Friday, May 20, 2022


Confronting Antisemitism

Jordanna Schiff’s article “My Bittersweet Goodbye” in the February 3, 2022 issue of the Jewish Link was very moving. Ms. Schiff certainly experienced a challenging four years at McGill University. Unfortunately her overwhelming experiences are all too common for Jewish students all over the world—except of course in Israel. I deeply


Letter to Whoopi Goldberg

During history class we talked about the Whoopi Goldberg comment and it angered many of us. I decided to write her a letter to try to educate her and future generations because if not me, then who?

Dear Ms. Goldberg,

I write this as a representative of students of The Moriah School of Englewood, New Jersey. After seeing your interview on “The View,”


David Roher Thinks I’m Crazy

Your columnist David Roher is a wonderful person. I love his write-ups of all things athletic, especially when I’m included, and his father is the cutest senior citizen in the universe. However, in his last episode of his NYC Marathon adventure (“The 2021 NYC Marathon: Part 3” February 3, 2022), he erroneously claimed that I had walked the race


In Tribute to Rabbi Alvin Marcus, z”l

It was with deep sadness that I read in your paper about the passing of Rabbi Alvin Marcus, z”l, rabbi emeritus of Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange.

I would like to share some special personal memories I have of Rabbi Marcus.

I met Rabbi Marcus in 1979, just as I began


Security in the Aftermath Of Colleyville

David Hertz suggests that if one of the congregants in the Colleyville synagogue had had a gun or other weapon on their person, the hostage situation could have been resolved much sooner (“The Lessons That [Certain] Jews Won’t Learn,” January 27, 2022). While it is possible to imagine a scenario in which an armed congregant gets off the perfect


An Appeal to Amnesty International

Dear Amnesty International,

Questioning the legitimacy of the only genuine democracy in the Middle East is patently absurd especially as those Arab Israelis who coexist peacefully with Jewish Israelis play a vital role in the government and judiciary with proportional representation in the Knesset and even a presence


Words Matter

In a front page article written by Ellie Wolf (“Teaneck’s Heichal HaTorah Launches Community Night Seder” February 3, 2022), the paper reported on a wonderful new initiative for learning— a night seder launched by Heichal HaTorah in partnership with Congregation Beth Aaron and Congregation Beth Abraham. While I am very pleased to see limud


Whoopi Goldberg’s Ignorance A Blessing in Disguise?

We should thank Whoopi Goldberg and the other dilettantes of “The View.” They have presented high school educators, especially English and history teachers, with an unparalleled opportunity to challenge students with an assignment that could not only educate the ladies of this popular TV show, but also might reach the millions of viewers who


Amnesty’s Travesty

Your front page article (“Amnesty’s Big Lie About Israel,” February 3, 2022) by Alex Safian, associate director of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), did a superb job of debunking in great detail the malicious lies and false charges in Amnesty International’s recent report accusing Israel of apartheid.


Further Comments on Silver’s Crimes

In response to Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky (“On Remembering Sheldon Silver, z”l) in the February 3 edition: Rubashkin’s crimes were minuscule, as business crimes go. To the contrary—the government’s crimes in persecuting and prosecuting and punishing him were directed and biased. It is the government that needs to be held


Let's Reduce Day School Tuition

A recent column in The Jewish Link ("Priceless Purchase," by Jon Kranz, January 27, 2022) made reference to the tuition costs in our day schools and noted that this is the cost of living an Orthodox life.

No, no, no, I say. That defeatist attitude must stop.

For the


Sustaining the Literalists

While I support reading many midrashim deeply, I think that midrashic literalists are not without support (“What Sustains the Literalists? My Research Quest in Midrash,” January 27, 2022). In relation to midrashim, there are distinct issues that people often conflate. Authorial intent—did the midrashic author intend

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