Thursday, August 11, 2022

The first few weeks after Lag B’Omer have Sunday event calendars busier than most other weekends of the year. As community events and simchas take advantage of the ability to make parties with music once again, many people find themselves running between two or three events a day. Of course this is a bracha and we should always find ourselves juggling smachot. At the same time, one can’t help worrying about wardrobe and dress code concerns for all the events.

A community fundraiser breakfast, followed by a bat mitzvah lunch with a bar mitzvah party dinner can leave many scratching their heads in fashion wonderment. “Should I wear one outfit to all three? Three different ones? Do I even have one thing that works for all three events?”

Friends send selfies back and forth as they try to pinpoint the appropriate level of dressiness or casual wear. In order to help readers not only look their best, but feel comfortable with their clothing choices, The Jewish Link caught up with Lara Schulman of The Pink Orchid in Passaic, New Jersey. Known for their trendy, upscale modest clothing, Pink Orchid has become a “can’t miss” stop when shopping for casual wear, Shabbat and Yom Tov wardrobes, simcha clothing and anything in between.


“It is possible to go from day events to night affairs with one outfit, if that is what you wish to do,” Schulman said. She reminded readers that black and white make it easiest to transition between events over the course of the day. “Little changes in accessories can be all that is required to carry your outfit from a day event into evening,” she added. People can wear a lighter shade of stocking during the day and darker ones at night. Also, a chunky necklace works well for a day ensemble, with sparkly accessories changing things up for evening events.

Embellishments and Patterns

“Right now trends are leaning toward oversized tops and midi length skirts,” said Schulman. The oversized look is also one that can go from day into night, especially if the piece has any of the embellishments that are stylish right now. Asymmetrical hems have been popular on either tops or skirts and work as an extremely flattering style and edgy trend. Ruffles add style and fun with the added benefit of dressing up a collar, sleeve or hemline. Floral patterns are not a new fashion and can be worn year round. This time of year is often too early for the lightest floral colors and patterns, so Schulman suggested opting for florals on a darker background as fashion moves into summer. For the very avant garde, mixing patterns can work if done right. It takes a confident wearer with just the right patterns and colors to pull off this look.


Dresses are extremely popular right now, with women looking for options that do not require a shell underneath. “Dresses can be worn for anything,” said Schulman, again reminding readers that accessories can help enhance the level of formality. Additionally, while it has already been mentioned that black and white make transitions smooth, pink has been everywhere as a basic color with many wearing it in formal wear as well. “It doesn’t have to be a childish bubble gum pink,” Schulman added, “It can be mauve or a light shade, making it perfect for women of all ages, not just for teens.” If someone feels too formal in a dress for a morning bris or breakfast gathering, Schulman reminded readers that two-piece outfits are always a perfect option for those events as well.

Looking forward to sharing in many smachot with family and community, and seeing everyone perfectly attired and confident in their wardrobe choices!

By Jenny Gans

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