Friday, August 12, 2022


The trench coat is a timeless classic, evoking images of undercover spies and elegant movie heroes or heroines. It has been around for decades as a wardrobe staple, as its purpose is functional, but worn properly it can be a sophisticated piece of outerwear. Mitzmann recommended dressing a trench coat up with a scarf or leather boots, to really make the trench part of an outfit and not just a coat thrown on as an afterthought. In the past year trench coats have become even more popular and mainstream as trend-setting personalities have worn them for high-profile events. Meghan Markle chose a crisp white trench coat for her engagement announcement to Prince Harry, lending the classic a now decidedly “on trend” perspective. Keeping up with the cool factor, trench coats are now sporting metallic shines or animal prints, as we have seen in many other fashion pieces over the seasons.


Not just solid colors anymore, wool coats come with their own style. Plaid patterns have been popular this season not only on blazers and dresses, but on wool coats as well. Knee-length wool coats give the wearer a chance to showcase a colorful pattern on a jacket. A plaid coat is a perfect complement to a simple outfit, whether it’s a black dress or a denim bottom. “Plaid coats with staples in your wardrobe like a crisp button down top are perfect,” Mitzmann said. A more austere backdrop allows the plaid to stand out and make the coat a statement. Some coats even have ruffles at the sleeve or along the buttons, making the coat a fun, feminine piece to wear. Keeping warm is secondary now. If a plaid coat is not your style, “Wool coats can also look great in jewel tones like emerald and ruby,” said Mitzmann.


Puffer coats, down coats and other similar styles with heavy-duty warmth insulation are the best way to keep warm when you need to brave the elements in sub-freezing weather. For a feminine touch, look for coats that are pinched in at the waist for less of a boxy look. Camo prints have been popular on dresses and tops this fall, and many designers are adding this print to puffer coats for an outdoorsy look. For a more whimsical touch to a puffer coat, Mitzmann suggested looking for coats with feathers or a fur trim around the hood. Metallics and bright colors help make this coat a cheerful addition to the winter outerwear collection.

As with all fashion styles and trends, these may be too fashion forward for some, who might feel like the tin man blended with a giant marshmallow in an attempt to be trendy. For all the jokes about fashion first, practicality second, it is important to find something that will keep you warm and safe, but at the same time let you feel good about yourself and confident in what you choose. With the variety of styles and choices available, if one particular trend is not your speed, there is probably another look out there that will work. So choose your coat style (or two or three) and stay warm and toasty in style during the cold weather.

By Jenny Gans

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