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Is All of Jewish History Imbedded in Our DNA?

In a column The Jewish Link column, “Is Hashem Using Scientists as His Agents to Fulfill Torah Prophecies?” (December 22, 2022), I discussed the intersection between Torah and science. Here, I propose an extension of that concept, whereby the Torah again predated “modern science” by thousands of years, this time by connecting


Strange Times

Driving through the Plaza area in Teaneck this morning, I couldn’t help but notice new warning signs that “double-parkers will incur a $90 strictly-enforced fine.” At the same time, marijuana dispensaries are popping up everywhere.

This all doesn’t bode well for us as a community, at


Another Opinion on Josh Gottheimer

More than a few letters this past week castigated Congressman Josh Gottheimer because he did not join with GOP members of Congress in a vote to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC). In these letters, as well as during “conversations” with people who approached me in shul and on the street, Congressman


Letter / Announcement from the RCBC

Dear Bergen County Community,

On July 6, 2022, the Rabbinical Court of New City, Vaad Hadin V’Horaah, issued a psak (rabbinic ruling) stating that Mr. Ari Satz, a resident of Bergenfield, NJ, is a sarvan ladin (recalcitrant to submit to beis din) and is obligated to give a get (bill of Jewish


Deep Gratitude

Finding out a family member has cancer is devastating. No matter what the prognosis, it’s scary as hell. Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but illness doesn’t consult family members before it strikes. Every individual handles the news differently, and the prognosis of a specific illness will obviously impact the reaction of each


L’ilui Nishmat

Shlomo Yosef “Yoshe” Nachfolger—a cousin of ours—a melamed, a lamdin and a tzaddik, recently went to shul and after saying Shema at his seat, he went to the Olam HaEmet.

There is a void in our mishpacha. We want to honor his good name by expressing his derech eretz for his parents, our entire


Jews, Awaken From Your Slumber, The Bell Tolls for Thee Alone

The famous quotation “Send not to know, For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee” (John Donne, Ernest Hemingway) is frighteningly appropriate today in a climate of ever-increasing antisemitism in America and worldwide. Bombings of synagogues, attacks on Jews in streets and on campuses, terrorism in Israel, BDS movements, denunciation


Rav Moshe Kahn, zt”l

There was no one like Rav Moshe Kahn.

He dedicated his life to connecting women to Torah on the highest of levels. And that's all he ever wanted. His agenda was limud Torah and to teach the עמילות בתורה


Proud Jews Spread the Light

This Shabbos is Parshas Yisro. An important verse often overlooked, is that Hashem demands the Jewish people to be “mamleches kohanim” and a “goy kadosh” (Exodus 19:6). Mamleches kohanim, a kingdom of priests. What does it mean? What is the responsibility of kohanim, priests? It is to teach and inspire. We were chosen to teach the


I See It Differently

In this past week’s issue, Avi Ciment introduced himself to your readership and used his opening article (“As I See It,” February 2, 2023) to describe “certain failings within the Modern Orthodox community.” He referenced a poll which found that “roughly a third of many Modern Orthodox children no longer keep many of the mitzvot


Disappointed in Josh Gottheimer

As a supposed supporter of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, I am extremely disappointed that Josh Gottheimer voted with his Democratic colleagues to allow Ilhan Omar to remain on the Foreign Affairs Committee (“Voting Against an Antisemite Should Be an Easy Decision” Feb. 2, 2023). As an outspoken


How Did Pro-Israel Democrats Vote on Omar?

It was very interesting to see how Democratic lawmakers in Congress voted on whether to remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee (“Voting Against an Antisemite Should Be an Easy Decision” Feb. 2, 2023). We have many Democratic lawmakers in the New York Metro area who claim to stand by Israel and outwardly say they will do anything

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