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The Entitled Generation(s)

Part II

In Part I we described some characteristics of the entitled child (and parent). In Part II we will try to analyze why this happens and what can be done about it.

When a parent leaves a family – because of divorce, death or long-term illness – a fracture


Organizing 911

Can a professional organizer be a First Responder?

Can a professional organizer successfully diffuse a difficult situation?

Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario #1: A while back I received a phone call from a woman


The Entitled Generation(s)

Part I

I readily admit that I am a dinosaur and perhaps a bit of a curmudgeon. I grew up at a time when children and teens said please, thank you and may I. Everyone called their parents’ friends Mr. or Mrs., never by their first name. Sneakers were only worn to play ball, and even public school


Englewood Community Hosts Inspiring Chai Lifeline Shabbaton

(Courtesy of Chai Lifeline) The Englewood community hosted Chai Lifeline’s annual Friends and Fun Shabbaton on May 5-6, bringing together over 63 girls impacted by pediatric illness and a dedicated group of local volunteers. The uplifting Shabbaton was organized by committee members Lori Schlakman,


New Bill, A1475, Offers Potential Legal Relief to Agunot

My March 16 article, “Case Review: Appellate Division Rules That a Court Cannot Compel Arbitration on Get Issue Absent Agreement,” discussed the constraints faced by secular courts in the context of get refusal. The article identified the significant difficulties faced by courts when asked to intervene in aid of agunot—women chained


Post Pesach Tips

Pesach 2023 has passed. I loved my two very different seder experiences this year and my end days were amazing because I enjoyed a rare three-day visit with my two grandchildren. As The Steve Miller Band sings, “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.” Fortunately, it didn’t entirely slip away


Little Racer Party Rentals Offers Fun Event Experiences

Kids birthday parties can be tough to plan out. There’s the matter of figuring out the theme of the party, where it will be held, the logistics, and that’s not even mentioning parents looking for a wow factor to make the experience one their child will never forget.



Shutaf: Bringing Children Together

Every summer, deep in French Hill, Jerusalem, children’s laughter echoes in the mountains. This is the sound of over 100 children and their counselors enjoying the long days of summer. They revel in the sunshine, splash in the pool, learn how to care for small animals, and express themselves creatively


Case Review: Appellate Division Rules That a Court Cannot Compel Arbitration on Get Issue, Absent Agreement

Get refusal is an issue to which secular courts have yet to find an adequate solution because of constraints implicating freedom of religion and the state’s prohibition against entanglement with religious doctrine. In New Jersey, the issue has been undecided for several decades, with the trial courts remaining divided on the issue of


The World Isn’t So Big After All, Is It?

Leonid was my second cousin, but we never met. His father, Avrum, born in 1909 in Chudnov, Ukraine, was my father’s first cousin. While our fathers may have met, and even played together as babies, sadly, they never had an opportunity to bond as a family. My father, born in 1911, left Chudnov with his family and


Reclaiming Our Nests

Some of my best friends are empty nesters and a large percentage of my clients are empty nesters. In addition, I am an empty nester. We are all part of a population whose children have grown up and left home. The first symptom of being an empty nester is noticing the bedroom spaces are poorly used and do not reflect current needs.


The Importance of Drafting Marital Settlement Agreements To Ensure Israel Gap Year Payments Are Included

New Jersey is among the minority of states requiring divorced parents to pay for college tuition on behalf of their children. While there are many criticisms of this particular law, including the disparate treatment between requiring payment from divorce parents but not those who remain married, there are many aspects of this law that makes

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