Saturday, October 31, 2020


Children Heading Back to School

I fully empathize with Michael Feigin (“My Kids Will Go to School” July 30, 2020), and all other parents who are advocating for schools to open. I also recognize that schools plan to take all necessary precautions to safeguard the health of the children. However, nowhere in my article did I state that “all schools


Alleviating the Tuition Burden

I enjoyed reading Uri Herzberg’s piece (“A Proposal to Alleviate the Tuition Burden in Bergen County” July 23, 2020) in a recent issue of The Jewish Link. I appreciate the efforts being made by members of our community to deal with a problematic long-term issue that is painfully impacting so many. I have thoughts


Tuition Assistance and Financial Planning

I am appreciative of all the thoughtful and proactive letters and articles in the Link last week on the topic of tuition and tuition assistance. I was energized to read Mr. Rader’s article, "A Fair Tuition Assistance Formula" (July 30, 2020), about Westchester Day School’s adjusted gross income model, and would


More on Tuition Assistance

Thank you to the Jewish Link for providing a forum for the community to discuss the issue of tuition assistance.

It has been a few decades since my affiliation with our community yeshivot scholarship committees. From reading the many LTTEs and articles, it is


On Decision Making

We are all decision makers—that is we make decisions—knowingly or subconsciously—even doing nothing is the result of a decision. Professionally, I’ve commanded or managed many decision teams, and sadly, I am disappointed by what I see going on today.


Tuition Assistance, Productive Discourse, Ahavat Yisrael and The Jewish Link

Like many of you, I have been following the discussion this summer in The Jewish Link about tuition, expenses and ideas for problem solving in our community. It has been helpful to hear several voices and reassuring to know that thinking individuals are concerned and trying to help. This dialogue culminated with the very


Ice Cream Season Raises Questions of Kashrut

Now that “ice cream season” is well underway, we would like to share with you an important kashrut reminder: ice cream and frozen yogurt need kosher supervision. Please understand that an advertisement in The Jewish Link is not an implicit hashgacha and there are establishments that have no supervision that advertise in this


Special Delivery

I just wanted to thank you very much for having the paper delivered to my home consistently for the past few weeks. I look forward to “spending” Shabbat with your paper every week and read it cover to cover. It is incredible that you have been able to publish your paper every week throughout this trying time. Yasher


Compassion, Courtesy And Empathy: More Important Than Tuition

Over the past few years The Jewish Link has been the forum for respectful and courteous dialogue between various segments of our community to discuss issues relating to our lives. To my horror the dialogue on both sides regarding yeshiva tuition over the past few weeks has been completely lacking empathy on both sides. I


Not Your Mother’s Democratic Party

Last week, July 23, you printed a news item entitled “Poll: Democrats, Voters in Battleground States Trend Overwhelmingly Pro-Israel.” As one reads the article, the true facts are revealed: 68% of Democrats describe themselves as pro-Israel and 63% oppose reducing U.S. security assistance to Israel. Is that an


What Kind of Community Are We?

As I see it, the discussion about the sense of responsibility regarding tuition assistance really revolves around a larger question: What do we want our communities to look like? Option one is for frum communities to be populated based on socioeconomic status. Those who can afford, belong, and those who can’t, do


More 'Name Withheld Upon Request' Letters, Please

I would like to applaud The Jewish Link—in my own name—for continuing to run letters that offer reliable information and reasoned arguments even if names need to be withheld where necessary. It is good practice under generally accepted journalistic principles as well as the special times we live in.