Monday, July 04, 2022

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When I Grow Up

I went through many phases of “what I wanted to be when I grow up.” Loved dogs, so thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. Don’t love math and science, so I realized that dream was shattered. Loved drawing(I can draw a seriously mean bowl of fruit courtesy of art class at the Fair Lawn High School summer program), but had no aspirations of being Manet, so


Pet Peeve

I am not a big fan of animals. I don’t really have the time to dedicate to grooming, cleaning, buying supplies, or feeding them, and I definitely don’t like that they’re a breeding ground for germs. But my daughter desperately wants a pet, much to my dismay. She has been petitioning for one for several months now, and I made the mistake of offering to get her any


Dirshu Publishes 6th Volume of Mishna Berurah

“It is the best Yom Tov gift that I could have gotten!” That is the way one prominent talmid chachamexpressed his joy at the release of Chelek Vavof the Dirshu Mishna Berurah. Indeed, the release of the new Chelek Vavof the Dirshu Mishna Berurahin the summer, before the onset of Rosh Chodesh


I Don’t Like My Kids’ Friends

Consider the following exchange between Jack and his mother:

Jack:I would really like to go to Brian’s house for a sleepover. A few other kids in the class will be going as well.

Mother: Well, I don’t really like Brian so much! I don’t like it when you guys are together!

Jack: Why, what are you talking about? He is a really good friend of


Guilty For Punishing

Dear Rabbi Sam,

I am a single mom with two teenage sons, ages 15 and 18.  My problem is that my oldest son who only recently received his driver’s license, came home late, beyond our agreed upon curfew, two days in a row.

There is always an excuse why he didn’t get home on time, but he doesn’t take responsibility for


The Ins and Outs of Bicycle Riding

Summer is a great opportunity for parents and children to spend time together without having to worry about completing homework.  This time can be spent teaching your child to ride a bicycle.  Once learned, it is a skill that is never forgotten.  In the past, a parent would hold the bike while the child tried to learn to balance and pedal simultaneously. 



I did not go to sleep away camp. Well, truthfully, my parents sent me once. It was the summer after eighth grade, when apparently girls are at their very meanest, and I went to Camp Hillel (of blessed memory) for the second month.

In the olden days, camp wasn’t like it is now. You either went the first month or the whole summer, not just the second month.


Bad Parent vs. Good Parent; Who Are We To Judge?

In the early stages of my parenting, when my first child was a young baby, I recall waiting in the pediatrician’s office in our former community.  I was feeling quite smug about my decision to breastfeed, and even smugger about the choices that I’d made that I considered healthy and wholesome. My baby was only allowed to eat whole-grain snacks, and I made sure to



Over the years, I’ve frequently had occasion to consider the act of lying. I myself sometimes told lies when telling the truth was probably a better possibility. For instance, when asked in class if someone knew the answer to a particular question, I either didn’t respond or even claimed not to know because I’d rather say I didn’t know than risk


THE I-LIST: The Israel Cheat Sheet for American Students and Travelers

JERUSALEM—As July ends and Elul begins, a new group of American students will make their way to Israel for their gap year in Yeshiva or Seminary. These young adults will leave everything they know behind to take a break from the outside world and spend time connecting to themselves and Judaism. It also means taking a break from their comfortable


Handwriting and Our Children

One of the most common reason for children aged 5-8 to be referred for an Occupational Therapy evaluation is due to handwriting. In most of these situations, the children are having difficulty with issues such as legibility, completing their work (mostly due to lack of endurance) and many children are avoiding writing activities altogether. Our community is blessed


Dear Rabbi Sam: Shul or Home?

Dear Rabbi Sam,

My husband and I are at odds about what to do with our 5-year-old son regarding shul. Our other boys (aged 7, 9, and 13) started going to shulwhen they were his age. He does not want to go to shul, and so he is all alone with me when all the others boys leave for shul. He is not happy and mopes around. I

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