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‘Space: The Final Frontier’—A Play in Four Acts

Act I.The curtain rises on a home with three to seven bedrooms. Two actors portraying parents are looking on as one child leaves to go away to school; one child, who has a steady job, is leaving to live on his/her own; and yet another child is leaving to get married.


Trauma and Addiction: Tools to Overcome Both

(Courtesy of Recovery at the Crossroads)


How Are Trauma and Addiction Related?

There are numerous comparable connections between trauma and addiction, the first of which often occurs early


Next Year in Jerusalem

Military records indicate that Wolf (aka Velvel) Alterovich Temnogorod was born in 1899 in Starokonstantinov, Ukraine. Velvel, my granduncle, married in 1927 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. He was the father of two daughters.

His descendants informed me that one of the


The Other Haman

I met Jacob Muller in Nowy Sacz, my father’s hometown. My brother and I had planned to accompany him there in 1986. The prospect didn’t excite us but it pleased him enormously and it pleased us enormously to honor his long-held wish.

A month before the date of departure, our robust, energetic



My grandmother talked to God a lot. It’s evident from the letter she sent to my grandfather in 1911. Or was it 1912? Read on.

My father was born in the Pale of Settlement in Eastern Europe on February 14, 1911. That date is questionable, depending on whether you’re looking at the Julian or


Howard Glasser Reveals His Passion for Helping Intense Children Shine

A professional’s dress is one measure of his or her credibility, but sometimes dress is disproportionately valued as a barometer of influence. Were prominent mental health professionals to be ranked as such, Howard Glasser would not be a front runner. He doesn’t go the power suit route, and runway haircuts would be


Routines That Promote Sobriety

(Courtesy of Recovery at the Crossroads)   After drug or substance abuse treatment, the early recovery phase is an exciting and challenging time. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of changing most of your old habits. However, when you go home after addiction treatment, it’s important to


Now Arriving at the Station

For several decades, Americans have treasured their morning coffee ritual. Not only do we look to our mug of coffee to wake us up, but also to set the tone of our day. In recent years, creating our perfect cup of coffee has become more nuanced. For instance, instead of a choice of sugar or Sweet’N Low to sweeten our coffee, we deliberate over sugar, Sugar in


Fun Things to Do in New Jersey: Dreamscape at AMC

At the Garden State Plaza Mall, my good friend Jared Benjamin and I embarked to see AMC’s latest innovation, a fully immersed virtual reality (VR) movie. AMC has partnered with Dreamscape, an entertainment company founded by Walter Parkes, a DreamWorks legend and Hollywood producer of blockbusters including “Men in Black”


News About Midlife Resilience

We know that we midlifers are resilient. We have been through a lot. We have raised children, built careers, and experienced financial and health setbacks. We have had failures, too, and made comebacks during our decades as adults.

COVID taught us, too, that we can deal. Despite illness all around us and


Picture (Almost) Perfect

I used to think it takes specialized talent to create an attractive wall grouping—or any grouping at all. In my memory, some of my parents’ friends’ homes were extremely formal and well-decorated, although reviewing those memories now, maybe the homes were over-decorated. Their walls were covered with


Ten Effective Ways to Cope With Alcohol Withdrawal

(Courtesy of Recovery at the Crossroads) You’re here because you want to know how to deal with alcohol withdrawal. Deciding to stop drinking is a great decision, but quitting cold turkey isn’t always the best choice. During alcohol detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms

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