Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Although hair loss is mostly associated with men, 40 percent of women do experience hair loss/thinning of the hair before the age of 40. Thinning hair is devastating to most women. It causes feelings of being less attractive and increasingly self-consciousness. To many women our hair is our identity, and having a good hair day or feeling good about our hair/appearance gives us the confidence we need to conquer our challenging day. Fortunately, today there are many ways we can alleviate the shame of thinning hair and help you feel confident once again, allowing your inner and outer beauty to radiant.

More and more women both in the Orthodox and secular world are turning to wigs, hair pieces, toppers and extensions to make their hair appear thicker. Many older women who never covered their hair for religious reasons are now thinking about wigs and toppers to address their thinning hair. Hair thins gradually as one ages. By age 50 the majority of women have noticeably thinning hair. In addition, many women find it burdensome to keep up constantly with frequent visits to the salon to maintain their color and style. A wig provides them with a luxurious ready-to-go look that has already been styled, blown and colored for them. When they have an event, they simply put on the wig and lipstick and are ready within minutes to walk out the door. Many love how they look and feel in it and start wearing it more each day.

It is a common myth that wearing a wig thins ones hair. The “wig grip,” which is a velvet head band worn under the wig to secure the wig to one’s head, makes the wig much more comfortable to wear and eliminates the need for clips. Since this invention, pulling out of one’s hair from the wig clips is no longer a problem. The hair loss some kallahs notice is a side effect of birth control pills, which even months after stopping the pill, can cause one’s hair to noticeably thin. This thinning occurs again after childbirth and continues the first year of the baby’s life. After that stage of one’s life, age starts to kick in and thinning becomes more noticeable.

There are other options to enhance one’s fullness of hair without having to wear a full wig. Hair fillers, a powder sprinkled lightly on one’s hair (think of it as makeup for one’s hair), can be used to fill in a thinning hairline. Hair pieces such as top knots, clip-in hair attachments and braids and braided headbands all give the illusion of thicker, more glamorous hair.

Although I discreetly work with hair-thinning clients including single girls, it is no longer an embarrassment to be wearing a hair enhancement/wig. Many celebrities wear it as their crown of glory and openly discuss their love affairs with wigs. Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and so many others flaunt their many and very different wig looks. Wigs allow celebrities to have beautiful lush thick hair in all the latest colors and styles. They allow celebrities and others freedom from having to dye and bleach one’s hair on a regular basis, maintaining the integrity of one’s own hair. Katie Holmes strutted a blunt bob on the red carpet (it was so convincing we thought she had chopped off her real hair!). So have fun and take advantage of the endless possibilities hair enhancements have to offer!

By Sari Friedbauer

 Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs located in Teaneck. She is a licensed hairdresser and certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319.


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