Monday, September 26, 2022


The Tipping Point

In last week’s Jewish Link, there was an article about day camp tipping (“A New Approach to Day Camp Tipping?” July 28, 2022). Yehudit Robinson wrote a very detailed article with lots of ideas and opinions. As a former Camp Regesh counselor for four years, I have to say that yes, tips are appreciated and wanted, but they should never


Change the Tone of the Conversation Between Israeli and American Jewry

Many contributors to this newspaper, most recently Rav Judah Mischel in his article “Emancipation” (July 28, 2022), remind us American Jews of “the futility of trying to put down roots in the shifting sands of galus” and the importance of “fulfilling Hashem’s will…in the right place”—namely, in the state of Israel. While


Agunah Loopholes

When a Jewish husband neglects to give his wife a Jewish divorce when their marriage ends in divorce, this woman becomes an agunah, unable to remarry according to halacha. I write today to put the case of Lonna Kin Ralbag back in the news because Lonna has been an agunah for more than 18 years.


Westchester County Politics Offers Alternatives to Jamaal Bowman

There is a critical Democratic primary on August 23, 2022 in New York’s 16th Congressional District, a district which includes Scarsdale, New Rochelle, White Plains and much of the rest of Westchester County. The incumbent, Jamaal Bowman, has a poor record of constituent service, takes positions which are antithetical


Kashrut Situation Alert

In last week’s Jewish Link, there was an article about the Teaneck Farmers’ Market (“Teaneck Farmers’ Market Is Back and Better Than Ever,” July 21, 2022). The last paragraph states that some of the vendors come from establishments that are under kashrut supervision. The supervision from RCBC for Pickle Licious is only inside the


A Tribute to René Slotkin

I would like to pay tribute to a most skillfully lived life, by René Slotkin (may his memory be a blessing). He had the charisma of a rock star and the even keel of a ship captain. It came as a complete surprise to me that this completely American sounding happiest man around, the life of the party, was in Auschwitz from


Is America Really in Moral Decline?

It was a bit surprising to see Rabbi Efrem Goldberg fall victim to the rabbinic temptation to bemoan society’s purported moral decay in “America Is in a State of Moral Decline,” (July 14, 2022.) With a naive nostalgia for, presumably, the 1960’s “Mad Men” era, Rabbi Goldberg writes, “moral decline can be


Thoughts on Fasting

When Rabbi Yehudah Hanasi expressed his opinion in the Talmud and it was not accepted by others, what was his rationale? He addressed the situation which we face this year with the calendar date of the ninth of Av, which falls on a Shabbat.

Since we do not fast on Shabbat, he declared that that cancels


Thank You From CareOne at Teaneck

On Shabbat Hagadol, CareOne at Teaneck finally opened their shul for the first time since early March of 2020 under the leadership of their new rabbi, Rabbi Michael Belgrade. The Shabbat minyan got off to a slow start, but over time more community members started to attend. At times, getting a minyan was still difficult but after meeting


Delving Deeper Into the OU Statement on Abortion

A letter was published this past week which argued that the OU statement on the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs was factually incorrect (“Check the Facts on Abortion Laws,” June 30, 2022). The writer took issue with the OU statement because it stated:


And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

I am filled with awe and admiration for the students in the CUNY schools who are on the front lines taking the full brunt of the onslaught of the systemic antisemitism of CUNY campuses, and also some of their courageous faculty, and are bravely fighting back. (“CUNY Slammed for Antisemitism,” July 7, 2022). In my day,


Antisemitism at CUNY

As a once-proud alumnus of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a four-year college under the umbrella of The City University of New York, having majored in legal studies (cum laude) with hopes of going on to law school, I later became my mom’s primary caregiver, putting my legal education on the back burner. Let me add that the

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