Friday, May 20, 2022


A Call to Action

Jonathan Feldstein’s article (“Safety Concerns for Your Daughters in Seminary,” March 3, 2022) on the almost-weekly challenge seminary girls have in arranging Shabbat hospitality for themselves is a call for action. Beth Aaron is creating a list of its members who have made aliyah and have indicated a willingness to provide Shabbat


Helping Our Children Understand World Events

As we watch the horrendous events unfold in Ukraine, we are keeping the Ukrainian people in our minds and our hearts. Here at JFS MetroWest, over half of our Holocaust survivor clients are from the Former Soviet Union, with many of them coming from Ukraine. Several of our survivors still have family and friends in Ukraine. JFS MetroWest is


Putin Using Hitler’s Playbook

I am absolutely astonished that with all the news about Russia, Putin and Ukraine, (Ukraine’s Jews on Edge,” February 24, 2022) the words “Hitler,” “Austria,” “Anschluss” and “Czechoslovakia” are rarely, if ever, mentioned. To me the situation today is an exact replay of events in the 1930s that led up to the calamitous


An Open Letter From the Kindertransport Association

In November 1938, on the cusp of World War II, England agreed to rescue 10,000 Jewish children residing in Europe. This rescue operation, which continued through September 1939 when war broke out, was named the Kindertransport. Only children under the age of 17 were permitted to participate, escaping by boat and train to England. Their parents had to make an


The Sanctity of the Kotel

We are responding to your letter last week against the Am Echad efforts (“Save our Kotel,” February 24, 2022). Please understand that everyone is welcome at the Kotel and everyone feels comfortable. It’s only a small group of activists who sadly are manipulating the Kotel as an avenue for their agenda. Anat Hoffman, one of the main


The Tachanun Connection

In regard to “More Tachanun Please” (February 17, 2022), might I add that Tachanun, especially its physical, body-positioning aspects, follows on from our formal orchestrated requests in Shemoneh Esrei. We then leave the formalities behind and plead with reckless abandon. In fact, Shemoneh Esrei and Tachanun are all one prayer and thus


Mitzvah Opportunity Success

As I prepared to bring Torah and (other) essentials to El Salvador, I read your article featuring Parkview Pharmacy (“Teaneck’s Parkview Pharmacy: New Owner, New Look,” January 20, 2022) and reached out to the new owner, Paris Pournazari, who graciously supplied a significant part of the over 100 lb. of medical supplies that I brought


Thank You, TVAC

I would like to commend TVAC on a superlative response to a recent call to our home.

Eric Orgen, TVAC’s president, and his fellow volunteers arrived within a few minutes of our call. Their professionalism and genuine concern were apparent from the moment they arrived. Their safe and rapid transport to


Save Our Kotel

Thank you so much for the multi-page ad that you ran in the paper last week entitled “Save Our Kotel” (February 17, 2022). While I don’t agree with the ad or their mission at all, it was a great reminder of why I continue to support the organization Women of the Wall, a group that advocates for having a place at the Kotel for every


Two Models of Leadership

In his “Torah from Eretz Yisrael” article (“The L-Word” February 10, 2022), Rabbi Moshe Taragin describes a model of leadership based on the vestments of the Kohen Gadol. It is very appropriate that this was his approach, as his model, that of someone who inspires individuals and leads them to embrace the correct path, was indeed


Rutgers’ Jewish History

I was delighted to read that the Jewish students at the Newark campus of Rutgers University have just established a Hillel Chapter (“Rutgers-Newark Campus Gets Its First Hillel Chapter,” February 3, 2022). However, I must take issue with Co-President Miriam Brickman’s assertion that “there had never been Jewish representation on campus.”

I would know,


Back to the Basics for Dating

I always appreciate and enjoy reading Nina Glick’s honest and real articles in The Link including her most recent, “Maybe It’s Time to Go Backwards“ (February 10, 2022), where she expresses her frustration regarding the current dating practices in our communities. I’d like to share a perspective on the topic by

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