Thursday, August 11, 2022

When Sara Wolf and Daniella Peyser Teutsch first met 12 years ago, they had no idea how the need for modest swimwear would turn Hydrochic into a household name synonymous with superior quality, sun protection and durability. The co-founders first responded to a need when they noticed women wearing men’s t-shirts as a means of extra coverage, and have since continued to add to their line and respond to customer feedback as they improve upon their already quality product.

“We have always made our swimwear in chlorine-resistant fabrics. A number of years ago we introduced a new line using chlorine-proof materials in vibrant solid colors. This fabric addressed a need that our customers had voiced for chic tops and bottoms in materials that could withstand fading and stretching even while swimming daily in chlorinated pools. The feedback for the chlorine-proof line was extremely positive, and last year we introduced our new exclusive prints in chlorine-proof fabrics. They have been so well received that we have expanded this line of prints in anticipation of another busy swim season this year. We added the print chlorine-proof swimwear so that women who swam in chlorinated pools would have a selection of beautiful tops and bottoms with great coverage options,” said Teutsch.

“We have developed into something beyond just a swimwear company,” said Wolf. “We evolved into a company that provides women with top-of-the-line modest fitness swimwear.” Many Hydrochic tops and bottoms also come with hidden zipper pockets that can be used to seal small items, such as a room key, while swimming in the ocean or pool or while working out on land.

Hydrochic may have started as just ladies swimwear, but over the years they expanded their selection and now offer children’s sizes and plus-size swimwear as well. They start at size 5 (for girls) and go up to size 5x, in a variety of prints and colors. They even added a size 16 in the longer-length skirts to the swim sets for girls. As well suited as these are for swimming, that is not the only use. All the material is also compression material and has wicking qualities, too, which makes them ideal for working out. “These are primarily swimwear but are also used as athletic and even athleisure wear,” said Teutsch. Hydrochic apparel has the maximum UV protection and they use top-of-the-line material for fast drying.

“Hydrochic doesn’t want to send a message that girls have to cover up in order to feel comfortable. In fact, the message we want to send to girls and to women is that they should be comfortable with their bodies, and there is a time and place for everything swimwear-wise. Everyone has different experiences depending on their comfort level.” Teutsch explained that their clientele is not exclusively Orthodox Jews, either. “We are a lot more aware of the damaging effect of the sun’s UV rays, and women look for ways to stay stylish and have sun protection beyond sunscreen,” she said. She explained further that many women start swimming again when they retire, but are not comfortable swimming in a revealing bathing suit, so they choose from the many coordinating prints Hydrochic provides to help them adapt with ease and they enjoy the pool once again.

This summer Hydrochic also unveiled a longer-length active swimwear skirt (also chlorine proof), for pool or exercise. Measuring 28” it provides more coverage for those who prefer it and also features a yolk waistband, a drop-waist look that is flattering to virtually any body type. “Fitness swimwear is meant for both water exercise like aqua aerobics, water Zumba or water cycling because it is chlorine proof, and also great for land exercises like pilates and TRX since it will not thin out,” said Wolf. “It is great for anything on land, whether running or walking. I do it all in our Hydrochic clothes.”

The versatile and practical solutions offered by this season’s newest styles bring a range of uses for active women. Whatever level of coverage they seek, and for whatever reason—from modesty to sun protection, Hydrochic has something for everyone. Even Mayim Bialik (of Blossom fame and currently on television’s #1 comedy, The Big Bang Theory) is a fan and customer and has posted her positive reviews of the coverage and patterns available from Hydrochic. Visit their website at www.hydrochic.com.

By Jenny Gans

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