Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Everything You Never, Ever Wanted to Know About Lice

I bet you are getting itchy just reading the headline.

But since September is Lice Awareness Month, it seems only right to address the issue now.

Lice are parasitic insects that are generally found on people’s heads (but also, very rarely,


Don’t Waste an Opportunity

If my column was an episode of the sitcom “Friends,” this one would be called “The one about the organizer who collected a carful of hazardous waste.” What? Do my readers want to read about hazardous waste? Let’s define hazardous waste and you’ll understand why we do not want to toss it in with our


The Impact of Smartphone Use on Our Children

I was in the mood for a big, juicy burger, and talked my husband into taking me to an upscale hamburger joint for dinner. While we were enjoying our appetizers and drinks, a young family of four sat down at the table next to us. From the moment they sat down, the young boys, approximately 6 and 8 years old, pulled out their electronic


From the Mothering Archives

The kids climbed into my van, chatty and glad to be out of school for the day. I checked to make sure my book was still in the console next to me. My daughter Maddy, age 9, usually held her own with my friend’s two boys, Jordan, 11; and Jeffrey, 7. The 25-minute ride began and the volume of their banter gradually increased until genuine


Make Space for Blessings

I am a curious person by nature and love to learn more about people’s stories. I found myself wondering about my friend Gayle Gruenberg, CEO of Let’s Get Organized, LGO for short, a multi-person professional organizing company. I admire her courage in expanding her business from a solopreneurship to a business with an


Insights From the Outside: My YU Experience

Having lived in New York for three years, I have been blessed with experiences, opportunities, disappointments and achievements that have taught me more about myself and the world around me than I could have ever dreamed of. I came to New York unaware of how many lessons my time here would teach me. I leave it still trying


A Special Graduation From a Unique School

On June 15, The Springboard School held a beautiful graduation. As each graduating student put on their cap and accepted their diploma, and as each returning student clapped for their friends, the staff and parents were filled with enormous pride. Each of these students has come a long way during a difficult time.


How Much Is Your Child Worth to You?

(Courtesy of PUAH) If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had this conversation at some point:

Child: How much am I worth to you?

You: Sweetie, more than all the money in the world.

Child: You mean you wouldn’t even


Making the Golden Years Count

In the June 3, 2021 issue of the Star-Ledger, there were two news items of interest:

—Felix Breedy, age 76, has a part-time job of umpiring baseball games that take place all over Northern New Jersey. The games are usually on a high school level. On the week in question, Mr. Breedy had already umpired


Principled Parenting: The Virtue of a Principle-Driven Life, Part III

Conducting Your Family Meeting

Several years ago a colleague challenged me to contemplate the following scenario: “If you had only one day left, what would you teach your students?” Thankfully I never had to make such an ominous decision, but it certainly made me think hard about


First Came Love, Then Came Marriage...

Miriam Ivry and Daniel Nasimov, Touro College of
Dental Medicine ’21, reflect on meeting each other in dental school.

(Courtesy of Touro College) It all started with a late-night group study session in the fourth-floor student lounge


My Friend’s Husband Is So Much Better Than Mine!

Dear Chani,

I have been struggling with a bad feeling for around two years. It started when new neighbors moved in a few doors away from us. At first, I felt very lucky to have such wonderful people living on our block. But as our children became good friends and we had more to do with each other, I

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