Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Now Arriving at the Station

For several decades, Americans have treasured their morning coffee ritual. Not only do we look to our mug of coffee to wake us up, but also to set the tone of our day. In recent years, creating our perfect cup of coffee has become more nuanced. For instance, instead of a choice of sugar or Sweet’N Low to sweeten our coffee, we deliberate over sugar, Sugar in


Fun Things to Do in New Jersey: Dreamscape at AMC

At the Garden State Plaza Mall, my good friend Jared Benjamin and I embarked to see AMC’s latest innovation, a fully immersed virtual reality (VR) movie. AMC has partnered with Dreamscape, an entertainment company founded by Walter Parkes, a DreamWorks legend and Hollywood producer of blockbusters including “Men in Black”


News About Midlife Resilience

We know that we midlifers are resilient. We have been through a lot. We have raised children, built careers, and experienced financial and health setbacks. We have had failures, too, and made comebacks during our decades as adults.

COVID taught us, too, that we can deal. Despite illness all around us and


Picture (Almost) Perfect

I used to think it takes specialized talent to create an attractive wall grouping—or any grouping at all. In my memory, some of my parents’ friends’ homes were extremely formal and well-decorated, although reviewing those memories now, maybe the homes were over-decorated. Their walls were covered with


Ten Effective Ways to Cope With Alcohol Withdrawal

(Courtesy of Recovery at the Crossroads) You’re here because you want to know how to deal with alcohol withdrawal. Deciding to stop drinking is a great decision, but quitting cold turkey isn’t always the best choice. During alcohol detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms


Nineteen Sins and Counting: Josh Duggar, Agunot and Abuse in Religious Communities

If you’re like me and grew up watching the Duggar family on “19 Kids and Counting,” you’re probably reeling from Josh Duggar’s recent conviction. The oldest son of evangelical reality stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josh was convicted for receiving and viewing child pornography. His arrest earlier this year came only several


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regift

After Chanukah some of us look around and realize that many of the gifts we or our family received are impractical, not our style, a duplicate or fill in the blank. In short, some of our loot may be categorized as “clutter.”

As if we need additional stress in our lives, we


Miracle of Miracles

I feel so legitimate. Growing up, I falsely believed there were no records from Eastern Europe to verify any Jewish existence. For 33 years, I’ve been tracking our family history.

On December 2, 2021, I got one of the biggest shocks of my life. It caused me to give


I Could Have Done Better

After being married for a while, most people come to the shocking realization that their spouse isn’t perfect after all.

And then begin the comparisons.

Why can’t my wife be as organized as that woman? Why can’t my husband be as


‘Am I Jewish?’

When I began my genealogy research in 1988, I never expected to find a cousin living in Sochi, Russia in 2021, asking, “Am I Jewish?”

The most insignificant-seeming notes, which I kept recorded in my family tree program, about cousins unknown to me and whom I never


Organizing Your Gratitude

Although I believe in showing gratitude and feeling gratitude towards people and to Hashem on a daily basis, November is a poetic time to speak specifically of gratitude.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a field I love and feel passionate about. I am grateful to Hashem for blessing


Three Chanukah Reads for Kids

(Courtesy of Kar-Ben Publishing)

“The Three Latkes” by Eric A. Kimmel. Kar-Ben Publishing. 2021. English. Hardcover. 24 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1541588912.

When three Chanukah latkes fight over which of them tastes the best,

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