Thursday, April 15, 2021


Dialogue Is Essential

While I agree with Rabbi Heshie Billet’s conclusion that “Orthodox Rabbis Should Speak to Other Streams of Judaism” (January 28, 2021), I take issue with how he reaches that conclusion. According to Rabbi Billet, such interdenominational dialogue should now take place because “giving legitimacy to a deviant


Thank You, President Trump

The defining feature of the term Yehudi(Jew) is the principle of hakarat hatov(gratitude). One is free to disagree with former President Donald J. Trump, but it’s an utter disgrace for our community to violate our moral obligation to show hakarat hatov to President Trump for his extraordinary record on


Acceptance for All

I’m writing to commend columnist Michael Feldstein for his article entitled “Creating Safe Spaces” (January 28, 2021). It’s not easy to admit former bias—especially publicly—and embrace a new way of thinking, nor is it easy to reach out to someone who was once the target of your biased thinking. Coupled with


Don’t Preach Communal Responsibility

I was deeply disturbed by the letter to the editor entitled “Communal Responsibility” (January 14, 2021); so much so that I lay awake pondering it.

First, I very much enjoy reading The Jewish Link. We also have spent many beautiful Shabbats in


The Simple Explanation Of Chamushim

I enjoy and look forward to Mitchell First’s articles in The Jewish Link each week.

In this past week’s edition (“The Meaning of ‘Chamushim’ (Ex. 13:18)” January 28, 2021), he explained the word “Chamushim” חמושים from the start of בשלח פרשת. Chamushim חמושים is


Jews Should Be United

As a Conservative Jew, I fully endorse Rabbi Billet’s proposition of fostering communication and dialogue among different streams of Judaism (“Orthodox Rabbis Should Speak to Other Streams of Judaism,” January 28, 2021). Although we may differ on Halachah and ritual observance, there are issues of common concern such as anti-Semitism, COVID-19


Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

While reading the letter to the editor by Tamar Belote in which she responds to Dr. Wisotsky’s feedback on Sipporah Tracer’s article regarding tethered oral tissue (TOT) (“Watch Your Words” January 28, 2021), the advice “see the forest for the trees” comes to mind. Considering Ms. Belote’s personal experience as a mother to a


On Davening and Its Improvement

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Ira Buckman for his article in the January 21 issue (“A Proposal to Improve Our Davening”), in which he notes a persistent issue in many of our minyanim, proposes a potential way to mitigate this issue, and concludes by re-emphasizing the role of the rabbanim in decisions of this nature.


BLM Protests Were Encouraged By Political Leaders

Maurice Appelbaum seems to be grasping at straws in his attempt to differentiate the Capitol insurrection and BLM movement (“Thoughts on the Capitol Insurrection and the BLM Movement,” January 21, 2021). First, he states that “no one... died or was killed by BLM protestors.” Actually, at least nine people were


Mistaking Opinion for Fact

Maurice Appelbaum claims in his January 21 article “Thoughts on the Capitol Insurrection and the BLM Movement,” that it is “disingenuous and misleading” to highlight the 7% of Antifa/BLM protests that were violent even though that encompasses nearly 570 violent demonstrations according to a Princeton University


Acknowledging an Error

I am grateful to the Link readers who reached out and respectfully pointed out an error in my article last week (“Thoughts on the Capitol Insurrection and the BLM Movement,” January 21, 2021). Sadly some people did die during BLM protests this summer. While ancillary to the larger point of the false equivalency, I


Don’t Forget the Divorced and Widowed

I’d like to call attention to the often-ignored divorced/widowed segment of the Orthodox community and to some of the serious problems it faces. Please read with your heads and with your hearts.

The get system: I believe that tying the get to the larger picture of negotiations is a