Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Teaneck—When it comes to camp gear, there are the basics—shirts, skirts, pants and socks come to mind. Sleepaway can even have more accessories, additional towels, sheets and other amenities. Sometimes, though, campers are looking for something less basic, more fun but still wearable.

For advice on how to stay practical but express each child’s personal style, The Fashion Link turned to the experts on children’s, pre-teen and teen fashion at The Purple Bow on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck. Though at first glance someone might think The Purple Bow is just a toy store, a quick glance at their Facebook page and a walk into the store will quickly highlight a wardrobe selection as well.

For anyone looking for something a little different this summer, The Purple Bow is a great place to start the search. Their signature style of creative and novel gifts and activities extends to their clothing, too.

Sun protection is not just a trend, it is a necessity, but some parents have a hard time getting kids to wear hats in the sun. The caps at The Purple Bow are so cute they’ll wear them without reminders, and might not even take the hats off indoors. Bedazzled or with trendy patches, they can be the perfect addition to any summertime outdoor activity.

Over the past decade graphic tees that express the wearer’s likes, dislikes, sentiments and moods have become increasingly popular. Of course that means Purple Bow stocks their own unique designs as well. They even carry camp-themed t-shirts. “What could be more perfect for summer and camp?” they asked. In another development for wardrobe pieces, The Purple Bow also sells chalk t-shirts. These are shirts that can be marked up with chalk and markers, and then erased and reused over and over again. “Chalk shirts are perfect for camp care packages,” recommended The Purple Bow.

While everyone is searching for deals on the “Butter” sweatshirts, The Purple Bow has their own brand of soft and cute sweatshirts. “The material is not too heavy, and perfect for a light layer during a cool summer night at camp,” they said. With sequin designs in butterfly patterns, gift boxes and a variety of colors, there is something for everyone.

Just because it’s bedtime doesn’t mean the fun fashion stops. Pajamas have become more expressive, and the ones at The Purple Bow are no exception. “Whether it’s shorts or pants, pajamas can really be a fashion piece, especially at sleepaway camp,” said The Purple Bow staff. This is not a fashion trend limited to girls, either. Boys pajamas come in a variety of patterns as well, whether it’s camouflage or sports.

Anything can be more exciting with entertaining images printed all over. Towels and bed linens, for instance, go from fun to functional with some emoji, food, sports or animal prints. “The towels are even oversized so they are really cozy,” said The Purple Bow staff.

Obviously, no article about trends would be complete without mentioning fidget spinners. These therapy tools turned popular toy (with popular being an understatement) may be the bane of all teachers, but with school out for the summer, be sure to stock up. Spinners are constantly going through design updates and now come in different colors, patterns and even shapes, but they still do a hypnotic spin that captivates everyone around. The Purple Bow carries a broad selection and they are constantly updating their inventory. With camps starting to restrict the size of care packages, spinners make a welcome addition to any shipment.

Be sure to follow The Purple Bow on their very active and always cheerful Instagram page (@ThePurpleBowTeaneck) where they post new products as well as timely suggestions. They are also on Facebook (The Purple Bow, Teaneck) or walk into their store for the full experience at 1444 Queen Anne Road. Get ready for a summer of happy campers with their great gear from The Purple Bow.

By Jenny Gans


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