Friday, October 30, 2020


Avoiding Scams

My friend Ben Rothke in his excellent article lists five specific scams (“Ring, Ring. Who’s There? Scammer Calling” July 9, 2020). Number 6 is just around the corner. Here’s another approach to avoiding scams.

My first (and only) rule: Never participate in any transaction that you did not


Jewish Residents Call On The Jewish Link to Correct ‘False Claims’

Editor’s note: The Jewish Link, the writer of the article “Rep. Josh Gottheimer Faces Primary Challenge” (July 2, 2020) and its editor were criticized online in multiple posts on Facebook by Jewish residents in NJ-5 this past weekend, accused of having mischaracterized challenger Arati Kreibich’s views on BDS, about which we could


Voting by Mail: A Preview of Coming Attractions

My wife and I returned from Florida in early June. We both received Official Sample Ballots for the upcoming New Jersey primary. Since we never received the actual mail-in ballots, I called and was told that the ballots would be mailed to us. My wife and I are registered Republicans. We received the mail-in ballots on


Second Amendment Musings

My dear colleague Rav Moshe Taragin errs when he suggests (“Parah Adumah, Democracy and Worshipping Human Constitutions” July 2, 2020) that the Second Amendment “was intended to protect against the aggression of a foreign empire” and, as such, “it is unlikely that hand-held guns could be of much use in actual


Seeing the World Through a Lens of Gratitude

I really related to Elizabeth Kratz’s editorial, “Gratitude, Today and Every Day” (July 2, 2020). It’s easy to become pessimistic during these stressful, turbulent times, but I have been encouraged by the fact that so many of my friends and colleagues find something to be grateful for, and that seems to color


What Lies Below the Surface

Ms. Kratz’s bromide (“Gratitude, Today and Every Day” July 2, 2020) is at best disingenuous and most likely dissembling in her appeal for personal gratitude in our daily lives, which then transitions to a sweeping appeal to blind ourselves to the despicable use of fear and fraud in our body politic. She utilizes the


Wrong on the Second Amendment

In “Parah Adumah, Democracy and Worshiping Human Constitutions” (July 2, 2020) Rabbi Moshe Taragin bizarrely criticizes the American right to bear arms as “idolatry.” He incorrectly assumes that the Second Amendment was created to protect against foreign aggression. This is not the case. The founders of the U.S.


‘Kosher’ Breast Milk?

While this (“Klal Yisrael’s Youngest Members Benefit From STAR-K Kashrus” July 2, 2020) might have been a well-intentioned effort, it is also halachically problematic.

First, the midrashim about Moshe refusing to nurse from an Egyptian woman are not


Jewish Communities Must Organize to Project Stronger Response in Face of Attacks

The letter by Hindy Kierman, “Protecting Ourselves from Anti-Semitism,” July 2, 2020, touches on a very important point rarely if ever discussed in the Jewish community, that of self-defense. In early biblical times the Israelites’ escape from Egypt and the Maccabee uprising were examples of Israelite successes, with divine


Correcting an Inaccuracy Regarding the Second Amendment

I have personally benefited from the Torah teachings of Rabbi Moshe Taragin and look forward each week to reading his Torah column in The Jewish Link. I was therefore taken aback by Rabbi Taragin’s piece last week (“Parah Adumah, Democracy and Worshipping Human Constitutions” July 2, 2020) where in the course of making a point related


In Generation Z’s Defense

In last week’s career section, Heidi Fuchs wrote about a modern trend called ghosting (“Casper, the Not So Friendly Ghost” June 25, 2020), which is when someone cuts off all communication with another person without a warning beforehand. The article went on to attempt to isolate the reasons for ghosting, pointed out the hypocrisy of


In Support of Josh Gottheimer’s Re-Election

Throughout my many years as a Bergenfield citizen, including a decade of service on the Bergenfield council, I have lived through multiple administrations and seen many colleagues in public service. Unlike his predecessor, Congressman Josh Gottheimer is a constant source of support for our district.