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On Sensitivity and Standing Up for Torah

It was with interest and no small degree of appreciation that I read the three letters in the past (April 29, 2021) issue of The Jewish Link in response to Rabbi Applebaum’s article (“A Modest Proposal for LGBTQ Jews”) in the previous week’s issue (April 22, 2021). (While the term “modest proposal” is


The Start of an Important Conversation

When I read Rabbi Appelbaum’s “A Modest Proposal for LGBT Jews” in the April 22, 2021 issue of the Link, my immediate reaction was “Wow.” Here is a rabbi who is willing to acknowledge that we are dealing with our children, our siblings, our friends who want nothing more than we would wish for any human being: a


Where Is the Mother?

I write in response to the article “The Mazel Tov Heard Round the World” (April 29, 2021). I recognize that advertising is the lifeblood of the newspaper industry. I also recognize that Americans have the freedom of speech but not the right to a megaphone. With that context, I’d discourage The Jewish Link from publishing articles


Let’s Daven in His Backyard

For the past 11 months we have been blessed to host our block’s (Edgewood) outdoor minyan. We davened with a minyan through rain, snow and freezing cold. We all felt accountable to each other and understood what it meant to be the “minyan man” number 10. While COVID created distance between people, our minyan brought us all closer. We


Disappointed in Cover Headline

I am disappointed by your lede (“Dems Seek Conditions on Israel Aid”) on the front page of the April 22 edition of The Jewish Link. I always assume, as an old journalism teacher, that stories follow a pyramid and that some readers do not get to the end. In a week when well over 300 members of Congress offered strong support for the U.S.-Israel


Fantasy Travels

In my imagination, I travel in my work and personal life a lot, even in the age of COVID. When I travel, I attend various
Orthodox shuls, and enjoy the varied experience my fantasy travels offer.

Two weeks ago, while in the cloud, I was in a shul for parshat Shemini. That parsha discusses not only


Rabbi Appelbaum’s Message

I have to say that I was nothing short of appalled by Rabbi Appelbaum’s proposal in last week’s Jewish Link (“A Modest Proposal for LGBTQ Jews,” April 22, 2021). I am a sensitive individual who does not go out of her way to be insulting or hurtful to anyone, however, making apologies for the Torah is not what is expected from a person who is


Orthodoxy and the Woke

Rabbi Appelbaum’s article, “A Modest Proposal for LGBTQ Jews” (April 22, 2021), calls to mind wisdom from the famous Talmudic scholar Beruriah, wife of the Tanna, Rabbi Meir. The Talmud relates (Brachot 10a) that evil people were tormenting Rabbi Meir. In desperation, he prayed for their deaths. Beruriah rebuked her


American Judicial System Is Main Victim in Chauvin Murder Trial

As stated in the April 22 Jewish Link story “US Jewish Groups Respond to Guilty Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial ,” many of the Jewish groups made a point of stating that Chauvin’s conviction is not enough on its own and that much reform is needed to address systemic racism in the U.S. The same sentiment was


Revisiting the Issue of Jordan

Regarding Dr. Scott David Lippe’s letter in last week’s issue, “Instability in Jordan Is Not Bad News for Israel” (April 15, 2021), his points are one way to look at the Palestinian Arab presence in Jordan. However, Lippe fails to acknowledge what has become apparent to anyone willing to listen to what the Arabs, including the


Going Home to Israel

Letter writer Max Wisotsky (“Aliyah Should Be Made for Spiritual, Not Political Reasons” April 18, 2001), is disturbed that there are Jews who want to “go home” to Israel because they are worried about the toxic political climate of the far left here in the USA. He explains that the political climate in Israel is


COVID Affects Day Programs For Older Adults

My son Joshua is an adult with special needs (autism). His day activity program has not been allowed to reopen nor has any such program throughout New Jersey.

Why, I wonder?

The consumers and staff



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