Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Closing Yeshivas Will Contribute To COVID-19’s Spread

I’m reluctant to reach out at the risk of inserting myself in what is already a complex and dangerous situation, and I’m thankful for all the effort put into ensuring the safety of our children and community. However, it appears that another shutdown is no longer “if” but rather “when.” As a parent of young


Thank You, Cong. Josh Gottheimer, For All You Do for Teaneck

Did you know that Congressman Josh Gottheimer was instrumental in helping our local synagogues and yeshivot receive significant grant money via the nonprofit security grant program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)? These grants provide funds that have helped organizations install a variety of security protections against


Re-Elect Josh Gottheimer

Do you know how much Josh Gottheimer does for the security of the 5th District’s Jewish community?

Do you know how much Homeland Security grant money goes to our local synagogues and yeshivas?

Do you know how hard Josh works to claw money back for our safety? Out of 1.2


What Are You Doing to Protect Others?

To the group of people walking maskless on the afternoon of the first day of Rosh Hashanah—you know who you are—causing us to have to climb onto people’s front lawns in order to safely pass; and all the others walking the streets maskless; and the adults who allow their kids to play ball in groups maskless in the


It Is Important to Speak About Mental Health Struggles

You recently published an article that remarkably encapsulated a pre-teen’s crippling depression, self-harming tendencies and suicidal thoughts (“Fighting for Life When Death Knocks on Your Door,” September 17, 2020). Thank you for publishing that article. Too often when it comes to these topics it gets pushed under


Protecting Ourselves Should Not Mean Embarrassing Others

With regard to the situation I am about to share, this tragedy has definitely brought out the worst in some.

According to Governor Murphy, wearing masks outdoors is only required if there is no social distancing.


Josh Gottheimer Is the Leader We Need

Due to recent incidents of people being attacked in shul for their support of Congressman Gottheimer, we respectfully request that our names be withheld.

We were gratified and relieved to see in The Jewish Link’s September 17 issue that heads of school in our area’s local schools were detailing


Do Not Ignore Trump’s Misdeeds

The recent accords between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE represent a moderately positive development, yet while The Jewish Link was swooning over them, it entirely ignored other, far more significant, news. Donald Trump acknowledged—on tape—that he deliberately misled the American people about the dangers of


Kiruv and Commitment

Some time ago I wrote a letter to this newspaper related to an article penned by Steve Starr, Esq. I took issue with Mr. Starr’s suggestion that Modern Orthodoxy has not been sufficiently involved in kiruv work. Well, that was then and this is now. Recently Mr. Starr penned an article (“The Committed Life,17 Years


In Support of Josh Gottheimer

Tablet magazine points out about New Jersey’s Fifth District Congressman Josh Gottheimer that “since reaching Congress in 2017, the 45-year-old New Jerseyan has staked out a position as the most pro-Israel Democrat in the lower chamber.”

Moreover, Josh has been at the forefront of combating


Lashon Hara Made Me Sicker Than COVID

In the past week I have had to deal with the coronavirus. Where did I get it from? No idea. And it can happen to you. I felt aches and a very minor cold, and as such I immediately got tested. Once I tested positive I immediately contacted the schools and shul that I attend regularly so that protocols could be put into


Summer Camp Was Just What We Needed

As a diligent follower of The Jewish Link, I felt that Yoni Epstein’s letter “Summer Camp Wasn’t All Great,” dated September 3, 2020, criticizing the paper’s coverage of the success of Jewish summer camps, was unfairly critical. We needed this success story. We knew the pluses and the minuses of this adventure.