Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Setting Intentions

This article is dedicated in the merit of a complete recovery for my friend Shira bat Devorah Leah—our intentions for every good deed are with you.

A yoga instructor may introduce different poses and sequences in each class, but uniformly begins with a prompt to set an intention for the practice.


The Lighter Side of Organizing

Be happy. It’s Adar!! That was a caption on a bulletin board from my children’s preschool many years ago. Reading that each day I walked my children into the building made me smile. Now, in an effort to keep things light for Adar, I bring you feel-good organizing tales. In these sometimes chaotic times, it’s pleasant to sit


If I Want My Teen to Follow in My Footsteps, What Shoes Should I Wear?

Flats?Of primary importance is to keep yourself level-headed, because if you do, you can better solve problems and rationally address all issues that arise. The more emotional you are, the worse your logical, problem-solving thinking is. You must stay calm for maximum problem solving. Once you have that, you have


Afterword: Some Tips for Parenting Success

Having concluded my presentation of The Seven Steps to Mentschhood, I would like to offer the following suggestions that may help parents achieve success in their efforts at conveying the concept of mentschlichkeit to their children:

  • Consistency: It is not possible for parents to always be on

Living With Loss

I read recently that the nation’s top bereavement experts are petitioning to establish an Office of Bereavement Care in the White House. Our loss due to COVID-19 is such that it is resulting in an epic wave of grief. It is rare to find someone untouched by this loss, whether on a personal or communal level.


The Lifelong Learning of Educators

It is not uncommon for adults to enter fields inspired by childhood experiences. Sometimes those experiences motivate us to follow in the footsteps of someone or something we look up to. Other times, inspiration is born from a need to heal from something and a hope for restoration. Every path has its own hybrid of parts that contribute to


I Don’t + I Want = I Will

I don’t want to feel like a fish with no water.

I want to feel the slight pulsating of the water as I wade.

I will stop for a moment at every meal to practice gratitude.

I don’t want to feel like an overinflated balloon that


‘What Do You Do?’

No matter what subjects we teach, we make a point of teaching students how to engage in meaningful conversation. And no matter what area of study or work a student chooses to pursue as they enter adulthood, the hope is that the conversation remains dynamic and inspired by the different paths that comprised their educational journey thus


Paying Your Junk Forward

Recently I completed two jobs emptying one-bedroom apartments for clients whose mothers had moved to assisted-living facilities. I have become a bit of an expert in the field of emptying out a home and deconstructing someone’s lifelong possessions. Children do not want to see their parents’ belongings thrown


Highland Park Resident Launches Shalom Family Mediation

It’s an oft-told tale: someone who’s lost their job decides to view the occasion as an opportunity and pivots their career to focus on their true passion.

What makes Betzalel Rothstein’s experience so unique is that his passion, and now his profession, will serve to reduce


Seven Steps to Mentschhood

Conclusion: Taking the Path to Mentschhood

Part 1

We have completed our study of the Seven Steps to Mentschhood. Followed carefully, they can provide a concrete set of guidelines for your children as you help them develop those behaviors and character traits that


Parent With Positivity With Sarah Herbsman

Sarah Herbsman is a certified family coach as well as advanced trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach®. She works with parents and young adults who have tried traditional therapeutic approaches and have come up empty or who just want a coach to help them achieve their goals. With her dual approach of education and coaching,

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