Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Back to Shul? Not So Fast

I am writing regarding the article “The Time Has Come” (May 13, 2021), written by Rabbi Michael Taubes. Rabbi Taubes writes with passion and erudition about Kedushat Bait HaKnesset in urging those who now daven in outdoor minyanim to return to davening in shuls. It cannot be refuted that shuls have kedusha and parking


Thank You to All the Women Who Serve

We’ve read it myriad times, the simple explanation: These are the numbers with which to conquer Eretz Yisrael.

That was then; this is now. Today, we see in Israel and in the United States that women serve in the military—and they serve with distinction. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice for their


Correction to ‘The Rabbi Of Buchenwald’

Your recent excellent piece on the book “The Rabbi of Buchenwald: The Life and Times of Rabbi Herschel Schachter” (“YU Hosts Book Launch of ‘The Rabbi of Buchenwald’ May 6, 2021) had one factual error. Rabbi Schachter was the rabbi of the Mosholu Jewish Center, not the Young Israel of Mosholu Parkway, which was the province of


Show Some Compassion

Readers are free to disagree with “A Modest Proposal for LGBTQ Jews” (April 22, 2021). If you believe Rabbi Appelbaum’s position is untenable, raise your legitimate concerns—but why the need for ridicule and sarcasm (and more than a little sanctimony)?

Yes, Torah prohibitions are undeniable:


Tragedy in Meron

I read the heartfelt “A Father’s Hesped” by Aryeh Morris (May 6, 2021), for his 19-year-old son, yeshiva student Donny Morris, z”l, a Teaneck lad who sadly perished at the Lag B’Omer celebration in Meron that turned into an unbelievably tragic event with the loss of 45 precious lives, as well as 150 injured.


Where Is the Outrage?

An Israeli Jew visiting from Israel for a family simcha is gunned down in Baltimore and murdered just for being a Jew. Where is the outrage?

Four shuls in Riverdale were vandalized with antisemitic graffiti causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Where is the outrage?


One Word a Day

As you know I write a lot of letters. Many of us have written letters to both Jewish and non-Jewish outlets on various topics over the years. However, in recent years, in response to the alarming rise in anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiment in America and worldwide, my esteemed rabbi, R’ Luban, urged our shul members to write more


A Second Meeting

Last time I saw him, he looked very different. He didn’t look at me. He didn’t say hi to me.

Not because he didn’t want to. But because he couldn’t. He was in the ICU, a short time after being involved in a very bad accident, and was


Missing Info in Mikvah Piece

Thank you for sharing information about the recent Lefkovits Family Park Mikvah event for the Edison/Highland community—and beyond (“Rebbetzins Share Insights at HP/Edison Mikvah Event” April 29, 2021). Important details were omitted from the news story about this event.


A Modest Proposal Indeed

Thank you, Rabbi Applebaum (“A Modest Proposal for LGBTQ Jews,” April 22, 2021), for your courage in publicly acknowledging the pain and suffering caused by those passages in Kedoshim. For too long, these passages have been used to shame our Jewish (and non-Jewish) brethren who were created by our loving God, in His


The Chauvin Trial

It may be semantics, but I disagree with my longtime friend Max Wisostky’s characterization of the American judicial system (“American Judicial System Is Main Victim in Chauvin Murder Trial” April 29, 2021). The defendant was properly represented, both sides provided evidence, witnesses, video, medical testimony and


Binyamin Zwickler, z”l

"ותלמידי יותר מכולם"

It was with great interest that I read the article regarding the musical compositions of Binyamin Zwickler z”l (“‘Carry On,’ a Musical Legacy of Inspiration” April 29, 2021).



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