Thursday, February 02, 2023

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Positioning Your Baby

It has been nine months since Hurricane Sandy and there has been a significant increase in births. The media are attributing it to the power outages and inability to resume normal life during Hurricane Sandy. Whatever the reason may be, lots of babies are expected to be born this summer.

In preparation for a new baby, parents often go out and


Bright Beginnings: Partnering With Your Child For Academic Success

As the school year begins, parents are often confronted with mixed emotions. The excitement and optimism of new beginnings can at times be challenged by the many questions and uncertainties that surround the academic experience. Some questions may include:

How will my child deal with new academic surroundings?

How do I know that my child will be happy


Study Shmuddy

The Mayo Clinic just came out with a study that drinking more than 4-6 cups of coffee a day could shorten the length of your life. Now, I do not know the specifics of this study, just what my friends on Good Day New York were telling me. People under the age of 55 should not drink so much coffee. They could die. From nothing specific, but it’s not good.  I think


From Swimming Pools To Classroom Rules

I received a note from my nine-year-old son in sleep away camp this summer, which read as follows, “Dear Imma, I caught two turtles and a snake but don’t worry, I washed my hands. Please buy me Berry Captain Crunch. Love, AJ.”

As I read this letter, I relished in parental glee, thrilled that my son was enjoying the great outdoors and having fun as a


Raising Your “Sensory Child”

Raising a child in today’s world has many challenges. Issues such as tantrums, sibling rivalry, childhood illnesses, technology, peer pressure, and others are matters that all parents have to deal with from time to time. Many parents have the good fortune of having family members, friends or even professionals to turn to when they have questions about parenting or


My Child is Not Motivated, YIKES!!!!

Reuven, a 6 thgrader, is assigned a school project. He comes home and tells his mother about the project:

Reuven: “Today, I received a very hard English project. My teacher said that it is due on Monday! I really don’t think that I will be able to do it.”

Mother: “Reuven, of course you can do it! This is very similar to the assignment


The Magic of “No”

Any reader who has attended one of my parenting workshops will be surprised to hear me touting the word no. My usual mantra, after all, is “never say ‘no’ when you can say ‘yes’.” I still maintain this “golden rule” because I find that many parents say noautomatically and give a negative answer inasmuch as, usually, that’s the


When I Grow Up

I went through many phases of “what I wanted to be when I grow up.” Loved dogs, so thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. Don’t love math and science, so I realized that dream was shattered. Loved drawing(I can draw a seriously mean bowl of fruit courtesy of art class at the Fair Lawn High School summer program), but had no aspirations of being Manet, so


Pet Peeve

I am not a big fan of animals. I don’t really have the time to dedicate to grooming, cleaning, buying supplies, or feeding them, and I definitely don’t like that they’re a breeding ground for germs. But my daughter desperately wants a pet, much to my dismay. She has been petitioning for one for several months now, and I made the mistake of offering to get her any


Dirshu Publishes 6th Volume of Mishna Berurah

“It is the best Yom Tov gift that I could have gotten!” That is the way one prominent talmid chachamexpressed his joy at the release of Chelek Vavof the Dirshu Mishna Berurah. Indeed, the release of the new Chelek Vavof the Dirshu Mishna Berurahin the summer, before the onset of Rosh Chodesh


I Don’t Like My Kids’ Friends

Consider the following exchange between Jack and his mother:

Jack:I would really like to go to Brian’s house for a sleepover. A few other kids in the class will be going as well.

Mother: Well, I don’t really like Brian so much! I don’t like it when you guys are together!

Jack: Why, what are you talking about? He is a really good friend of


Guilty For Punishing

Dear Rabbi Sam,

I am a single mom with two teenage sons, ages 15 and 18.  My problem is that my oldest son who only recently received his driver’s license, came home late, beyond our agreed upon curfew, two days in a row.

There is always an excuse why he didn’t get home on time, but he doesn’t take responsibility for

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