Thursday, August 11, 2022

As we get deeper into the winter, most of us tend to get that gloomy, dull vibe that almost always transfers over to the way we feel about ourselves and our looks. While we can’t put an end to the freezing weather, we can reinvigorate ourselves, giving us a fresh start, with an overall new look. As women we know how powerful a fresh new haircut is for us. It has the ability to turn a bad day into one of the best. It transforms us by skyrocketing our confidence, leaving us feeling like we can now take on the world.

For 2019’s hottest winter haircuts, no matter the hair length you’re most comfortable with, you’ve got options to change up your look. For many women their long hair is their security blanket and while they want a new look they are not too keen on loosing length. 2019 long hair and wispy bangs is the answer! This trending look is a blessing for sheital wearers as it solves the major problem wigs have of looking too “wiggy in the front.” I would recommend first-time bang wearers to ask for a long wispy bang that falls below the eyebrows, which gives the bangs the ability to be pushed around or separated in the middle for more of a curtain bang look. For those not gutsy enough to try a full front bang, side-swept bangs are making a comeback too. Side-swept bangs are a great intro before trying a full front bang and they look stylish with any type of bob or layered haircut.

As I have previously stated, this season you do not have to chop off length to have that new, updated look. The waterfall haircut for long hair will be extremely popular. It is long haircut with many layers starting higher up on the hair. This cut make one’s hair look more voluminous and well cared for, as well as giving the hair many more styling options. Also, one’s color and highlights will pop more with this type of cut. This cut looks amazing on long sheitals while giving the sheital more of a variety of styling options! The waterfall haircut is a great solution to an older, longer sheital whose hair is lifeless and dead looking. This cut will get ride of the dead-looking ends and put a new healthy bounce back to the hair.

Bobs are here to stay so don’t be afraid to cut! A modern, fresh take on the bob will be a cut that is bellow your chin yet above your shoulders. Cutting it all one length, with no visible layers, will give it a fresh, bold and modern look. A layered lob is another variation that is a bit longer and has more subtle layers that flow seamlessly into one another. (It’s the complete opposite of the “Rachel” cut—a choppy look where the layers are very defined.) The subtle layers create the illusion of thicker hair. If you already have a bob and you want to change it up, try an angled bob, which features longer lengths in the front while having a shorter length in the back. The key to making this look very 2019 is having the graduating length in the front extremely subtle. As always, consult with your sheital/hair stylist as to which look will look best and be most practicle for your hair/sheital.

By Sari Friedbauer

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wig maker. She is available for consults and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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