Monday, September 26, 2022


‘StoryWalk’ Should Tell A Different Story

This is in regard to a “StoryWalk” at Sagamore Park, created by the Teaneck Library ostensibly to promote diversity and inclusion.

While teaching children to be tolerant is a noble endeavor, the latest “StoryWalk” presents the children’s book “Julian is a Mermaid.” “It is about a young


Genetic Testing Is Important

Thank you so much for addressing issues of privacy for those undergoing genetic testing in the article “Genes and Confidentiality” (June 2, 2022). When genetic testing happens with a genetic counselor, these important issues are discussed.

I would like to


The Stats on E-Scooters

Regarding Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s article about the halachos of E-scooters (“The Petach Tikvah E-Scooters and Halacha” June 9, 2022), he does well to first establish the reality (metzius) before applying Halachic principles. The implications of the study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety might differ from what was presented


Teaneck Shares Results of 2022 Budget for Taxpayers

Your property tax bill is composed of four separate components: Teaneck Public Schools, Teaneck Free Public Library, Teaneck Municipal Services, and Bergen County Government. Please note that only the municipal services portion (32%) of your property taxes is administered by your mayor, council and manager.


NORPAC Urges Support For Rep. Donald Payne

Rep. Donald Payne Jr., D-NJ, who is running for reelection in the newly expanded 10th District, is facing a difficult primary challenge from an extreme antagonist to U.S.-Israel relations, Imani Oakley. She says she is eager to join “the Squad” if she is elected, and believes that “Palestine should be given to the Palestinians.” She


Response to Rabbi Bleich

Rabbi Bleich writes in “Calm Reflection’ on the Jewish View of Abortion” (May 19, 2022), that a “quasi-constitutional” principle holds that a “sovereign has a compelling interest in the preservation of the life of each and every one of his subjects. There are no grounds to exclude unborn subjects...” Not being a lawyer, I’m


An Absolute Miracle

It was an absolute miracle that no one got hurt on May 24 when [a school] bus crashed into [Carly’z Craze] in Teaneck, which Nina Glick discussed in her article “Believing in Miracles” (May 26, 2022). To those who were in the store and nearby outside … a big hug. Thank you to our wonderful neighbors who came running to help. Thank


Love the Student Artwork

I really enjoyed your recent display of student artwork. I particularly enjoyed the New York Mets art. My grandfather took me to my first Mets game in the Polo Grounds on April 15, 1962. I spent the rest of fifth and sixth grade drawing the various Mets logos. Lucky for me, they were not published.


Bergenfield Family Fun Day

I have been a resident of Bergenfield for more than a decade. Each year the Borough of Bergenfield has a community-wide celebration called Family Fun Day. It is a day full of activities for children, including music, bouncy houses and free treats, culminating in evening fireworks, provided free of charge to residents of the Borough.


Basketball on Shabbos

I enjoyed reading your article on Ryan Turell ("Pesach in Portsmouth: Turell’s Team Takes Title", May 4, 2022). I had the great pleasure of teaching Ryan at Yeshiva University and he is an outstanding young man. He is not only humble, but he is also always generous with his time and is beloved by all that know him. I would like to clarify


The Importance of Our Prayers

While I have no particularly strong feelings regarding use of the word “Shetehei” before “Reishit Tzemichat Geulatenu” in the Prayer for the State of Israel, I do feel as if Rabbi Dr. Tzvee Zahavy in his letter to the editor (“The Prayer for the State of Israel,” May 12, 2022) is painting a picture of the


Setting the Record Straight on Tehei

I read with some amusement the back and forth of my dear colleague Rav Jachter and Tzvee Zahavy over the recitation of “she’te’hei” in the prayer for Medinat Yisrael at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun (“The Great Reishit Tzemichat Geulatenu Debate,” May 5, 2022, and “The Prayer for the State of Israel,” May 12, 2022). As Rav

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