleisim from all over the United States, but most from Teaneck, Bergenfield, New Milford, Englewood, Passaic, Clifton and Riverdale.



Thank You, RCBC

A note of sincere thanks to members of the RCBC. The RCBC rabbis showed incredible foresight, vision and courage in forcing our way of life to be altered in unimaginable ways, for the sake of the common good. At first glance, the pronouncement published on March 12 (“Bergen County Rabbinical Council Shutters Minyanim, Restaurants,


‘Move Teaneck Forward’ With Michael Pagan

My son Michael Pagan is running for Teaneck Council and I am encouraging you to please vote for him and his two outstanding running-mates, Deputy Mayor Mark Schwartz and Karen Lew Orgen. My son is a member of the Senior Citizen Advisory Board and recognizes the importance of improving and maintaining the Richard Rodda Center, which is so


A Gabbai and Chazzan, Working From Home

This year we, the Jewish community, spent Pesach at home with our immediate families, many of us for the first time in a long time. In these unprecedented times, grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and extended family were left to spend the Seders and long Yom Tovim alone.

Each year previously,


A Modesty Pledge Can Make a Difference

I want to applaud Gershon Distenfeld for his article in last week’s edition of The Jewish Link (“A Viral Opportunity,” April 23, 2020). Unfortunately, we are living in unprecedented times. People are sick, losing their incomes and unsure if they will be able to pay their next mortgage payment, let alone tuition bills. It behooves us


An Overlooked Population Of Healthcare Workers

While the world is showing its appreciation for the doctors, nurses and other 

hospital staff who are working tirelessly to fight Covid-19, there is a group of front line healthcare heroes that is not getting the appreciation they deserve. They are the administrators, nurses, therapists, dietitians,


Letter From Our Local Restaurants

To Our Local Community,

Weeks ago, a take-out order from one of Teaneck’s restaurants was a simple deed: You and your family were hungry, and we were excited to share our delicious food with you. However, today, your take-out orders carry a deeper meaning. When you and your family


The Role of Mortgages In Our Spending

I’d like to follow up on Rabbi Rothwachs and Gershon Distenfeld’s recent statements regarding ("A Viral Opportunity," April 23, 2020) our communities propensity for spending.

While I have strong feelings regarding consumers who use credit cards and other forms of debt for discretionary expenses, all


‘A Viral Opportunity’ For Schools to Team Up

Responding to Gershon Distenfeld’s, “A Viral Opportunity,” (April 23, 2020) one of the positive signs I have seen amidst the COVID craziness is the spirit of cooperation in our community. In the early days of the pandemic, the schools worked together to make a joint decision about when and whether to close down. The