Monday, June 05, 2023

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Honey Pots and Tzedaka Boxes

A brief PSA (Public Service Announcement): I want to begin by sharing a thought from one of my favorite Torah Anytime speakers, Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwarz. She said that whenever we host our children and grandchildren, we should realize how fortunate we are to be together with our family. We can make a


Five Devastating Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction, Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Substance abuse and mental health are linked because the psychological effects of drug addiction, including alcohol, cause changes in your body and brain. A careful balance of chemicals keeps the cogs turning inside your body, and even the smallest change can cause you to experience negative symptoms. Because the risk


Teaneck’s Styler Family Preps for Aliyah

Newlyweds Tzvi and Michelle Styler will join his parents, Drs. Steven and Marianne Styler, as they fulfill their dream of living in Yerushalayim.

On August 21, at 6 p.m., gathered guests will witness the culmination of years of love and dedication, sensitivity and


Overcoming the Fear of Rehab for Addiction

Fear is the first hurdle to overcoming addiction. It’s a powerful emotion that can stop you from even contemplating recovery. Common fears in recovery reflect those we all know: fear of change, abandonment, sickness or pain and loss of identity or purpose. Facing these fears while removing a substance you’ve come to rely on is a scary


How We Communicate

Couples in Crisis

It is a fundamental premise in hypnotherapy that the brain can record indefinitely every event perceived by the individual throughout his/her life and these recordings are stored away essentially unaltered. Not only are the past events themselves recorded but also associated feelings


Nurses to the Rescue

Have you ever needed to go around the rules in order to accomplish something? I have, and here’s my story…

Recently a couple hired me to clear out the husband’s father’s assisted-living apartment. They had no interest in any of the contents except for a computer. My job was to find


Five Reasons Why Marijuana Is the New Alcohol

Marijuana is quickly becoming the drug of choice for young adults and professionals alike. From comical brand puns to carnival-like flavors to the medicinal use of marijuana, what was once a shunned illicit drug is almost as popular as the Kardashians. Access to marijuana comes easily, too—as do the addictive


How We Communicate: Shana Rishona Counseling

Disillusionment is a common factor for most married couples. Soon after the wedding couples often tell me that the person they married is not the same person they thought they married.

What is disillusionment? Psychopharmacologists have learned that couples in love have high levels of natural hormones


Honestly Speaking

There I was cleaning out every nook and cranny of a large apartment no one had lived in for several years. I started in the bedroom filled to capacity with large, old, stately pieces of furniture. Each piece of furniture had many drawers. Each drawer was filled with clothes, scarves, small boxes and envelopes. Papers seemed to


Ride of a Lifetime

On May 15, 2022 I had a dream realized, but that is not the story. Imagine growing up with a father who worked hard all of his life (as most parents do), and never feeling that you had a special moment—one that would be emblazoned in your mind for eternity.

On this


Happily Ever After

Part I

Once upon a time when one heard the phrase “They got married and …” an internal cue would prompt the words “they lived happily ever after.” But those associations took place when we were younger and the memory of Cinderella and other fairy tales still endured in our


How We Communicate

The Anger Addict

Everyone gets angry occasionally; it is a basic human emotion that we express when we are faced with frustrations and emotional hurt out of our control. At times anger can be constructive as it motivates us to get things done. However, that last quality is

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