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Moving? Tips to Make the Most of Your DIY Move

(BPT) - New jobs, first jobs, relationships and looking for a change in weather —these are just a few reasons people have for moving. Most families move during the warmer months, and many choose to move to warmer locations.

“Atlanta is still the top location to move to, and six other warm weather destinations help round out the top 10 moving


Listening To Your “Inner Voice”

As a psychotherapist, and one who has facilitated numerous groups for women, both general groups in which some of the women were divorced or divorcing, as well as groups specifically for divorced and divorcing women, and who has also worked with couples and individuals in the same situation, there is one prevailing issue that I have found to be most salient and


Well Rounded

My parents really tried with us. Every summer we would pile in the car, my mom and sister in the back, my brother and I in the front, dad driving. Yes kids, back in the old days we had a bench seat and there was room for three people (sometimes more). I still do not know why I had to sit in the front when there was plenty of room for me in the back, but that’s for an


Because It Matters: Consistency – The Golden Rule

It’s a funny thing how my children are programmed when it comes to playing with a muktzahtoy on Shabbat. They know it is not permitted and they would not dare test those waters. But, when it comes to bedtime, curfew, or other household rules, they are somehow less inclined, in general, to abide. It’s as if there is a barrier between the fourth


Stop Being So Negative: A Parent’s Guide To Understanding Negativity In Children

After a long day of school, Reuven comes home to tell his mother about the contest that is going to be taking place in his class. Here is a conversation between Reuven and his mother:

Reuven: In class today, Rebbi told us that we are going to be having a contest. Each talmidwill be allowed to sell raffle tickets. If we sell $100.00 worth of


Dear Rabbi Sam:

Dear Rabbi:

My husband and I are proud parents of three boys, ages, 12, 10 and 7. Our oldest son has been requesting an i-Pad for his bar mitzvah gift. He also insists that “all his friends” have it. We are both computer savvy and are well aware of the benefits and concerns about the internet and technology for young children as well as adults. Our gut


Motor Delays? APP-solutely It’s All About Toys

We live in an age where technology is increasingly encroaching on more areas of our lives. Of course, it was inevitable that our children’s toys would follow suit. Years ago, before a child’s first toy became an iPhone or iPad, children actually required motor skills for play. Their toys required a child to stack, bang or twist to make something


Empowering the Child with a Disability

Awhile back there arose out of the West a new movement, using a term that everybody thought they were familiar with, but which took on new momentum and significance. It was the “Self-Esteem” arena and a lot of confusion came with it. Many thought it meant always complimenting a child, never saying the child was wrong, perhaps even allowing a child to do


Talking Teens and Cars: The Conversation You Have to Have

(NewsUSA)—When you hand car keys to your teenager for the first time, your heart races as you think of what could happen. The fact is that car accidents are the number one cause of death among teens in the U.S., so it’s important to communicate the gravity of this newfound responsibility.

That’s why Trico Products (www.tricoproducts.com) has made a


Time for Baseball

There are many challenges to being a mom of all boys. Aside from the obvious physical differences, there is an entire world of sports that I had to learn about if I wanted to continue living in my home and remain reasonably sane. (I said reasonably; I am nowhere near sane or reasonable.) You learn that during football season, you can’t have a heart attack on a Sunday


Because It Matters

Choices Determine Who You Are

Whenever I ask my five-year-old daughter to make a decision, whether it’s about an outfit for school or which food she wants to eat for breakfast, it seems to take her a long time to make up her mind. The other night, I gave her permission to watch a short video before bed. By the time she finally chose a movie,


The Countdown

“Alright, let’s go.”

“I don’t want to go. Can’t we stay? Why do we have to go?” The voice has not yet risen, but it is on the verge.

Every parent has been there. It’s the end of a play date, time to leave the park, or????. At that point, we have two choices. You can hold firm and deal with the inevitable meltdown – tears, yelling, etc.

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