Thursday, April 15, 2021


On the Need for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

In a letter in The Jewish Link titled “Objections to Two LGBT Bills” (January 14, 2021), Rabbi Leiter spoke against a bill promoting diversity and inclusion including tolerance in regard to gender and sexual orientation. In his letter, he spoke disparagingly of the LGBTQ+ community and called the “LGBT activist agenda … anti-God.”


Watch Your Words

I am writing to take issue with Dr. Wisotsky’s response (“All Tied Up,” January 14, 2021) to Sipporah Tracer’s article regarding tethered oral tissues (TOTs or tongue ties) (“All Tied Up: Unraveling the Complexities of Tongue Tie,” January 7, 2021). Wisotsky’s tone reflected the “consternation” he felt


Making Appropriate Comparisons

In response to Mr. Maurice Appelbaum’s article, “Thoughts on the Capitol Insurrection and the BLM Movement” (January 21, 2021), I have to agree with him that there is seemingly no comparison between the BLM and the rioters on the Capitol. A better comparison is between those rioters and Antifa, which seems to be an


Minyan Attendance, Revisited

I wish to thank Adam Caplan for his critique of my articles on the importance of minyan attendance (“Minyan Matters,” January 21, 2021). It is an opportunity to clarify my position and respond to his objections. This is not the first generation of young professionals with young children. Nor is it a novelty when both


Minyan Matters

Men in a similar age group and/or stage of life as I am—raising young children in Modern Orthodox homes—have been blatantly singled out in Jewish Link articles twice in the past three weeks for our imperfect minyan attendance record. Rabbi Wallace Green (“The Sanctity of Time,” January 14, 2021) writes in response, “When I see and experience young men who


Freedoms and Rights

One of the greatest things about our country, the United States of America, is that built into our Constitution are inalienable rights and freedoms. It is the understanding that as citizens of the United States we have these rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all its citizens.

However, what happens when


Thank You to President Trump

The display of vitriol towards our 45th president in some of your letters to the editor is sad. It is true that Donald Trump would at times post unseemly or distasteful tweets. So what? And since when is exhorting hundreds of thousands of your supporters to “march peacefully” an impeachable act, not to mention an insurrection? From the day he


‘Haftorah’ on the Dating Parsha

I’m writing in response to the dating thoughts by the 22-year-old gentleman who has been shidduch dating for 17 months (“Dating Thoughts From Someone #InTheDatingParsha,” January 14, 2021). I’d first like to correct his “fundamental romantic truth” about prettiness fading and hotness disappearing, and hope that he begs his mother for


Pleased With Poems

I loved the poem by Esti Rosen Snukal (“I Refuse to Believe,” January 14, 2021). Thanks for including it this week. More poems would be welcome.

Miriam Jaffe
Highland Park

Thank You, President Trump

Although it is debatable whether President Donald J. Trump was a good president for the United States or not, I feel he is owed many thanks from every Jew in the country—and around the world. The president stood up for Israel without cutting corners, as many other presidents have done in the past. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the


Letter Deepens the Divide

Maurice Appelbaum’s letter to the editor in your January 14 issue (“Communal Responsibility”) is an unfair rhetorical tool that undermines intelligent and thoughtful debate. He is guilty of doing what too many Americans do these days, which is to group all people who vote a certain way with its most extreme element. Appelbaum calls it


America Needs Truth

In response to Jonathan Tobin’s article “America Needs Healing” (January 14, 2021), I couldn’t agree more. We are a broken, divided society that is witnessing an attack on our democracy. However, Mr. Tobin seems to equate holding Donald Trump accountable for his actions with vindictive score settling. He raises