Friday, August 06, 2021

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Practice Self Care During Stressful Times

As you may expect, COVID-19 has been accompanied by a significant uptick in mental health concerns in many ways, in virtually all affected populations. Increases in anxiety and depression, with their associated feelings of loneliness, sadness and general negative state of mind, are abundant. These are related to the illness itself—fear of


OTs Do Things Differently

It was my 12th-grade class trip that firmed up my decision to become an occupational therapist. An incident with a classmate with muscular difficulties that I was able to help showed me exactly what I wanted to become. I loved that occupational therapy (OT) is a profession that, while based on science, prides itself on thinking outside the


Marijuana Legalized in New Jersey. So Now What Do We Do?

As of Election Day this year, marijuana usage and sale has been legalized in New Jersey. Whether we voted for it or not, it’s a done deal. And so the question is, now what?

Many of us are still in shock; it would have been one thing to decriminalize the use of marijuana, which some of us could


Waiting Patiently on the Sidelines

“As a parent you are as happy as your most unhappy child. It was so hard sitting on the sidelines watching our children struggle. We saw their pain and anguish. And we wanted to make it go away. We wanted them to have a child so badly, and knowing that there was nothing we could do to make it happen was devastating. It felt like just


Prepping for Meal Prep

I am considering learning a new skill. Okay, I mean besides Instagram. I would like to learn the art of meal prepping, or as it is referred to across the pond, “batch cooking.”

Meal prepping is cooking one or more large meals to store in your freezer in portions for future meals


Family Travel Without Leaving Home

Maybe it’s raining or it’s snowing. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you are COVID-parenting these days and responsibly social distancing. The children are starting to whine that they want to go somewhere! SOMEWHERE? But where? Well, how about telling the children, “OK, let’s go to Israel” or “Let’s go to India. Quick, Elie,


Thanks to Corona Lockdown Enforcement, Woman Freed From Get-Refusing Husband

(Courtesy of Ohr Torah Stone) Thanks in large part to a police checkpoint set up to identify people breaking Israel’s ongoing lockdown, a man who had been refusing his wife’s request for a Jewish divorce was arrested and soon thereafter consented to her request.

The wife had filed for divorce over


The New Casual

A current TV commercial (I don’t actually remember what was being advertised) depicts a lively, attractive 20-something woman, dressed in a conservative top, getting ready in the morning. We see her pick up a lipstick, pause, and decide not to apply it to her lips. She then walks outside to a large porch and


Anger: What Lies Beneath

Anger is complicated. When an individual feels angry, he tends to express this experience with destructive behavior—whether it’s physically destructive (i.e., breaking things) or emotionally destructive (i.e., making hurtful comments). The response by others is often focused on this external behavior. Like post-hurricane efforts, the


In All Things It Wasn’t, It Was

The end of the pandemic summer found us scrounging for a quick family vacation before school started, a desire that stemmed from endless months of sheltering in place and feeling trapped. Of feeling like we missed opportunities to celebrate, to travel, to connect, to explore. Of watching time pass by from the inside of our four walls. Since


Chagim, Infertility and Friendship

Here they were facing another year with empty arms. The conflicting emotions of intense pain for another year gone by without the fulfillment of their most fervent dream and hope for the future. Another year of failed cycles. Another year of being different. Another year of infertility ruling their lives. Another year in which everyone


The Journey

Sara and Jeremy were excited to grow their family.

Here they were, married for a little over a year. They were adults, yet still so young. They expected life to be easier, as it appeared to be for all their friends. Birth announcements, bris invites, simchat bats and meal train emails seemed to be

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