Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ask any girl about her dream wedding. She has it all planned and Pinterested down to the color of her nails and the length of her lashes. Ask any bride about her dream wedding and she’ll likely throw her hands up in despair. The morning after her engagement she probably stepped into the gown shop with an excitement that soon turned to worry and then anxiety. After visiting the tenth florist and trying on the 30th pair of shoes, the bride is teary-eyed and demanding a wedding on the beach with nothing other than her soulmate.

Upon the engagement of her sister, Marlene Kolangi had a similar experience. Together, they visited one too many vendors and spent way too much time. A stage expected to be filled with joy was instead unnecessarily frustrating. Kolangi then opened Kaituz and vowed to create an experience that every bride and her family would look forward to. With her signature positive attitude and attention to detail, Kolangi has spent decades helping brides find the gown that makes their eyes sparkle and their personality shine through.

“The Kaituz bride is someone who’s vision and dream is to feel unique and exclusive. Kaituz makes certain that her special day is one that she will never forget and whose memory will last a lifetime,” she said.

Since launching her boutique, Kolangi met and listened to the frustrations of hundreds of brides and, with their sentiments in mind, she created the Bridal Collab. A revolutionary concept, the Bridal Collab brings an all-star team of top-rated wedding vendors together. They’re there to inspire, advise and execute the dream wedding without the nightmare experience. The Bridal Collab is the culmination of years of listening, planning and conceptualizing what brides need, and by having the stress taken out of planning, the bride can make memorable choices about her special day.

To launch this groundbreaking innovation, the wedding connoisseurs will come together in a debut that will highlight what sets them apart. From an inimitable focus on customer service to expertly guiding you through the process, the dream team is there to bring your vision to life. At the premier, Kolangi will be showcasing the Kaituz custom line consisting of 15 gowns which are both timeless and trendy, bringing runway celebrity style to the masses in a modest and fashion-forward way. In addition, there will be the opportunity to win $10,000 towards your wedding with the incredible Bridal Collab team. “For every bride, for every woman, at the Bridal Collab, it’s all about you!”

By Gitty Tyrnauer

Come see what Bridal Collab is all about on April 16, 6-10 p.m. at The Woodmere Club, 99 Meadow Drive in Woodmere. Runway show at 8 p.m.; Raffle at 9 p.m. For more information, contact [email protected]

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