Thursday, August 11, 2022

(Courtesy of Mohan’s Custom Tailors) New York custom-suit maker Mohan’s Custom Tailors has created over 15,000 “kosher suits” since 1978, notes owner Mohan “Mike” Ramchandani. “As we get closer to Passover, many of today’s businessmen are ordering specialized ‘kosher suits’ free of a linen-wool combination called shatnez in Hebrew,” said Ramchandani. “Our suits are custom made, and with our testers, we can assure that the production of the garment is in 100 percent compliance with Jewish law.”

Mass-produced suits often list on their fabric labels only the materials that are predominantly used—possibly omitting those that would identify the garment as containing this prohibited combination. After purchasing the garment, the buyer must then have the suit checked by a special shatnez tester, and if a linen and wool mix is detected, the garment then needs to be fixed by removing the linen portion. The “kosher suit” eases the entire process for the buyer. The Torah teaches about the power of combinations and warns against mixing the wrong things together. One of these prohibited combinations is a mixture of wool and linen in the same piece of clothing. “You shall not wear combined fibers, wool and linen together” (Deut. 22:11).

Mohan’s Custom Tailors works with a Brooklyn-based shatnez tester to assure clients that all suits are, indeed, kosher.

Over the years, Mohan’s has been at the forefront of innovation in custom clothing, introducing the fashion of the future with new tech offerings for men including pockets for their Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth devices and more. In addition, Mohan’s has expanded its repertoire, adding a kosher suit, anti-sweat suit, cooling suit, rain-repellent suit and crushed-diamond suit.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors boasts a client roster nearing 59,000, including stars like Walt Frazier, Mario Manningham, Patrick Ewing, Bernie Williams, Jose Reyes and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. With 150,000 suits and 300,000 shirts sold, the brand’s meticulous hand craftsmanship and production process sets it apart from competitors.

To learn more about Mohan’s Custom Tailors, visit www.mohantailors.com.

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