Friday, October 07, 2022


Love the Student Artwork

I really enjoyed your recent display of student artwork. I particularly enjoyed the New York Mets art. My grandfather took me to my first Mets game in the Polo Grounds on April 15, 1962. I spent the rest of fifth and sixth grade drawing the various Mets logos. Lucky for me, they were not published.


Bergenfield Family Fun Day

I have been a resident of Bergenfield for more than a decade. Each year the Borough of Bergenfield has a community-wide celebration called Family Fun Day. It is a day full of activities for children, including music, bouncy houses and free treats, culminating in evening fireworks, provided free of charge to residents of the Borough.


Basketball on Shabbos

I enjoyed reading your article on Ryan Turell ("Pesach in Portsmouth: Turell’s Team Takes Title", May 4, 2022). I had the great pleasure of teaching Ryan at Yeshiva University and he is an outstanding young man. He is not only humble, but he is also always generous with his time and is beloved by all that know him. I would like to clarify


The Importance of Our Prayers

While I have no particularly strong feelings regarding use of the word “Shetehei” before “Reishit Tzemichat Geulatenu” in the Prayer for the State of Israel, I do feel as if Rabbi Dr. Tzvee Zahavy in his letter to the editor (“The Prayer for the State of Israel,” May 12, 2022) is painting a picture of the


Setting the Record Straight on Tehei

I read with some amusement the back and forth of my dear colleague Rav Jachter and Tzvee Zahavy over the recitation of “she’te’hei” in the prayer for Medinat Yisrael at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun (“The Great Reishit Tzemichat Geulatenu Debate,” May 5, 2022, and “The Prayer for the State of Israel,” May 12, 2022). As Rav


The Left, the Right and The Uniquely Jewish

I appreciated reading David Suissa’s piece “Loving Israel, from Left to Right” (May 12, 2022), and in particular his pinpointing of the difference between how each side loves Israel: “A crucial difference is that the left tends to look inward when assigning responsibility, while the right tends to look at external


A Straight Answer to a Roundabout Question

I would like to propose a straightforward suggestion to the question Mitchell First raised regarding the origin of the word עגל and how it relates to AGOL and EGEL (“The Root for ‘Round’: Ayin-Gimel-Lamed,” May 12, 2022). Some might think this answer is circuitous or circumlocutious. The connection between AGOL and EGLA, as Rashi


Dangerous Decision, Dangerous Consequences

President Biden made a serious error in his decision to reject Israel’s request for early delivery of long-range military tanker aircraft that Israel has purchased. These planes would provide Israel the ability to make a conventional and surgical response to its declared Iranian threat. To the Israelis, this is a very


Terrorism in Elad

Much has been written and commented concerning the waves of terrorism currently taking place in Israel. None have encapsulated the effects of these actions as powerfully as the following few quotes from a Jerusalem Post article published on May 7, 2022.



The Prayer for the State of Israel

I would like to add a few words of clarification and some humble suggestions regarding the topic of Rabbi Jachter’s learned and thoughtful column on the prayer for the State of Israel “The Great Reishit Tzemichat Geulatenu Debate,” May 5, 2022).



Rutgers Offers Positive Experiences for Jewish Students

Like Debra Rubin, we are deeply concerned by the recent program “Know Your Rights: College Activism on Palestine,” presented by the Center for Security, Race and Rights, a center affiliated with the Rutgers Law School on the Rutgers-Newark campus (“Is Rutgers Advising BDS Allies?,” April 27, 2022). However, Rubin misleads her readers when she


Dear Heartbroken: It’s Time to Demystify IVF

Thank you Dr. Chani Maybruch for addressing the topic of dating and genetic diseases in your column (“The Girl I Am Dating Just Told Me She is a Carrier for a Genetic Disorder,” April 28, 2022). “Heartbroken” was conflicted about marrying Miri, whom he had been dating for two months and was about to propose to when she revealed that

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