Friday, February 03, 2023


Twisted Like A Pretzel

There is a hot issue on the rise that will leave a knot in your stomach: challahs identifying as pretzels. In recent years, pretzel challahs have stealthily ingratiated themselves with unsuspecting balabustas who were all too eager to add some leavened levity to the Shabbat experience.



Kyrie and Black Jews

I do not know Kyrie Irving personally. I do respect his professional basketball prowess. He has been in the news recently and I feel that he might need me to express a few words in his defense.

In 1968, I was serving as the director of education at the JCC of Philadelphia. I received a phone call from


You Already Have It

I don’t recall where I heard this story, but its message is powerful and can change one’s perspective on life. There was a certain rich individual who wanted to help Orthodox individuals out. At one point, he was by the Kotel in Jerusalem being led by someone who was helping him in his cause to help the needy. All of a sudden, this rich


Acknowledging The Jewish Link’s Role in Morningstar Anti-Israel Bias Investigation

The Jewish Link played a vital role in helping to bring attention to the problems in the White & Case report and Morningstar’s continued bias. The articles Elizabeth Kratz carefully edited, published and provided easily accessible reprints of were brought to the attention of authorities in certain states and to the company itself


Letter From NJ Yeshivot Heads of Schools Regarding Winter Break

We write this letter to inform you about the latest plans for the yeshiva break schedule in future years.

This coming year presents an anomalous situation where most Bergen County schools and a number of central New Jersey schools will be following a new schedule that was decided upon by a wider day


Would the Rambam Daven With Us?

In the September 27, 2022 edition of The Jewish Link, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler shared a letter he wrote to his two 12th grade children before their departure to learn in Israel (“Modern Orthodoxy Is Judaism”). Although I agree with the title of his op-ed (whether he wrote it or an editor did), and its substance (with one possible


Special Policy

There is a shoe store I know with a special policy. The owner told me that whenever a child with special needs comes into his store, that child gets cared for first. In fact, he told me that this policy started on one very busy day. It was before schools started and the store was packed with customers. He noticed a woman with children who


Dave Gruber for Board of Ed

I was delighted to hear that Dave Gruber is once again running for trustee for the Teaneck Board of Education (“Moving Teaneck Forward, Together! But Only If You VOTE!” October 4, 2022).

His previous tenure was marked by his professionalism, his demand for the highest standards in education, and his


Message From the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee

I am the chairman of the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee. We are a branch of the Bergen County Republican Organization.

As we all know there is a very important election coming up on November 8, which will determine the makeup of the United States Congress, the offices of the Bergen County


To Members of the Passaic Community

It is imperative that we elect local, county and state officials who have established track records of supporting our community’s needs. On November 8, we need your support to elect Richard Berdnik for Passaic County sheriff, and Pat Lepore and Terry Duffy for Passaic County commissioners.



An Important Election

A few weeks ago, as the solemnity of the High Holidays was front and center in our consciousness, we prayed sincerely and devoutly for a good, successful, healthy and peaceful year. Now that period is in our rearview mirror. Or perhaps not. In about a week we will be having a very important election in our country. While we will not be


Moving Teaneck Forward

In government and politics, it is important to have a healthy combination of steady hands and new progressive and diverse voices. That is why I will be voting to re-elect Teaneck Deputy Mayor Elie Y. Katz and Councilman Keith Kaplan and supporting planning board member Desiree Ramos Reiner and Girl Scout troop leader Latisha Garcia. Desiree

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