Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Fashion doesn’t stop just because the weather is hot. A savvy fashionista knows how to dress for weather success, and Meechal Finkelstein, owner of Michelle Judith Boutique (@michelle_judith_boutique on Instagram) in Teaneck is ready for summer.

“Summer is all about light, soft materials,” Finkelstein explained. “Clothing needs to allow for the increased activity level kids experience, whether at sleepaway or day camp, so make sure to keep that in mind when shopping.” In keeping with that trend, Finkelstein explained that pencil skirts, while still available in many places, are less popular right now, with fashion leaning toward A-line skirts, skater skirts and flares. “Especially in the summer, it’s easier to have fun and play in flowy fits,” recommended Finkelstein.

Additionally, many fashions are catering to the consumer’s interest in clothing that does not require shells and layering. Dresses and shirts are summer favorites, with necklines and sleeves that do not need anything under them—thus providing a single layer and not extra, unnecessary warmth in the hot summer months.

“This summer is all about color, lots of bright, fun shades,” she explained. The past few seasons have brought a variety of prints to the forefront of fashion, but this summer “we’re seeing lots of nature prints—butterflies, florals, birds and greenery.”

Eighties prints are also big, owing largely to their bright colors and wild designs. Tie-dye skirts and splatter-paint patterns in fun bold colors are in this year as well. Many of these wardrobe pieces are made out of lightweight materials with soft fabrics for ultimate comfort levels throughout the warm weather. Many outfits can double for Shabbat clothes at camp, where the dress code is a little less formal. Finkelstein suggests pairing a solid colored three-quarter-length sleeve t-shirt with a bright-colored skirt for a complete outfit.

For those interested in a dressier summer look, micro-pleat skirts are a light, flowy style. Opt for these skirts in light, shimmery colors for a spring or summer vibe. There are also dresses in light colors with lace, organza and chiffon. While they may be too fancy for sleepaway camp (and the washing machines there), they are a perfect Shabbat outfit for the warmer weeks.

Finkelstein also suggests finding clothing that can be multi-purpose. “Many swim skirts now come in fun prints that look like regular skirts,” she explained. “They dry so quickly you can run from the pool to your carpool or errands in the same skirt.”

Summer is a great time to explore these updated and fun fashion styles. Try on a new print or a new color and see how they pair with other pieces of a wardrobe for some summer fashion fun.

By Jenny Gans


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