Wednesday, July 28, 2021


So Impressed by the Teaneck Jewish Community

Yesterday was a very special day in the Teaneck community, as the blood drive for “Do it for Shira” was held. I’ve donated blood countless times over my life, in many places, venues and for different causes. Being a new transplant to Teaneck from Monsey, it’s been a very unusual and somewhat lonely year. But you


Instability in Jordan Is Not Bad News for Israel

Regarding the article “Instability in Neighboring Jordan Is Bad News for Israel” (April 8, 2021), Jordan is an artificial country unilaterally created out of 75 percent of the Palestine mandate by the British. They did so as a consolation prize to the Hashemite ruling family, who lost out to the Saudis in the map


Rejecting the Propriety and Wisdom Of Chemically Induced Spirituality

I was disturbed and horrified to read Rabbi Dr. Yosef Glassman’s article in last week’s Health Link (“It’s Not for ‘Recreation,’ but Cannabis Has Deep Torah Roots,” April 8, 2021). After espousing the age-old argument that cannabis is surely less dangerous than alcohol—remember, safer does not equal


Aliyah Should Be Made for Spiritual, Not Political Reasons

In today’s toxic political climate, in an America which is being increasingly dominated by the far left, I often hear people saying it is time to move to Israel. I don’t hear them use the word aliyahthat often, only moveto Israel. I find this very upsetting as it implies that Israel is a convenient


The Case for Machine Shmura Matzah

I would like to suggest to the author of the Letter to the Editor, “Why is Shmurah Matzah Different From All Other Matzah?” (April 8, 2021), an alternative, a perfectly Halachic acceptable solution.

As you may know, what the author refers to as “Shmurah Matzah” is a misnomer. The full name of the


Robocall Danger

Like many of us I get robocalls. Most I screen out, but there’s the occasional call selling solar panels or extended car warranties.

Yesterday afternoon I received a robocall selling DEATH: a 718 area code number and a “heimishe” voice warning me and


Our Diet Directly Impacts Our Cancer Risk

I am responding to Dr. Alfred Neugut’s article titled “Diet and Cancer” (April 8, 2021). Does diet affect cancer? Unquestionably, indisputably and undeniably, YES!!! Nothing interacts with our cells more intimately than the food we eat!



The Structure of Our Day Schools

The article “A Strategic Reset for Day School Finances” (April 8, 2021), brought to the surface some thoughts I have about the experiences and knowledge given over at local yeshivot. The author wrote: “While some of the all-boys high schools devote more time to Gemara and less time to Tanach than their coed


Testosterone Does Not Cause Clots

I am writing in response to a letter by Dr. Joshua Kra (“Testosterone Benefits Questionable” March 11, 2021) regarding the use of testosterone therapy. I appreciate that Dr. Kra read my article (“Testosterone: Benefits and Misconceptions” March 4, 2021) and took the time to respond. He expressed concern that the elevated red blood


A Friendship Born Through Letters

I never met Max Wisotsky personally. As an avid letter writer and passionate supporter of Israel and Jewish causes, I met Max virtually through a mutual friend. That friend recognized that we would be a compatible fit, since both Max and I have the same mindset regarding these two subjects. Similarly, both Max and I share


Why Is Shmurah Matzah Different From All Other Matzah?

Now that Pesach is over, I feel compelled to ask: Am I the only one who feels like they are at a roulette wheel in a casino every time I open a box of shmurah matzah?

For $20+ per pound, it is the single most expensive food item on my Seder table: more than brisket, more than corned beef. Yet, each time


The System Is Hurting the Children

I am haunted by the description of high school acceptance described by Yaffa Sheva Klein in last week’s Link, “The Choices We Make and Those That Are Made for Us” (March 18, 2021).

What would the Chafetz Chaim say? What would the Rebbe say? Where is the



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