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Honestly Speaking

There I was cleaning out every nook and cranny of a large apartment no one had lived in for several years. I started in the bedroom filled to capacity with large, old, stately pieces of furniture. Each piece of furniture had many drawers. Each drawer was filled with clothes, scarves, small boxes and envelopes. Papers seemed to


Ride of a Lifetime

On May 15, 2022 I had a dream realized, but that is not the story. Imagine growing up with a father who worked hard all of his life (as most parents do), and never feeling that you had a special moment—one that would be emblazoned in your mind for eternity.

On this


Happily Ever After

Part I

Once upon a time when one heard the phrase “They got married and …” an internal cue would prompt the words “they lived happily ever after.” But those associations took place when we were younger and the memory of Cinderella and other fairy tales still endured in our


How We Communicate

The Anger Addict

Everyone gets angry occasionally; it is a basic human emotion that we express when we are faced with frustrations and emotional hurt out of our control. At times anger can be constructive as it motivates us to get things done. However, that last quality is


Addressing Mail Fraud

I have a beloved client who is tireless in her efforts to prevent her identity from being stolen. She is heeding the warnings she received from consumer protection agencies not to toss or recycle any mail that has her name, her address or her deceased husband’s name, unless it is first shredded, sliced, diced or


Club Sequoia: A Hidden Gem For Local Seniors

By Pearl Ricklis, JFS Director of Senior Services; Shaina Bodenheim, Director of Programming and On-Site Coordinator; and Sarala Katz, Assistant On-Site Coordinator

The isolation brought on by COVID over the past two years has dramatically affected older adults, who have suffered significantly


Stuck in the Middle: The Sandwich Generation

It was Sukkot a couple of years ago and my father was in the hospital in Cleveland. He was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to go and see him, but which one of my families was more important to me? Am I the daughter or the mother? I was having an existential identity crisis. I went to Cleveland, and what was scheduled for a Shabbot visit


Understanding The Cycle of Addiction

No one engages in substance use or other activities expecting or hoping to develop an uncontrollable urge to participate. However, the desire to use substances or engage in risky behavior happens when an individual becomes addicted. Alcohol abuse, illicit drugs or sex with multiple partners may seem harmless and fun.


How We Communicate: Insight Is Not Enough

Presenting Problem: I feel Like a child in this Relationship.

Dear Moishe:

My husband Noam and I have been married for five years now, and b”H we have three healthy children.

Somehow he knows how to


Internet Safety for Children: How Can We Protect Them?

(Courtesy of B’sheva) As parents, our greatest challenge is protecting our children. Especially on the internet, this challenge becomes even more complex, and it presents to parents as well as children a variety of dangers that can manifest themselves at any time, and which we frequently do not have control over.


Therapy Thoughts: Fine Motor Skills

Hi Leah,

Can you share some activity ideas that I could do with my daughter who needs help strengthening her fine motor skills (specifically her fingers so that she can write in the correct form)?

Simple crayons


Top Eight Sheitel Tips for Kallahs

With the arrival of warmer weather, and with Lag B’Omer just around the corner, wedding season is about to take off! My phone has been ringing off the hook with excited kallahs who are eager to have their very first sheitel appointments. This is one of my most favorite times of year.

I love

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