Friday, February 03, 2023


Rabbi Hoffman’s Two Heroes

In writing about Heroes in the Time of Polio, Rabbi Hoffman mentions Dr. Jonas Salk, the discoverer of the polio vaccine. I think R. Hoffman should have listed Dr. Salk as a third hero in the time of polio: Dr. Salk expressed no interest in profiting from the vaccine. Indeed, even as attorneys from Salk’s institute, the National


Israeli Elections

From her relatively safe perch in Fair Lawn, New Jersey reader JoAnn Goldstein ("The Israeli Elections," November 23, 2022) joins noted liberal hand-wringers journalist Thomas Friedman and Reform leader Rick Jacobs in bemoaning the rise of “homophobe, Jewish extremist” Itamar Ben Gvir. I would be interested in knowing which of Ben Gvir’s policies have earned him


Germany 1936 and Qatar 2022

In reading Khaled Abu Toameh’s commentary, “Qatar’s Double Game: Funding Islamists While Pretending to Be America’s Ally” in The Jewish Link, I could not help but be reminded about Hitler’s subterfuge in 1936. In 1936, Hitler rearmed the Rhineland of western Germany in March, violating the Treaty of Versailles ending World War I


Letters to the Editor

Making a Difference at the MVC

As I was making my way through your Nov. 10 issue, the title of Jewel Safren’s column caught my eye (“Love Letter to Tom at the MVC,” November 10, 2022). I have known the “Tom” to whom she refers for over 30 years and consider him a friend. I emailed him the article and he was touched by it since it is unusual for anyone


Lots of Noise in Shul

If at all possible, can we please do our best to keep little children out of the main sanctuary during davening times? It’s hard to concentrate when they’re making their adorable cooing noises, or when you’re opening their PopCorners bags for them, or when you’re shushing them more than once. Treat them like a cell phone. If it goes


Objective Journalism?

I am writing regarding the main article on the front page issue of your November 9, 2022 issue, “Midterm Takeaways for Israel, US Jews.” The journalist, Ben Samuels, writes, “GOP candidates embroiled in controversies touching upon antisemitism were defeated.” After making that strong anti-Republican statement,


A Reaction to a Reaction to a Reaction to the Israeli Elections

The “Commentary” column in the November 10, 2022, issue of The Jewish Link confused me (“A Reaction to a Reaction to the Israeli Elections,” by Rabbi Nati Helfgot). It is possible that my confusion stems from the fact that the author of the column insists, in his disclaimer, that the column “will not


AIPAC and NORPAC Succeeded In Midterm Pro-Israel Agenda

Looking at your last week’s headline article “Midterm Takeaways for Israel, US Jews” (November 10, 2022) one would get the impression that the pro-Israel community represented in the article by AIPAC did a poor job in getting their supported candidates elected, as the article just highlighted its two


IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

Antisemitic incidents have been on the rise in New Jersey. Condemnation of all forms of Jew-hatred is necessary and important, but not enough. Education and dialogue are needed to address Jew-hatred in New Jersey. To be able to truly engage in education and dialogue to combat such bigotry, the State of New Jersey needs to adopt a definition


The Kyrie Irving Mess

Here we go again … open season on Jews.

Kyrie Irving, whose main claim to fame is that he can throw a ball through a hoop, not only endorsed a so-called “documentary” that defamed Jews, but took it a step further when he contended the Jews were running the slave trade. I’m sure there were Jews


Modern Science Is Still Racing to Catch Up to Ancient Torah Teachings

We read Bereshit a few weeks ago, which prompted me to think about the correspondence of some modern scientific “discoveries” that, in fact, verify ancient Torah teachings over 3,000 years old, thus showing that science and religion are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

For example, in a letter in


Soviet Jewry Today

Jonathan Feldstein’s article, “The October I Didn’t Get Married” (November 3, 2022), was a fascinating and admirable account of the lengths—some legal and others not—to which he and other American Jews were willing to go to assist their brethren behind the Iron Curtain. Feldstein rightly urges wider education about the

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