Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Proactive vs. Reactive

It seems that in the short term, we react. Heinous sexual abuse—lots of instant opinions. Gunman in a shul—the same.

In a few weeks our enthusiasm and attention will wane and we will again get caught up with our day-to-day lives.


Vaccination Is Not a Personal Decision

In response to the letter to the editor by David Gulko (January 20, 2022) urging the withdrawal of vaccine-related rules, I would like to address the two main issues he raises. First, while acknowledging the data showing that vaccines reduce the symptoms of those suffering from the omicron variant of COVID, Gulko states


The Importance of Security In Jewish Institutions

In the description of his heroic escape with fellow congregants at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker credited their survival with the crisis training he’d received. He specifically noted the Secure Community Network (SCN), a program affiliated with our national Jewish Federation system


An Important Addition to Rabbi Marcus’ Legacy

First I would like to commend The Link on the articles in memory of Rabbi Alvin Marcus, z”l (“A Tribute to Rabbi Alvin Marcus, zt”l”; “Rabbi Alvin Marcus, zt”l”; “Remembering Rabbi Marcus, zt”l” January 13, 2022). Each one brought out aspects of his personality, persona and dedication to Klal Yisrael as well as his


Tankless Water Heaters

It is great that we receive The Jewish Link here in Boca. Thank you.

Regarding the article about Tankless Water Heaters (“Six Reasons to Go Tankless for Heated Water” December 30, 2021), your readers should know that there can be an issue with using a


Stay Neutral

For as long as I have been a reader, I have been impressed at The Jewish Link’s commitment to balanced, nonpartisan reporting. It is for this reason that I was especially dismayed at the decision to publish an advertisement for a march on Washington related to mask and vaccine mandates. The ad contained intentionally


Stop Requiring Vaccines

Our communal institutions, including schools, shuls and sports leagues, either require COVID vaccines for participation or impose restrictions, such as masks, on those who are unvaccinated. This approach arguably made sense during the first few months after vaccines became available, as the data showed Pfizer and Moderna


Protect Your Cell Phone

Regarding “Watch Out for Phone Call Scams” (January 6, 2022), I want to add a warning for readers to take proactive actions to protect their mobile and online accounts from criminals.

Online crime is getting worse and takes many forms. The news media and


Is Freedom of Choice Always Sacrosanct?

The fight against COVID-19 seems to be a never-ending struggle and is mirrored by a never-ending stream of letters, pro and con, about vaccinations. I hope the editors of The Jewish Link can tolerate one more letter on the subject. I would like to discuss the phrase “freedom of choice” which has come into vogue for those choosing not to


Moving Forward 

The Chaim Walder saga that has unfolded over the past weeks has created upheaval across the Jewish world, as it must. Walder was one of those profoundly sick people who built trust in order to exploit it in manipulative and destructive ways, shattering an entire community’s sense of trust.

There has


Heat, But No Light

KidsPetition is predicated on the false assumption that yeshiva administrators are actively seeking any frivolous reason to close schools. It suggests that administrators are making decisions in a vacuum, without input from medical advisers, their boards and parent committees. Rather, kudos are due to them for marshalling


A Plea From Across the River

Living in Washington Heights, it’s a rare adventure to “cross the bridge” to New Jersey. I’m grateful to The Jewish Link for the weekly opportunity to keep up with the news from other locales and particularly touched by all the chesed, notably your recent features about the efforts of Bassie Taubes (“What Would

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