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Over the years, I’ve frequently had occasion to consider the act of lying. I myself sometimes told lies when telling the truth was probably a better possibility. For instance, when asked in class if someone knew the answer to a particular question, I either didn’t respond or even claimed not to know because I’d rather say I didn’t know than risk


THE I-LIST: The Israel Cheat Sheet for American Students and Travelers

JERUSALEM—As July ends and Elul begins, a new group of American students will make their way to Israel for their gap year in Yeshiva or Seminary. These young adults will leave everything they know behind to take a break from the outside world and spend time connecting to themselves and Judaism. It also means taking a break from their comfortable


Handwriting and Our Children

One of the most common reason for children aged 5-8 to be referred for an Occupational Therapy evaluation is due to handwriting. In most of these situations, the children are having difficulty with issues such as legibility, completing their work (mostly due to lack of endurance) and many children are avoiding writing activities altogether. Our community is blessed


Dear Rabbi Sam: Shul or Home?

Dear Rabbi Sam,

My husband and I are at odds about what to do with our 5-year-old son regarding shul. Our other boys (aged 7, 9, and 13) started going to shulwhen they were his age. He does not want to go to shul, and so he is all alone with me when all the others boys leave for shul. He is not happy and mopes around. I



My son was texting me last night about how he is the only kid in his bunk without a smart phone. My response was that I am also the only kid in my bunk without a smart phone. When people include me in mms’s (which, unfortunately, is not m&m’s, but a group text) I cannot open them on my grandma flip phone. Not only can I not open them, but for the rest of


The Playdate

“So, you’ll take BR to the playdate,” my wife asked or rather said.

“Uhh, I guess so. I wish you would get your license already.”

“I will. I will. Anyway, you’ll take him.”

“Yeah, fine like I have a choice. Do I have to stay? What’s the proper etiquette?”

“You’ll play it by ear.”

“So if the person


Joining Together: My Child Has No Peer Group?

Consider the following scenario: David, a 10-year-old boy, runs home from school one day and shouts that he very much wants to start taking karate lessons. Here is the conversation between David and his mother:

David: Mom, I really want to start taking karate lessons. It is so cool and I already know three other boys in my class that are taking


How to Choose the Proper Footwear for Your Child

The seasons change; there is a special occasion; your child’s feet are growing; he/she just started walking; there are many exciting and everyday reasons to purchase new shoes. However, the purpose of shoes is to cushion, support and protect feet.  When feet are not properly supported, they cannot withstand the load they bear.  This may cause gait


“You Were Here First....”

As I was about to leave the hospital after giving birth to my son, my doctor entered my room (and I have to tell you, this wonderful doctor who had delivered my son, had delivered me 22 years earlier and, in those days of “G.P.’s” had been my only doctor since), put his hands on my shoulders, looked at me closely, and said, “remember Nancy, you were here first;


Would You Like A Closer Relationship With Your Teenage Son?

If you are reading this right now, then the answer is probably yes, or you know someone who is having difficulty with their teenage son and maybe you can offer them some constructive advice after reading this article.

The word teenagepresumes your son has become a bar mitzvah, regardless if the event was accompanied by a ceremony or celebration. To


The Crier

Every early childhood graduation has one.  One crier.  One anxious, uncertain child.  One kid who finds it utterly impossible to get up on stage.  This is my child.

This year it was his Kindergarten graduation.  In the past two years’ of nursery celebrations, my son, “J” had been overwhelmed by emotion simply by walking down the aisle that


Strengthening Your Hands Can Be Fun

Many people incorrectly assume that Occupational Therapy is a field that focuses predominantly on fine motor skills. More specifically, the muscles of the hands. In our past articles, we have given you a taste of many of the areas included in the scope of Occupational Therapy (OT) including crawling and early gross motor development, participation in play,

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