Friday, August 12, 2022

I’m very sure I will not be invited to attend the upcoming royal wedding in England this May (though my DVR will be set). However, I do know that all the invited women will be doing exactly what I’ll be doing beforehand. We’ll all be looking for the perfect hat to highlight our outfits.

Spring is right around the corner. (Nor’easters will be over!!) Hedy Needle of the famed Hedy’s Hat Rack will be back with us in Teaneck for two nights (March 13 and 14), just in time for Pesach and spring. Who exactly is Hedy? Why should I shlep to someone’s house—at night—to see her hats? Will I feel comfortable? No pressure? Will I find something I like in my price range?

Hedy Needle has a well-known hat shop in Brooklyn, filled to the brim (sorry for the pun) with hats of all colors, sizes and descriptions. Hedy has been bringing her hats as a traveling trunk show to hat-deprived communities from Los Angeles to Memphis to Manhattan (yes, even Ivanka Trump has bought hats from Hedy) to various towns in New Jersey and Long Island. She has hats for everyone, in all price ranges. She specializes in designer brand names (including Louise Green, Christine Moore), one-of-a-kind hats, fascinators and casuals—and travel hats too! All at unbelievably discounted prices.

The selection is so large that hats spill over the entire living room, dining room and even the kitchen. There is no pressure at all. Hedy will be happy to help you find the perfect hat or let you browse through everything. Opinions are plentiful from other shoppers!

Fascinators are a large part of the selection. And yes—they go nicely over a wig (my husband had to double check with me that I was wearing my sheitel!) in many sizes and shapes, as well as colors. Hedy will be happy to take orders for large head sizes (that’s me) and special colors and combinations (me too). She will gladly ship them directly to you. Have a simcha coming up? Bring your outfit and let Hedy work her magic.

NEW!! This time Hedy will donate 5 percent of every purchase to the yeshiva or shul of your choice (checks are made out to Hedy) and buy two or more items and Hedy will discount 5 percent of the combined price as well.

Please join us at the home of Nettie Berenholz, 600 Maitland Avenue, Teaneck, on Wednesday and Thursday, March 13 and 14. Hours: 7-10 p.m. Call Hedy to discuss questions and requests: 917-640-4649.

By Nettie Berenholz

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