Thursday, June 01, 2023

Finding out what’s new in fashion is always a great idea. It doesn’t mean you’re going to buy an entirely new wardrobe every year, but when you have an idea of what’s available, you have a chance to fill in with a few much-needed pieces that you haven’t been able to find.

Need a second reason for knowing what’s in fashion? If you’re a crafty person, learning about new trends can inspire you to create some one-of-a-kind looks for yourself. This season has plenty of pieces that could get your creative juices flowing.

A third reason to know what’s going on in the fashion world is that the ideas designers are sharing may be already present in your current wardrobe. Rather than browsing the online stores or shopping the mall, you could be pulling things from your closet that mimic what’s being shown now. It’s a smart, savvy move to shop your closet first.

Here are a few ideas you might want to utilize this season.

Snap up a favorite color when it’s suddenly “in.”

I have clients who love shades of brown and would love to replace their worn out brown boots for a stylish new pair. Unfortunately, that color has been missing from the shoe department for the last several seasons. If you had wanted white, red, or plaid boots, you could have found those. But a beautiful mahogany boot? Impossible.

I hope you didn’t run out of patience because amazingly, brown is a robust option this year. This would be a perfect season to stock up on your favorite shade(s). From warm honey brown to mahogany to shades of chocolate, you’ve got plenty of choices.

Enjoy these DIY projects.

Ready for some DIY projects this fall? Pull out your knitting needles, choose your color palette and consider making a sweater or a beanie. Sweaters from the runway were quite bulky. Go for the thick skeins of yarn to create your own one-of-a-kind sweater.

Another big trend is patchwork. If you already have a stack of baby quilts waiting to be gifted, set aside your plans to make another one. Instead, use your skills at piecing attractive fabrics together to create a skirt, dress, vest, or jacket for yourself. You’ll have so much fun wearing your work of art.

Put a look together from your own closet.

Here’s an accessory idea gleaned from the fall fashion shows. Go to your jewelry box and pull out those sparkly brooches you hardly wear. Now grab one of your knit hats. Cluster three pins on your hat. Position them together on the left or the right and wear your stylish accessorized cap the first chance you get.

For more ideas about how to enjoy your style and wardrobe this season, just give me a call. I’d love to help you plan your fall wardrobe. We can shop your closet first and the stores second to get you some fresh looks you’ll enjoy right away.

By Tehillah Harris

Tehillah is a NYC based image consultant, closet editor and personal shopper and is available for private consultations. Call 929- 265-2156 or email [email protected] Be sure to connect with up2date on social media for more styling tips, event info and other fun things.instagram @up2date_nyc—Facebook—up2datenyc. To sign up for our monthly newsletter

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