Monday, January 25, 2021


Thoughts on the 2020 Presidential Election

The much-anticipated election is finally winding down and it appears we have a winner. Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to have won enough electoral votes to become the president-elect.

Whether jubilant or despondent, the reaction of the citizens of this country pointed out several misconceptions


Remembering Linda Schiffman, Chana Bas Eliezer, z”l

We recently were at the unveiling of our sister, Linda Schiffman, a”h. Many people spoke about the extraordinary wife, mother and sister that Linda was and that was an understatement. But Linda was a stellar sister-in-law, aunt and great-aunt. My husband and I looked forward to her exuberance at every simcha and her passion at every


A Note on Paid Ads

I realize it has been some time since Gershon Distenfeld placed his paid ad in your paper, an ad that I and many others felt wrongly criticized schools, minimized COVID-19 and contained several untruths. I emailed Distenfeld to express that he should have at least consulted professionals with medical licenses before giving questionable


Therapy Takes Time

I wanted to commend you for continually publishing articles that increase awareness and knowledge of mental health issues. This past week, I read an article by Yael Walfish (“Bringing Out Their Best: A Chinuch Approach That Really Works” November 12, 2020) and felt compelled to write in. Yael describes her personal experiences with



I was encouraged to read this week’s editorial (“The Winner Is…America!” Nov. 5, 2020), which celebrated the high turnout in the 2020 election and what that means for the future of our democracy. Nevertheless, it was disappointing that even within this positive context, the editors couldn’t resist taking one last shot at those


Educators Must Make Holocaust Education Relevant

It was 82 years ago that the world was warned as to what the Nazi plan was for the Jewish people. Make no mistake about it, the violence unleashed against the Jews in Austria and Germany on November 9 and 10, 1938, presaged what was to come. The Nazis’ actions made crystal clear their view of the tenuous nature of Jewish existence in


In Defense of Our Community

While [email protected] (HDM) is too cowardly to include his name in his full page ad in last week’s edition of The Jewish Link, (“An Open Letter to My Modern Orthodox Rabbinical Leadership”) I will not hide behind anonymity with my response.


Don’t Hide Behind Anonymity

Anonymity is an important tool. For good reasons we protect the identity of crime victims, whistleblowers, writers to advice columnists, and those who share their personal struggles with financial challenges, mental health issues, substance abuse and more. We protect the identity of these individuals to preserve their privacy and dignity,


A Clarification

The advertisement I published last week, “Open Letter to my Modern Orthodox Leadership” (November 5, 2020), certainly elicited many responses, mostly positive feedback from readers who felt the letter brought up a central issue in our communities, i.e., why aren’t Modern Orthodox communities growing in their religious


Kol Hakavod to Asicha Seminars

I was very happy to see an article about Asicha seminars in this week's Jewish Link (“Asicha Seminars Offers Post-Seminary Learning for Women” October 29, 2020). I attended the first semester on hilchot bishul b'Shabbat, and I am currently attending the second semester on the ל"ט מלאכות. Your article gives me an opportunity to


‘Wrong Choice’ for Inaugural Superfan

With ever-increasing agitation, I just finished reading Harry Glazer’s controversial article (if one can call it that) entitled “Spotlight on Ami Avraham” where Mr. Glazer has chosen Mr.


Bias on Display in Endorsements

As an avid reader of The Link, I was appalled to see a biased majority of articles supporting Democrats versus Republicans in last week’s edition. In the endorsement section you showed a Never Trumper making scathing remarks regarding our president. In addition, the paper contained several letters to the editor praising