Sunday, January 24, 2021


Vote in Teaneck Board of Education Election

There is an important School Board election taking place in Teaneck and it is important that we elect trustees that will help keep our children and schools moving forward in a positive, productive direction. That is why I voted by mail for Damen Cooper, Harold Clark and Danielle Gee. Cooper is a graduate of the Teaneck


Josh Gottheimer and the Frum Community

After reading a letter cosigned by eight individuals rattling off the sins of Josh Gottheimer, and another more troubling one from a group of Gottheimer’s supporters too afraid to identify themselves for fear of being attacked in shul, I did some research. Here’s what I learned.



Don’t Forget to Thank the Parents

Last year the yeshivas all celebrated a week-long teacher appreciation week. And at the end of this year we again thanked our teachers for managing to provide instruction online due schools closing due to COVID-19. While that was certainly the right thing to do, I think there was an underappreciated segment of our


Teaneck Newsroom on Board of Ed Elections

Many have asked me who I am endorsing for this year’s Teaneck Board of Education elections.

I have approached the six candidates with a list of questions about what is going on in the Teaneck BOE. Sadly, two candidates (Clara Mitchell Williams and Yusra Subhani) did not reply to my various forms of


Upcoming Teaneck Board Of Education Election

While we await the arrival of our mail-in ballots this week, we urge everyone to focus on the local election happening in Teaneck that will be included at the bottom of our ballots.

The Teaneck Board of Education (BOE) consists of nine members. Three members are elected every year and everyone serves a


Words Matter

Freedom of speech is one of the most important inalienable rights in this great country of ours and everyone deserves the right to be heard. I would posit however that if someone feels strongly about putting their opinion or thoughts out into the public arena then it should be done so with pride and in an open way, with


A Fair Balance, Please

In your September 24, 2020 edition, The Jewish Link printed two letters lauding Josh Gottheimer (“Thank You, Cong. Josh Gottheimer, For All You Do for Teaneck” and “Re-Elect Josh Gottheimer”). I wish to give a peek at the other side.

Orthodox Jews and


'Names Withheld Upon Request' Letters

In the recent issue of your newspaper you posted several letters to the editor all signed “names withheld upon request.” (“What Are You Doing to Protect Others?”; “Protecting Ourselves Should Not Mean Embarrassing Others,” September 24, 2020). There are a few things that I think we can all agree on. It has been difficult for


Republican Candidate Pallotta, Yes. Gottheimer, No.

In reading “In Support of Josh Gottheimer” (September 17, 2020) signed by several writers, we were struck by the omissions and marked bias. At a time that the anti-Israel Left has taken over the Democratic Party, of what importance is it to state that Gottheimer is the “most pro-Israel Democrat in the lower


'Those Who Live in Glass Houses...'

Chava Casper (“Do Not Ignore Trump’s Misdeeds,” September 24, 2020) fails to acknowledge that unlike the fringe anti-Semitism from the far right, within the Democratic Party anti-Semistim is mainstream. You won’t find the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Republican ticket. Of


Decriminalization of Recreational Marijauana

I urge all New Jersey residents to contact their state senators to support New Jersey Senate Bill S-2535, which would decriminalize recreational marijuana use. This decriminalization bill would help fix an unjust system under which Black people are nearly four times more likely to be arrested than white people for


Trump's Record on Israel Is Solid

Most people realize that President Trump is very flawed and no one will argue that. At the same time, never has a duly elected sitting president of the United States been so vilified so disrespected and hated.

The hatred began as soon as Trump was elected.