Sunday, July 05, 2020

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Children Not Listening Means I’m Not Listening

“The Garden of Emuna” by Rabbi Shalom Arush teaches me that nothing in my life happens by chance. Everything that is going on, good or the seemingly bad, is a message from Hashem. My children’s behavior is no exception. In “The Garden of Education,” Rabbi Arush elaborates that my children are my spiritual mirrors. My


Project S.A.R.A.H. Speaks About Protecting Our Children

Lately, it seems like whenever we turn on the news there’s another story about a Hollywood director, doctor or community member being accused of and indicted for sexual assault or abuse. And you know what? That’s a good thing. Sexual abuse is not a new phenomenon and it is not a growing epidemic. Sexual abuse has been happening


Why Higher SAT Scores Don’t Mean Boys Are Better at Math

When the College Board released data on the updated 2016 SAT, the results raised some hackles.

For more than 40 years, girls have consistently received lower test scores in math than boys on the SAT, a standardized assessment designed to measure reasoning skills and gauge preparedness for college. This


Camp Slapshots Eagerly Anticipates 16th Summer at New Yavneh Academy Location

Camp Slapshots, a religious sports day camp founded in 2003, is moving its base of operations to Yavneh Academy this year. Run by a staff dedicated to teaching life skills and the importance of sportsmanship, the camp is open to elementary and middle school boys entering third through eighth grade. With


New Matchmaking Initiative Launched for Modern Orthodox Singles

The Modern Orthodox communities of the West Side of Manhattan and Northern New Jersey have announced a new initiative, making available dynamic new programs for matching young Modern Orthodox professional men and women between the ages of 22 and 32.

The initiative, spearheaded by Steve Eisenberg of


Let Us Ascend to the Best Version of Ourselves

In last month’s column, NS shared with us the trials and tribulations and hopes and prayers of a parent of a child dealing with addiction issues. We were gratified to hear from readers who appreciated finally seeing some of what they’ve been feeling in print. It is important to share with our readers the understanding that


Warmed by Family Captured on Tape

In this frigid Northeast winter I had the warmth of family. Yes, I am an empty-nester times three, and my husband was off at work, but I spent the days inside rewinding, playing and burning old family VHS tapes onto DVDs. Finding myself right back in the moment, as I watched, I was clapping, smiling and enjoying special times of


Cybertalk: #Unfiltered

With children spending more and more time online, we’ve entered a new era in which teaching our young ones how to be safe online must become an integrated part of our parenting routine. Long gone are the days when the “stranger danger” talks at home and at school sufficed, although it is still relevant to our children’s safety.


From One Mother to Another

We’d like to thank NS for sharing this letter with us. We hope it will help others suffering with addiction in their family.

From one mother of an addict to another:

Follow these steps, then take out your siddur and pray.


The SAT: What Parents Need To Know

You’ve known this day was coming: Your high schooler is growing up, getting taller and beginning to think about what will happen after the 12th grade. College might seem far away, but it is never too early to begin considering important components of your student’s college application. One important factor in the college admissions


Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Holds JCC University Winter Registration

JCC University offers the opportunity for people to rekindle past passions, ignite new interests, meet new people and stay involved in the developments that shape today’s world. Top professors and experts present on topics ranging from literature, art and film to science, psychology and politics. The JCC is now taking enrollment


Shomrei Torah Table Tennis Winners Raise Funds For Bergen County Yeshivas