Thursday, August 11, 2022

Breakfast in bed has become synonymous with Mother’s Day. And who wouldn’t enjoy being catered to like royalty? But sometimes distance (or moms who don’t sleep in) makes this a difficult gesture to pull off. The Fashion Link caught up with Stephanie Kaufman of Shopping Badger, a popular accessories vendor (http://www.shoppingbadger.com), to get some advice for diverse and trendy ideas for Mother’s Day jewelry. The Fashion Link has already discussed the popularity of Infinity and Eternity styles in jewelry, and Kaufman helped sort through many of the beautiful options that can help create a perfect look for the day (and beyond).

Clovers have become a mainstream style for any type of jewelry. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings all come in the clover style. Any fan of jewelry has seen the Van Cleef clover and admired its timelessness and sophistication, and probably balked at the price tag. Kaufman explained that the clover style has become affordable now, and while it is popular for all ages, “a mother of pearl clover with gold detailing around the border is both fashionable and sophisticated, ” she explained.

“We have been seeing lots of length in necklaces,” said Kaufman about the recent styles. Necklaces that were previously considered long at 30” have now extended to 36” or even 40.” “The extra length in the longest necklaces gives women even more options,” she said. “Many women like to wrap the 40” necklaces and wear it in two different lengths.”

Lariat necklaces and “Y” necklaces are a popular design, and are typically worn at longer lengths. Many people see these styles on models and appreciate the elegance the length brings. Both of these styles are increasingly fashionable but are often something women are less likely to already own. Kaufman said that this is a perfect gift when someone is either looking for something unique and different, or not familiar with the recipient’s jewelry inventory. Even women shopping for themselves will often choose this style because it is elegant, trendy and different from everything they already own. Women will buy the necklace and later find themselves coming back for matching pieces from the same set. In addition, it is fancy enough to wear with a dressy top or outfit, but can even be worn with a simple top.

Continuing the ubiquitous theme of fashion, that “what’s old is new again,” lockets have been making a comeback. These have already been a popular item for Mother’s Day, and customers are buying them in lots of different sizes, from simple designs to old-fashioned antique looks. Fashion trends often combine the retro with modern, and lockets are no exception to that rule. Pairing a locket with a longer chain blends the two styles for a completely updated Mother’s Day look.

People love heart jewelry but often hesitate because of a concern that it looks too juvenile. Kaufman explained there is a whole line of hearts for those who enjoy the shape, as well as the sentiment that it represents, that is sophisticated enough for moms and other adults. Hearts with a vintage look add maturity to the style. In addition, adding accents to the heart, as well as blending a shape (for instance, a more oval shape to the heart charm), can make it more sophisticated.

Another style that Kaufman suggested is putting children’s initials on a chain. “These are often more customized pieces,” she explained, “but it takes a trending style and adds a sentimental piece to make it a momento in addition to a nice piece of jewelry.”

Whether someone is celebrating Mother’s Day or just needs a pick-me-up in the form of something that sparkles, these on-trend suggestions from Stephanie Kaufman and her company can help anyone find the perfect gift.

By Jenny Gans

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