Sunday, October 24, 2021


Dear Fellow Nudnik:

The low air density in the Poconos might affect pizza quality, but let’s not forget (i) regional global warming disparities, (ii) chloramine added to the PA water supply and (iii) the summer hygiene of the average sweaty yeshiva bochur slaving away behind the Como counter, all of which surely affect every Como pizza pie, for better or for


Self-Hatred of Jews Like Ben And Jerry May Be Pathological

Antisemitism has been ubiquitous for millennia. It serves as a convenient scapegoat for deflecting blame on officials during bad times, as a means of gaining or keeping power, and as a recognizable “cause celebre” for those who feel the need for a more meaningful existence and to be part of a larger group or


The Brewing Modern Orthodox Schism

Do we seek commonalities or do we focus on differences? Unite or divide? This, to me, is the underlying issue.

The sad old joke of a Jew rescued from a desert island. He had built two synagogues. “Why two?” he is asked. “There I don’t go!” he


We Can Help Keep Pro-Israel Democrats in Office

Lately, I’ve noticed frequent chatter on the internet talking of organizing a muscular primary challenge to Rep. Gottheimer. This is part of the radical (“progressive”) left’s goal of purging moderates, especially those who are pro-Israel, from the Democratic Party. I am a registered Republican but will be


Jackie Mason, Remembered

When I saw Jackie Mason in July 2019, the last words I said to him were, “Jackie, you made a lot of people laugh for a lot of years. That was very important.”

In retrospect, that could serve as his epitaph. He was a one of a kind and will be sorely missed.


We Must Make Our Voices Heard

On Thursday, August 5, I attended the Clifton board of education meeting, intending to answer the anti-Israel remarks by two of their commissioners, Mr. Awwad and Mr. Abedrabbo.

I was very disappointed to see that there were only three individuals willing to


Correction on Black Box

I was happy to see such a lovely article in last week’s Jewish Link detailing the amazing birthday surprise for Dr. David A. Zomick (“David Zomick Marks 80th With Special ‘Megilla’,” August 5, 2021). I noticed, however, that Black Box PAC was accidentally referred to as Black Box Theater.


Rabbi Adler, Master Teacher

The article “Rinat Honors R’ Adler’s Legacy” (August 5, 2021) mentions numerous ways in which Rabbi Adler has had an enormous impact on Teaneck generally and Congregation Rinat Yisrael in particular. I would just like to add one point in connection with Rabbi Adler’s teaching.


Thank You, Rabbi Adler

Our family joined the Rinat community when we moved to Teaneck as I began ninth grade at TABC in 1994, and it has been inspiring to witness the shul’s steady growth over the past quarter century as it has maintained its core values as outlined in Harry Glazer’s piece and the accompanying interview with Rabbi Adler


Black Box PAC Is Bringing Theater Back

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” When Shakespeare wrote these words over 400 years ago I’m sure he could not have imagined they would be performed on an outdoor stage in a part of the “new world” known as Bergen County, in the year 2021.

After many, many


Is the Universe 13.8 Billion Years Old or 5782 Years Old?

Now that we are approaching Elul and the Yomim Noraim period, we start thinking about Rosh Hashanah and the new year of 5782. It is a good time to consider what this really means. In the Hebrew calendar this represents the time since creation in Bereishit. However, scientists begin their counting of the age of the universe from the “Big


A View From Englewood's Ben & Jerry's Storefront

This summer I had the unique opportunity to work in the Ben & Jerry’s store in Englewood. A chance to work somewhere unlike any other place I had ever worked or probably ever will work again. A fun summer job.

It was an interesting experience on many levels. I was the first Jew that most of my



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