Friday, August 12, 2022

When Rivkie first considered whether to address the issue of her unwanted hair, her first inclination was to investigate laser technology. As an electrologist whose passion is to help women like Rivkie, I cannot blame her. Laser technology can work wonders, especially on the thick, dark hairs on areas such as legs, where the laser beam can actually attract the pigment in the hair. When successful, laser treatments can be fast and efficient.

But for lighter hairs, such as the ones bothering Rivkie, laser treatments are not only less effective, they can be downright counter-productive, especially when the hair under consideration is hormonal in nature, such as on the face. Many women have spent considerable sums on laser treatments only to be left with more unwanted hair than they had before starting. Many of these women then come to me seeking electrolysis to touch up areas of unwanted lighter hair left unaffected by the laser.

Ideally, laser treatments and electrolysis should be used in tandem by practitioners whose sole goal is to help client achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, in my experience, too many laser technologists, even those in large, acclaimed clinics with dermatologists on staff, are less than honest with clients. All too often, they fail to explain that lasers are not only unsuccessful with lighter hairs on areas affected by hormones, but may leave the client with more unwanted hair than at the beginning.

I advise women like Rivkie considering the laser option to investigate which machines the technician will use and to be certain they will be compatible with the client’s skin type. Prospective clients must be sure the technician will be careful to treat only select areas in which the laser will be successful.

By Pnina Radbill

Pnina Radbill of Pnina Luxe Hair Removal is a licensed electrologist and laser hair removal expert. Her NJ studio is located in Nutley and her NY studio is located in midtown Manhattan. She can be reached at 862.283.1243 or via email at [email protected] Her website is www.PninaLuxeHairRemoval.com

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