Thursday, February 02, 2023

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To Each His Own

In Parshat Toldotwe read the story of Yaakov and Esav. Yaakov— Ish tam yoshev ohalim, the one who is destined to be one of the Avot, father of the Shvatimfor which the Jewish people will be named. And then we have Esav—his twin brother, a highly deceptive individual, who prefers to spend his days out and about hunting animals.


Can Mindfulness Help My Child?

What is mindfulness? It is specific attention to the present. It is actively observing one’s own thoughts and feelings, without passing judgment on them as either good or bad. It is purposefully noticing some aspect of one’s environment, internal or external. While mindfulness is based on Eastern mediation practices, it is not a religious practice or


Birthdays and the Art of Giving

My daughter’s sixth birthday is next week. She recently asked me why I forgot to make her a birthday party last year. My heart sank, as I didn’t think she actually remembered! Last year we had a birthday party for her friends in school, she had a special birthday dinner at home with cake and candles and she was showered with gifts from her grandparents, aunts and


Bermuda Triangle

I will not be writing about my fabulous vacation to Bermuda. That is probably because I have never been to Bermuda—though I am hoping to go to Bermuda, hint, hint. The issue at hand is one that is much more serious. The issue at hand is the vortex in each of our homes that sucks in items that become missing. It starts when our children are little and they lose their


Seventeen Years

Seventeen years ago, in addition to weighing enough to qualify for heavy weight boxing status, I became a mom. Two weeks late, 22 hours and 30 minutes of labor, facing the wrong way, skinny as a noodle (which he remains to this day) out comes son #1…I was so exhausted that instead of looking at his bright eyes and thinking “I love this child,” all I could think


Sukkot Sentiments

I have always attempted to instill in my children a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage. As a Jew living in America, I want my children to be comfortable and confident with their Jewish identity. It goes beyond sending them to yeshiva day schools and Jewish overnight camps. The ultimate goal is for my kids to feel fulfilled in their spiritual and cultural


What to Wear?

It was Erev Sukkot when I realized I had spent too much time menu planning, food shopping, decorating the sukkah and baking, and had neglected to buy my kids new clothing for the holidays. Since Rosh Hashanah was still in the summer, the kids happily wore their sandals and summer clothing, but somewhere during that one-day-of-school they had, it became fall, and I


A Special Guest

When my husband and I moved into our home in Bergenfield 14 years ago with two small children, our home seemed huge. Now with a larger family, thank G-d, it does not seem quite as big. And who would have thought that an unexpected visitor would eventually turn into a resident in our home and require his own room too...!!

I am referring to someone who used to


The Many Faces of Corey

People are complicated.  What we do is even more complex. What you see isn’t always what you get, even though society tries to tell us that. I recently read about the death of Corey Monteith from the hit show Glee. His demise was a shock to many people, especially those who had grown so comfortable with his character on the show. I spoke to a lot of people about it,


Timing in the Brain

Temporal processing is the rate at which one processes auditory information. Most of the actions the brain performs on a daily basis, such as perceiving, speaking, motor movement and driving a car, require timing on the scale of tens to hundreds of milliseconds. Understanding the timing of events, such as a motor act followed by a sensory consequence, is critical for


Oh No! My Child is Scared!

Recently, 9-year-old Joseph has been screaming whenever his parents try to leave him at home with the babysitter. Furthermore, Joseph’s parents realize that Joseph will not leave them alone in the house! If his parents go upstairs, Joseph will run upstairs after them. If his parents go downstairs, Joseph will rush downstairs and follow them in and out of each room.


Social Skills: It’s Not Just About Manners

Mind your manners. Be polite. Practice good etiquette. Many people think these are the hallmarks of good social skills. Social skills, in fact, are the tools we use to help us get along with others, as well as forming and maintaining relationships. While these skills come naturally to some, many children struggle to relate to others in meaningful ways.


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