Friday, May 29, 2020

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Who Did I Sleep with Last Night?

I know that sentence could be part of a movie where every guy is referred to as dude and each one would be comfortable at the frat house getting drunk on beer. By the way, as you may know, I am married. I also know that adultery makes God’s top-10 list of commandments. However, I still want to know who did I sleep with last night?

My boys are not babies. 7


Parent Accountability: The Impetus Behind Academic Excellence

When did society forget that a child’s first teacher is his parent? As a novice kindergarten teacher balancing first year navigations with completing my masters, it had been drummed into our collective heads that although it seemed the children were in our care for an infinite amount of time, in truth the majority of the day is spent away from


The Power of the Unanswered Prayer

Bing! It’s the middle of the day and my iPhone lights up, notifying me that an email has just arrived. I glance at the screen and see that it is from my children’s school—more specifically, from the nurse. My heart drops. This can only mean one thing: something contagious. Lice.

Please be advised that someone in your child’s class is being treated


Some Kind of Mouse

My son, Daniel, came home with a gerbil the other day. These kids pick up the weirdest things in school.

Yes, his morah sent it home. It turns out that if you’re in second grade, sometimes the teacher keeps a pet of some sort in the classroom to teach the kids about life. And also death. Mostly death. But also for teaching them about life, the main lesson


Three Gifts You Can Give Your Daughter

From the moment a child is born, parents tell him or her about the wondrous workings of the world around them. Hopefully, they already begin building a trusting relationship through every verbal and non-verbal communication and interaction. Among the many wonders of the world that parents introduce to their children, parents are usually the earliest source and


Teaching Our Children to Be Good Marriage Partners

We all are very diligent in trying to help our children choose the right spouse. If we are arranging a shidduch for our child, we investigate very carefully, questioning the shadchan, calling whoever might be able to provide information, and trying to decide if it’s worth meeting the person. If they do meet, we try to get as many details as possible about how the


Chewing Gum and Migraines in Teens

Maybe it’s not only teachers who get a headache from their students’ lip smacking, bubble popping and gum cracking. Dr. Nathan Watemberg of Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, Israel has evidence that gum-chewing teenagers, and younger children as well, may be giving themselves a pain in the head. His small study focused on child and adolescent gum-chewers



We are not allowed to hit our children—even if they deserve it. When we punish them, it needs to be politically correct: Time outs, taking away their electronic devices, no TV, etc., etc. My kids will tell you that I am not so good on the follow through, surprise, surprise. Though, I will confess that after being totally fed up with finding open water bottles


The Emancipation of the Guinea Pig

Several months ago, I wrote a column about my daughter wanting to get a pet as a birthday present (although I did not want one), and after weighing much of our options, we ended up with a low-maintenance guinea pig.

The conditions for having this pet were: I do nothing, she does everything. You want to enjoy this pet? You also need to care for it. This


It’s All About Communication

A recent article in The Jewish Link entitled “Unconsummated” addressed the prevalence of unconsummated marriages in the Jewish world and some of the reasons that contribute to this unfortunate start to new marriages. In reading the article, what becomes evident is that proactive intervention is critical both to preventing the issue from happening to begin with and



When our children are little and their teeth begin to fall out, they learn about the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy is a magical creature that gently flutters into their rooms when they are sleeping; retrieves the tiny tooth and replaces it with some sort of monetary compensation. What the Tooth Fairy leaves under the pillow usually depends upon what the Tooth


Negotiating the Impossible Turns in Life

Sometimes life deals us great difficulty. For people who are very sensitive about certain things, they would probably have a great deal of trouble handling even things that are not so challenging. Most of us, however, would handle it the way we handle most things. For people who are functioning well, that means looking at the situation, trying to figure out what caused