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January Is a Time for Reflection

In January we may understandably feel tired of the cold temperatures, the many hours of darkness and, some years more than others, shoveling snow. Yet we may also feel anticipation towards our future as we plan our yeshiva-week vacations, Super Bowl parties or spa retreats. At any rate, January is a time to


Seven Steps to Mentschhood; Step # 5, Part II

“V’asita hayashar v’hatov b’einei Hashem.”

“You shall do what is right and what is good in the eyes of Hashem…”

Last time we learned about the concept of lifnim mishurat hadin, going beyond the letter of the law, or doing the more-than-right thing as


Engaging Children at Your Shabbat Meals

While every family’s meals are unique, the key ingredient to a successful meal (aside from delicious food) is to have all participants feel included and involved, in a warm, relaxed and enjoyable environment. Interactions around the table can include discussion, telling jokes and riddles, singing zemirot, sharing divrei Torah, discussing


What Do Our Kids Really Need?

What do our kids really need? Do they need to go to Harvard? Do they need to have the coolest sneakers? Do they need to be the most popular?

If you’re like me, you probably obsessed over their needing everything, from the best education right down to the coolest sneakers. I mean, can you imagine what


Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Part 2

In Part 1 we explored why parents may yell at their kids and why yelling can be a problem. Part 2 offers solutions for how to stop yelling.

How to stop yelling at your kids:

1. Get used to taking your emotional


How to Raise Competent—and Confident—Kids

Parents are afraid that if their child is not doing well in school, that they will not succeed in life. Kid hasn’t made friends in the first week of first grade? She’ll end up a loner. Doesn’t get fifth grade math? He’ll never get into college. Can’t make the grade? She’s doomed to failure, he’ll be a loser. We know


Organizing for Baby

A few weeks ago my daughter and her husband had a baby girl. She is, Baruch Hashem, our first grandchild. My husband and I are walking on air. For a too-short week and a half I had the awesome opportunity to help out with our newborn, including night duty to help my daughter get some well-deserved sleep.


Are Our Kids ‘Addicted’ to Social Media? Is That So Bad?

Recently, I attended a full day conference and workshop on suicide prevention, sponsored by Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care and the New Jersey Traumatic Loss Coalition. The annual conference (co-sponsored by the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP), focuses specifically on suicide prevention among our youth in


Seven Steps to Mentschhood

Step # 5, Part 1

‘ועשית הישר והטוב בעיני ה

“You shall do what is right and what is good in the eyes of Hashem…”

ועשית הישר והטוב בעיני ה’,למען ייטב לך


Divorce and Children

Almost 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. The divorce rate in the Orthodox community is catching up, with about 30% of Jewish marriages ending in divorce.

Divorce is difficult for everyone—for the adults, and especially the children. Parents that can


Ruminations on Thanksgiving: What Are We Thankful For?

As some of our readers may know, my son Eric, z”l, took his own life less than four years ago, after suffering from mental health challenges for 14 years, since he was 14 years old. While I know this column is usually dedicated to issues around recovery—usually referring to recovery from addictions—I am taking the liberty of


Is It Shayach?

(Permission granted to reprint from The Yated Magazine Shidduch Forum, August 2, 2019)


A shadchan thinks of a shidduch and suggests the idea to both sides. The boy’s side calls the references and gets very good information. The girl’s

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