Monday, April 19, 2021


Freedoms and Rights

One of the greatest things about our country, the United States of America, is that built into our Constitution are inalienable rights and freedoms. It is the understanding that as citizens of the United States we have these rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all its citizens.

However, what happens when


Thank You to President Trump

The display of vitriol towards our 45th president in some of your letters to the editor is sad. It is true that Donald Trump would at times post unseemly or distasteful tweets. So what? And since when is exhorting hundreds of thousands of your supporters to “march peacefully” an impeachable act, not to mention an insurrection? From the day he


‘Haftorah’ on the Dating Parsha

I’m writing in response to the dating thoughts by the 22-year-old gentleman who has been shidduch dating for 17 months (“Dating Thoughts From Someone #InTheDatingParsha,” January 14, 2021). I’d first like to correct his “fundamental romantic truth” about prettiness fading and hotness disappearing, and hope that he begs his mother for


Pleased With Poems

I loved the poem by Esti Rosen Snukal (“I Refuse to Believe,” January 14, 2021). Thanks for including it this week. More poems would be welcome.

Miriam Jaffe
Highland Park

Thank You, President Trump

Although it is debatable whether President Donald J. Trump was a good president for the United States or not, I feel he is owed many thanks from every Jew in the country—and around the world. The president stood up for Israel without cutting corners, as many other presidents have done in the past. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the


Letter Deepens the Divide

Maurice Appelbaum’s letter to the editor in your January 14 issue (“Communal Responsibility”) is an unfair rhetorical tool that undermines intelligent and thoughtful debate. He is guilty of doing what too many Americans do these days, which is to group all people who vote a certain way with its most extreme element. Appelbaum calls it


America Needs Truth

In response to Jonathan Tobin’s article “America Needs Healing” (January 14, 2021), I couldn’t agree more. We are a broken, divided society that is witnessing an attack on our democracy. However, Mr. Tobin seems to equate holding Donald Trump accountable for his actions with vindictive score settling. He raises


Our Own Boycott Quandary

Many of us have shopped for fruits and vegetables in the local supermarkets and found many of them marked «Product of Israel.»  After asking our rabbis, who then consult with the OU Kashrut division, we’ve found out that these products are not necessarily prepared for Terumot and Maasrot as required by Jewish law. As a result, many


Jewish Survival Through the Ages

The last few parshiot we have been reading in the Torah tell the story of the Israelites’ saga in Mitzrayim. It starts with Yosef being sold by his brothers, and continues with the story of the famine and Yosef becoming viceroy, and Yaakov and the rest of the family moving to Mitzrayim, where they prospered and multiplied. Then a new


Call Him Out by Name

A little more than two years ago, in the wake of the Tree of Life Shooting, Columbia University came under withering and justified criticism from many of its Jewish alumni. In condemning the shooting in an official statement, Columbia had spoken out against hate, but failed to once mention anti-Semitism—the motivation


Objection to an Objection

I was incredibly disappointed with The Jewish Link’s decision to run the letter “Objections to Two LGBT Bills” in the January 7 edition. Regardless of the specifics of these two bills, the letter published was shameful, offensive, and beneath the standards of our community newspaper. Unabashed discrimination and


Why Print the Leiter Letter?

I’d like to know if you read the letter to the editor from Rabbi Leiter, a rabbi who supposedly “helps” children (“Objections to Two LGBT Bills” January 7, 2020), before you printed it. This is not politics, this is not an issue about tuition or taxes or whom to vote for in an election. These are lives. This