Thursday, August 11, 2022

Along with Fall Fashion Week comes hair inspiration for the coming season. Designer work with their own team of hair stylists to create the runway models’ hair to enhance their clothing collections. Hair this fall is all about the drama of simplicity—easy, effortless and undone. The designers’ stylists created many fun and innovative ideas, playing with multiple textures and using classic looks with subtle tweaks to feel more modern. The best part of this season is that there is a look that will work for everyone. Whether you have short or long, textured or pin-straight hair, you will find some great ideas that you can start wearing now!

The giant floppy black velvet hair bows kicked off the ribbon trend this year. Black ribbons and bows became the runways hair trend in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Hair was pulled back into low ponytails or buns and wrapped with silk or velvet ribbons and bows. Pony tails were this season’s go-to hair style. A high ponytail can be sporty and retro, while a low ponytail can be conservative and casual.

Chanel debuted volume on the runway. Through teasing the models’ hair and strategically placing plain black or bedazzled headbands at the hairline, they were able to achieve tremendous volume. Chanel had their stylists teasing the hair until seconds before their models strutted the runway so that it would hold. Louis Vuitton hairstylists created big natural curls using the models’ own hair textures. Unperfected hair, having height, curl and volume without any stiffness, was popular. This look is achieved with mousse; however, one must stay clear of gels that will give the hair a stiff look. Also seen on the runway was hair with extreme height at the root. To achieve this look, curl and fluff your hair and then flip it to the opposite side to give you that height. Curly bangs are becoming popular and look great with the shag, which is also starting to make a comeback.

Slicked back, shiny, off-the-face hair was also seen with each designer adding his or her own variation. Some designers were big into gelling the hair so it would have a wet look. Another designer had all the models’ hair neatly tucked behind their ears. The extreme shine was achieved by adding hair shiners on all the models before they walked the runways. Double-texture hair made a debut. The stylist created hair that was flat on top by using gel from the roots down to mid length, while the rest of the hair was curled, fluffy, or left in its natural texture.

Braids became big in 2016, and are here to stay. The 2017 season now has the addition of incorporating ribbons and string to the braids. All types of braids from tight corn rows to loose romantic plaits were seen on the runway. Also seen were braids with unfinished ends, secured with bobby-pins instead of elastic so the hair looks like it is floating in a braid. Many of the models had baby-thin braids incorporated into their hairstyle. Hat hair was big, as hats are making a comeback this season. Hats were seen with stretched-out loose waves and braids cascading down the model’s back. Crimped hair, pops of exotic colors, deep side parts and vintage buns, along with jeweled headbands and barrettes, all made their noticeable appearance this year.

By Sari Friedbauer

 Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hair stylist and cosmetologist as well as a certified wig maker and can be reached at 201-694-5319.


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