Saturday, October 31, 2020

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For These Are Our Lives

אלו דברים שאדם אוכל פירותיהם בעולם הזה והקרן קיימת לעולם הבא: ואלו הן, כיבוד אב ואם, וגמילות חסדים, והשכמת בית המדרש שחרית וערבית, והכנסת אורחים, וביקור חולים, והכנסת כלה, ולוית המת,


Label What You’re Leaving

This cleaning marathon I’ve been on has me reacquainting myself with a wide variety of once hidden family treasures. It all started during the lockdown to combat the world coronavirus pandemic, which coincided with the time for an extensive spring/Passover cleaning.


Seven Steps to Mentschhood

Step #6

Part 2

דרכיה דרכי נועם וכל נתיבותיה שלום

The ways of the Torah are ways of pleasantness and all its pathways are peace.

(Mishlei 3:17)


Maxwell House Haggadahs and Latkes Mi'Dor L'Dor

Last week we celebrated Passover in a new way. For the first time, we sat alone at the Seders due to social distancing policies imposed by the government. We shared the rest of the eight day holiday with only those living in our home. As usual, however, our Seders were conducted using the highly


Things I Look Forward to Before Pesach

As a Jewish organizer, there are a few events I look forward to each year between Purim and Pesach.

I. One of my favorite services that I offer my Jewish clients is to carry away their shaimos. Shaimos may be defined as holy writings or objects that are no longer needed or


How to Keep Kids Safe Online

The internet can be a dangerous place for kids. What can start off as an innocent YouTube video viewing session can rapidly devolve. With so many links, suggested videos, and active users there to lure kids away from safe viewing material and into the darker, scarier portions of the web,


Children and Divorce: Religious Decision-Making After the Split

Within the Jewish community, which includes numerous levels and nuances of observance, children are sometimes raised with the tacit understanding that their parents may eventually leave not only the marriage, but also their level of religious observance or even the religion. This creates difficult-to-navigate issues regarding the


A Community United

If there was ever something to be thankful for, it’s for being part of this amazingly tight-knit Jewish community. Yes, that might be the reason why COVID-19 spread so fast among us, but it is certainly also the reason that after only two hours post isolation, I found myself part of an enormous group of parents navigating this uncertainty


Cultivating Creativity at the Shabbat Table

A research study asked 1,500 kindergarten children to come up with many different uses for paper clips, and 98% of children scored in the genius range on this task. When these same children were given the same task at intervals through elementary, middle and high school, their creativity ranking fell remarkably. As we age and become


Seven Steps to Mentschhood

Step #6, Part I

The ways of the Torah are ways of pleasantness and all its pathways are peace. (Mishlei 3:17)

We have learned which behaviors are right and which are wrong and when we must do even more for others than the law requires. We now turn to an even more


Seven Steps to Mentschhood, Step #5 Part 3

Step #5

Part 3

ועשית הישר והטוב בעיני ה׳

“You shall do what is right and what is good in the eyes of Hashem…”

Step # 5 teaches the importance of going beyond the


Addiction Is a Disability

February is Jewish disabilities awareness and inclusion month (JDAIM). Substance abuse and addiction, including alcohol and other drugs and chemicals, is very much a disability and as such, should also be discussed this month.

Lisa Lisser is a Jewish educator working toward a certificate in spiritual