Friday, October 30, 2020


A Familiar Evil

When the world said “Never Again” 75 years ago, it was never meant to be only for the Jews. We agreed, as a unified human voice, that the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis in World War II Europe should “Never Again” be allowed to occur on the face of this earth. When we recognize the horrors that the


My Kids Will Go to School

Last week’s Jewish Link included very strongly worded commentaries by Jeffrey Rubin (“Regarding School Closing This Fall,” July 23, 2020) and Rabbi Wallace Greene (“The Ethics of Opening Schools,” July 23, 2020) arguing that no child should go back to school in the fall. While one can understand the sentiment that no risk to human


Schools Should Commit To Transparency in the Scholarship Process

Thank you to Dvorah Vaynman for your important commentary in last week’s Link, “The Humiliation of Applying for Yeshiva Tuition


Scholarship Humiliation

First, I want to acknowledge the pain and emotional distress that Dvorah Vaynman and her husband have experienced as a result of the economic dislocation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to ask their daughter’s yeshiva for financial aid (“


A Different View on Tuition Assistance

After reading “The Humiliation of Applying for Yeshiva Tuition Assistance,” by Dvorah Vaynman (July 16, 2020), I felt


A View From Inside the Scholarship Committee

Dear Mrs. Vaynman,

Thank you for your article last week concerning “The Humiliation of Applying for Yeshiva


On Outdoor Minyanim

An additional data point worth considering when contemplating Mordechai Schmutter’s advice on outdoor minyanim (“Stay Outdoors” July 16, 2020): Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 90:9 (Translation from Sefaria):

A person should try to pray in the synagogue with


Alcoholic Ice Pops?

I was very disturbed to see an advertisement offering alcohol pops published in The Jewish Link. Although it passed all your kashrut requirements, I question whether you thought of the newspaper’s responsibility in advertising a product that flies in the face of all your articles on teenage/adult substance abuse. A


Not Too Late

I couch my comments with reference to Bari Weiss’s brilliant oration in her letter to the Times, and reflect on her remarks as a metaphor and dire warning regarding a concomitant issue which is of profound concern to all of us. I do not seek to embrace a platform of political allegiance, but only to speak to reality. The avowed policies


Second Amendment Uproar

There were three letters in one issue (“Second Amendment Musing,” “Wrong on the Second Amendment,” “Correcting an Inaccuracy Regarding the Second Amendment” July 9, 2020) about the Second Amendment. What could have resonated with readers so fiercely? What prompted this barrage, this virtual, veritable


We Must Not Become Complacent Regarding COVID-19 Precautions

I endorse Rabbi and Nina Glick’s plea to avoid judging each other too harshly (“The Three Week Challenge,” July 9, 2020), but when it comes to taking precautions related to COVID-19, they are wrong to prescribe that “each person chooses to do what they feel is best for themselves.” That simply does not work when


Love the Hiking Tips

We would like to thank Daniel Chazin and The Jewish Link for writing and publishing his articles on nearby hiking adventures (“Ringwood’s Norvin Green State Forest Offers Great Hiking,” July 2, 2020).

A few months ago we saw one of his articles, and