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Which Plane Are You On?

I was eagerly gearing up for my international trip. I planned on traveling to Europe and touring Greece. In order to prepare, I began studying the language of the country and researched the different sites I hoped to visit. I really wanted to be ready for all the new experiences, so I also started eating various Greek delicacies. I


Papercuts Art Show Closing November 24 at Stanton Street Shul

Stanton Street Shul, a historic and active synagogue on the Lower East Side, is hosting its latest art show: “The Pen and the Knife: Jewish Papercuts.” The show is running through this Sunday, November 24.

Papercutting has been a common Jewish art form since the Middle Ages, connected with various


That One Moment, and the Meaning We Give It

This is the story of two brothers. Not two biblical brothers, with opposing personalities and years of raging jealousy and trickery. Two ordinary brothers, six years apart in age, and miles apart in personality. As ordinary brothers are wont to do, sometimes they get along well, but most of the time, they get under each other’s


What Are the Chances?

My father’s 22nd yahrzeit fell on the weekend of a bar mitzvah we attended in Charlotte, North Carolina. While out of town on the occasion, it meant a lot to me to be at services celebrating another religious event.

The stained-glass windows of Temple Israel


Seven Steps to Mentchhood

Step #4

Part 2

פתח תפתח את ידך לאחיך לעניך ולאבינך בארצך

“Open your hand to your brother, to your poor and to the needy in your land.”

A Story of the Chafetz Chaim

Paraphrased from “Love Your Neighbor” by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, pp. 302-303.

When he


iDeclutter Shares Yard Sale Tips

In last month’s column, we left off with the cliffhanger question several of my clients have asked me: Now that we have purged so much from our rooms/house do we have enough to hold a yard sale?

To make a credible yard sale, you must have several components:


Lessons From a Life Coach

“What, exactly, is a life coach?” I get asked this question all the time. Sometimes I don’t actually get asked this… but rather receive a curious look when people hear of my new career path.

Many people think it is synonymous with a therapist. Others think that it’s a cheerleader.


Four family travel safety tips

 Are you planning a vacation with your family this year? Have you packed everything you need? If you are looking for some quick tips for a safe family vacation, you must read this article till the end. An ideal family vacation is one in which there’s no stress about what's happening back home and about the way the tour turns out to


929 English Launches New Podcast

(Courtesy of 929 English) 929 English, a non-profit aimed at creating a global Jewish conversation, has launched a new podcast. The 929 Podcast, hosted by Rabbi Adam Mintz, profiles influential and innovative figures from the 929 community and is geared toward everyone interested in learning more about the Jewish community and


Common Questions and Comments I Hear as an Organizer

1. “Do you do the same thing as that celebrity organizer, Marie Kondo?”

While Marie Kondo and I both have similar goals for our clients, we go about it with different methods. I truly appreciate the public’s fascination with Marie Kondo and how she introduced professional organizers to the


Facing Tefillah, Community and Family

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It is a time of reflection, a time of spirituality. For many people, tefillah, community and family feel like a warm embrace. To others, such as those experiencing infertility, these can feel more like a straitjacket.

I always ask my patients about their religious affiliation. Religion can be a tremendous comfort when someone is in


Seven Steps to Mentschhood

Step #4

Part 1

פתח תפתח את ידך

כי לא יחדל אביון מקרב הארץ על כן אנכי מצוך לאמר

פתח תפתח את ידך לאחיך לעניך

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