Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Take a good, long look inside your closet. How many articles of clothing do you like, but just don’t wear anymore? How many of us actually follow that old rule, “If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it”? More likely than not, we hang onto our old favorites because “It might come back in style,” “I’ll lose the weight to fit into it again,” “What if I gain that weight back?” “I’ll take it to be altered, tailored or repaired eventually.”

Enter Lorri Taub of Sew Boutique. Lorri has been sewing for many years. “I love sewing,” she said. “I love fabric and textiles, and I have a good eye for clothes.”

A number of years ago, Lorri starting collecting vintage sewing machines and realized that they were stronger and far better for sewing than the newer models. She began overhauling them and when they were all in good working order, she started giving lessons in private homes in Monsey, bringing her machines with her. Several months ago, she opened Sew Boutique in Teaneck. Her plan was to give private and group lessons in the shop, teaching people the basics of sewing.

Now Lorri is looking to expand on that concept. She is planning to go to clients’ homes to help people restyle their wardrobes to meet their present needs. She will offer alterations or embellishments to make clothing better suited to the client’s vision.

Lost some weight and your clothes are all too big? Let Lorri come in and alter them to fit your new body. Are your favorite clothes a bit dated? Lorri believes that clothes often need just a few minor adjustments to become current again.

“If I’m in their home, looking at their clothes, they can talk to me and tell me what they’re looking for,” noted Lorri. “I will take their already established wardrobe and make it work for them and their current lifestyle based on what best suits them.” Imagine the cost savings of making a few adjustments versus purchasing a new wardrobe!

Lorri is passionate about sewing, and her creativity helps her help her clients and friends. “I style my friends all the time,” she said. “Now I want to take that and bring it to the community as a sort of personal style consultant.”

In addition to helping update wardrobes, Lorri envisions giving private sewing lessons, either with a machine or without. If a client wants to learn to use a sewing machine, Lorri will bring one. If clients wants to learn basic sewing by hand, so they can save themselves the time and expense of going to a tailor or seamstress for every lost button, frayed edge or torn seam, she will teach that as well. If someone wants to buy a sewing machine, Lorri can help with that and even has some machines on hand to sell. Even if someone just wants to know exactly what tools should be in a basic sewing kit, Lorri will be happy to consult and explain. She will offer these services in clients’ homes, at their convenience.

“I believe it is empowering to be able to do things yourself without always having to run to a tailor,” Lorri commented.

Lorri is not only offering in-home services, but she will be hosting a Ladies Night later this month, to teach women basic mending in a fun group setting. “So many people don’t know how to fix a hem. They don’t know basic mending. They don’t have a basic sewing tool kit,” she said. She plans to have sewing supplies on hand so women can find what they need, and she will teach them how to use the tools as well.

“I can help women update their style, and teach them the basics of sewing as well. I want to share my passion with the community,” Lorri concluded.

For more information about having a personal style consultation or sewing lesson with Lorri, or about the upcoming Ladies Night, call Lorri at 646-413-9898 or email [email protected].

By Jill Kirsch


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