Thursday, August 11, 2022

Solids are a crisp, classic look, and often a go-to for anyone looking to throw together an outfit. But patterned looks have been popping up on runways in recent years with something for every style. Patterns can be bold and bright for the fashion forward, or subtle and understated for those just looking to get their feet wet in the look. The Fashion Link reveals some of the top patterns making waves this spring.

Polka Dots

No, this isn’t a tribute to Minnie Mouse. Polka dots have a retro chic vibe about them, with a fun and feminine playful look. Mini multi-colored polka dots add a level of fun to this look. Black and white polka dots can be a way to blend the playful look with sophistication.


Floral patterns are not new to the fashion scene, but their popularity blooms (pun intended) as the weather warms up, even if we live in a place where the weather has not yet warmed up. Flowers and floral patterns bring a sense of warmth not just to the wearer, but to people around them. The typically bright patterns can add a touch of femininity to an outfit, and can be used on a flowy dress or on a fitted outfit, changing the overall look without distracting from the reminder of spring’s alleged return. They can be on an entire dress, or on one piece.

Jewelry pieces also boast the floral fun of spring. Earrings in the shape of flowers, both as studs and dangling, are a way to bring spring warmth to your wardrobe, and chunky earrings with floral designs can also be worn.

Animal Print

What makes this print a constant favorite for all ages? Leopard, zebra, cheetah or reptile print, people love to feature it in clothing and accessories. “Animal print gives women the ability to take traditional colors like black, white and brown, and turn them into something fun and exciting,” explained Adrianne Mittan, co-owner of Rayna’s Boutique in Teaneck. “Animal print matches all the basics in our wardrobe, making it easy to wear and allows a woman to stand out in a crowd.” Painting these prints in colors not found in nature makes the prints take on a fun, playful vibe with fluorescents or pastels or, this season especially, metallic pastels.

As always, fashion should not be the only factor dictating wardrobe choices. The wearer should feel comfortable in her choice of apparel and accessories. The Fashion Link looks forward to spring’s eventual return, with an array of fun fashion choices.

By Jenny Gans

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