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A Special Guest

When my husband and I moved into our home in Bergenfield 14 years ago with two small children, our home seemed huge. Now with a larger family, thank G-d, it does not seem quite as big. And who would have thought that an unexpected visitor would eventually turn into a resident in our home and require his own room too...!!

I am referring to someone who used to


The Many Faces of Corey

People are complicated.  What we do is even more complex. What you see isn’t always what you get, even though society tries to tell us that. I recently read about the death of Corey Monteith from the hit show Glee. His demise was a shock to many people, especially those who had grown so comfortable with his character on the show. I spoke to a lot of people about it,


Timing in the Brain

Temporal processing is the rate at which one processes auditory information. Most of the actions the brain performs on a daily basis, such as perceiving, speaking, motor movement and driving a car, require timing on the scale of tens to hundreds of milliseconds. Understanding the timing of events, such as a motor act followed by a sensory consequence, is critical for


Oh No! My Child is Scared!

Recently, 9-year-old Joseph has been screaming whenever his parents try to leave him at home with the babysitter. Furthermore, Joseph’s parents realize that Joseph will not leave them alone in the house! If his parents go upstairs, Joseph will run upstairs after them. If his parents go downstairs, Joseph will rush downstairs and follow them in and out of each room.


Social Skills: It’s Not Just About Manners

Mind your manners. Be polite. Practice good etiquette. Many people think these are the hallmarks of good social skills. Social skills, in fact, are the tools we use to help us get along with others, as well as forming and maintaining relationships. While these skills come naturally to some, many children struggle to relate to others in meaningful ways.



Raising Your Sensory Child - Part 3

So you say your child has sensory processing difficulties? In our previous articles we have discussed various suggestions related to setting boundaries and limits for your child as well as using visual schedules all to help you and your child get through the day. When it comes down to it though, if your child has sensory processing difficulties, you are likely in need


Fresh Start: Back To School & The Jewish New Year

I’m pretty sure that there’s a place in hell where the really bad people are trapped in a shoe store with hordes of short people who whine “Mommy” at them— forever.There is a certain dread that fills my being at the end of every summer as we begin our back to school shopping. The shoe store is my least favorite stop on the long road we take each


The Interplay of Private and Subsidized Therapy

Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are provided in many different settings. Therapy for children can be in an inpatient or outpatient facility, as well as in a school setting or natural setting (home or daycare). There are three models of therapy services which differ in their eligibility, treatment settings and goals. The three models are the early


Marriage and the Holidays

I have given much thought to this piece. Some of you might not like it. Some of you might not understand it. But, I felt that it had to be written. What I have come to learn over the past 18 years of marriage is that the High Holiday season sometimes does not seem too high and feels like it lasts way longer than any season. I think it is because we all believe, deep,


Back to School Battles. And Supplies. 

I enjoy shopping, but only when it’s done alone. Add someone else to the mix, and the level of fun decreases by 30 percent. Add some kids, and you have a recipe for a form of punishment.

And so, when my kids happily pawed through the circulars that boasted school supplies at ridiculously discounted prices, they begged to be allowed to come along on this


Bully Bully

In writing this article about “bullying,” I remembered—or thought I remembered—the title to a song, “Bully, Bully.” In checking it on Google, I discovered the song was “Woolly Bully,” just another song whose lyrics, though I enjoyed the song very much, I got it wrong! And while my singing the wrong lyrics to a song is most amusing to those who hear me,


Backpacks and Back Pain

A backpack is probably the most important school supply you can buy for your child. Your children will transport schoolwork, homework, snacks, lunch and toys that are important to themin their backpacks, often overstuffing them. Many of these items need to be carried on a daily basis and can cause a heavy load for the child, with recent literature supporting a

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