Thursday, August 06, 2020

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Reelect Josh Gottheimer

There is a lot wrong with Washington these days. There has always been a lot wrong with Washington. But the biggest historical and contemporary problem is the rancor of partisan politics. The two-party system is not at fault. It enables honest debate and protects minority positions. But when it evolves into destructive


When Will Sense Return?

After reading David Hes's letter (“Why America Is Burning,” June 4, 2020), I felt that he was right on target but he was presenting his case with kid gloves. I was amazed when I read two letters one week later that called him all sorts of names, “Stupid, irresponsible, and hate-filled racist.”


Three Letters to the Editor

I failed to see the “hateful innuendo laden remarks” (“Think Before You Write,” June 11, 2020), in the letter written by David Hes (“Why America Is Burning,” June 4, 2020).

Earl Sandor states, “Beating and gassing peaceful demonstrators for a photo op holding a bible upside down. You


Are Jewish Organizations Abdicating Their Responsibilities?

Jewish organizations who had been stalwarts of service to the Jewish community have now tilted markedly to the left and have taken up the mantle of spearheading intersectional political causes and have joined a broad coalition with far-left radical Jewish groups and media. Even our Federations which once were the bedrock


Balancing Costs?

In the lively and important conversation in The Link about the cost of a day school education (“A Viral Opportunity,” April 24, 2020), the topic of other expenses has come up, namely the expenses of lavish bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings, fancy cars and big houses. It has been suggested by some that we impose communal


We Should Be Wearing Masks

I was disappointed to read an unsigned letter ("Are Masks Medically Necessary?" June 4, 2020) which cherry-picked a note about wearing masks outside medical facilities.

It’s a setback to those of us who want/need to be safe when we walk around the block or


The Talmud Torah System Worked

My mother came to America in the 1920s. Her parents had no money. They sent her to public school and Talmud Torah in the afternoon. Her Hebrew education was top notch. She was able to read Ivrit and understand. She knew her chumash, her halachot and she knew how to daven. She knew it all. She never attended Hebrew high


It’s Time for Self-Reflection

Mr. Hes’ letter (“Why America is Burning,” June 4, 2020) in last week’s paper underscores—in striking detail—why the situation we collectively find ourselves in as a nation will persist, unless we all start to do some self-reflection. Placing a primacy on structures, rather than people; ignoring the existence of systemic racism;


The Real Victims

It is now apparent that the overwhelming majority of protesters are peaceful and nonviolent and composed of people of all backgrounds.

We have the litany of recent cases of murder under color of law while driving while black, running while black and even


Think Before You Write

I am responding to David Hes’ hate-filled and innuendo-laden remarks in his letter titled “Why America is Burning” in the June 4, 2020 Jewish Link. Without question, the freedom to say stupid and irresponsible things is an important right in this wonderful country, but make no mistake, David Hes’ remarks were unquestionably stupid


Tribute to Dr. Lamm, z”l

In 1981 I was appointed by Dr. Lamm, z”l as University Registrar of Yeshiva University. I served in that capacity until 1994. Over the years I had a number of opportunities to meet with Dr. Lamm. At one early-morning meeting he taught me a very important lesson. He shared with me that every morning when he got to work at yeshiva, the


Think Outside the Box

I am writing in response to a letter in last week’s Jewish Link titled, “Defining a Jewish Education” (May 27, 2020), in which the writer seemed to discourage reverting to the old “Talmud Torah” model of education. He cited, in part, that we left that model to avoid being “subject to/ influenced by them.” He also indicated