Monday, June 05, 2023


Supporting Jewish Educators

Thanks for a great newspaper.

I read with interest the Jewish Link article reprinted from 18Forty by the rebbe who shared the frightful financial state of many Jewish educators (“I’m a Rebbe, and I Can’t Afford to Be a Jewish Educator,” March 9, 2023). This topic has been discussed at length in


Combing for Sins

The Gemara (Kiddushin 81a) records a remarkable incident. Rabbi Akiva, the greatest Tannaitic sage, taunts the yetzer hara, evil inclination, whereby the yetzer hara then appears to him as a woman at the top of a tree. Rabbi Akiva begins to climb the tree but is ultimately saved when the Heavens intercede for him.


Candle Lighting—Saychel or Software?

My mother, zt”l, would get emotional each Friday night when she lit candles—I don’t know if it was the memories of her pre-war household lighting with her mother, HY”D, and her oldest sister, Y”D, along with her two other sisters. I don’t know if it was thoughts of the years she couldn’t light while fleeing east into Russia


Ten Years of The Jewish Link

Yasher kochachem, mazal tov, great job, and any other superlative that is applicable for your great achievement. I have been a great fan of The Jewish Link from the very beginning and have seen it grow spectacularly in the last 10 years. I eagerly await your further accomplishments in the next 10 years. May you continue to go mechail el


Thank You, Jewish Link!

I am writing in response to last week’s letter to the editor, “Disappointed” (March 2, 2023).

I am writing as a mom. No intimidating letters after my name or intimidating words in my letter. I am not a bully. I don’t insist it is “my way or the highway.” I believe in dialogue, in discourse. I


Pot in Teaneck

This letter is in response to the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Statement on Cannabis (“Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Statement on Cannabis” March 9, 2023):

There are valid reasons that some may be in favor and some may oppose having a cannabis establishment where they reside;


A Misrepresentation of the Law

Stephen M. Flatow argues in “Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Israel’s Anti-Terror Strategy” that not only does American law and jurisprudence support the seizure of property of relatives of convicted and even alleged criminals, but that the esteemed liberal justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, z”l endorsed the practice. Mr. Flatow egregiously


Supporting Our Educators

As I read the commentary article entitled “I’m a Rebbe, and I Can’t Afford to be a Jewish Educator” (March 9, 2023)) in last week’s Link, I thought of the upcoming yom tov and the related costs and expenses. It also brought to mind an experience I had in yeshiva in Boro Park and the lasting impression it made on me. Every year


Responsibility Changes Everything

If the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee (TRMC) was truly concerned about the welfare of Teaneck (Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Statement on Cannabis” March 9, 2023), perhaps the organization should have inveighed against excessive drinking of alcohol, which has plagued many communities for decades. Or the ingestion of food


Happy to See The Jewish Link in Florida

I was pleasantly surprised to see The Jewish Link in the lobby of Anshei Chesed in Boynton Beach when I got to shul this past Shabbos.

I’ve been in Florida since October and have missed the paper. I know it’s available online but for me it’s a Shabbos afternoon read.



We were quite surprised and dismayed to see that the topic of the COVID vaccine has once again been dredged up in an advertisement you have chosen to run this week under the banner of free speech.

Promoting an organization which makes broad and fallacious statements in what can be  conceived as


Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Statement on Cannabis

As our primary concern is the welfare of Teaneck, the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee is alarmed that the proliferation of cannabis for recreational use will pose a threat to our community. After all, cannabis, or marijuana, was not long ago a criminally banned substance. As Senator Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) expressed decades ago,

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