Friday, August 12, 2022

Sheitals this season are all about the natural, realistic, I’m-not-trying-too-hard look. Women want to go food shopping, run errands, be at their kid’s soccer games and not look like they just got their hair done and are off to a bar mitzvah. Sheital companies are responding to this and have created many new products to make these looks possible. When you see the latest trends you will happily say goodbye to the heavy, thick, overly long, uncomfortable pieces that had been available until now. Once you try on these ultra-lightweight and comfortable flat tops and pony pieces you won’t want to take them off!!

The new “flat-top sheitals” are being made with silk tops that lay so flat that it will keep you guessing “hair or wig?” This season it’s all about flat tops that are made with thin density to resemble what natural hair lines looks like. These wigs are about half the weight of a typical full wig, so you’ll feel so comfortable, and stay cool as the weather warms up. These silk tops lay extra flat and thin so that they can blend seamlessly with one’s hair line when cut properly by a skilled sheital macher. A skilled cutter will assess each person’s face shape and hairline and create a plan to cut the wig so that it can blend perfectly with your own hairline. Highly skilled cutters can even cut “baby-hairs” into the wig without you having to add an extra cost to the wig. Natural texture, undone looks, seemingly unstyled hair completes this natural look.

From your kid’s baseball game to the elegant wedding you’re attending, you’ll be seeing ponytails and buns everywhere! They are all the rage this spring and summer. Not only are they comfortable and practical, they are stylish and trending and can be done in so many unique, fun ways. Thanks to all the new pony wigs on the market—there are so many different types: headband ponies, flat-top ponies and even ponies with bangs—so many fun, stylish and comfortable looks can be achieved. The pony wigs are specially sown with the wefts in a circle, instead of straight across, so that the hair is easily and quickly gathered into a high-pony look.

Did I hear scrunchy? Yes! The beloved 90s accessory is back and getting a 2018 redux in velvet and faux fur, and in fun shades like electric blue and millennial pink. You will even see them styled in a more polished way for all the weddings and elegant affairs you will be attending this summer. Elegant fashion has finally met comfort, so go crazy and have fun with those ponies and scrunchies this season!

By Sari Friedbauer

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a certified wig maker and licensed hair stylist and cosmetologist. Sari is available for consults and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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