Sunday, May 16, 2021

If you have been shopping within the past two months, walking down the street or simply observing what people around you have been wearing, you must have observed one fad that has completely taken over: ruffles. Ruffles have always been a part of the fashion world. Little girls have ruffles on the socks that they wear to weddings and special occasions. Ruffles and frills have sometimes been associated with older ladies, and thereby given off a less than fashionable aura. Before this season, most ruffles were pretty intense. Ruffles would make up an entire skirt or dress and were not the most subdued thing to wear. However, this season, an entirely new type of ruffle has emerged. Ruffles are now a small touch that can make any item of clothing more interesting and add some appeal. The most popular ruffle items are shirts and sweatshirts, and they can be seen in stores and on streets far and wide.

Perhaps the ruffle trend is everywhere, but it seems to be more popular in the Jewish world. Often, a fad or a trend that has taken off in the fashion world will not reach the Jewish world because it does not meet the standards of modesty that people are looking to fulfill. However, since this trend has no such implications, it has reached every corner of the Jewish world, maybe even becoming more popular among Jews than the rest of the population. From Junees, to Sareka, to Fame on Central, ruffles are rocking the Jewish fashion world.

Ruffles are popping up all over accessories as well as clothing. Ruffle headbands, shoes and even jewelry can be found. What is it about ruffles that makes them so unstoppable? Why have they captured the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere? Ruffles have achieved their popular status because of their versatility. They can help dress an outfit up or down. Put them on a fancy dress or sweater and they make it more casual, put them on a casual shirt and they give it some more flair.

If you are looking to add ruffles to your own wardrobe, please see the photos that accompany this article for some of our our top picks.

By Mairav Linzer