Thursday, June 01, 2023

(Courtesy of Ralph Wigs) From his humble beginnings, Ralph is today a legend in the world of wigs. His name is recognized across the globe and his products are widely considered the ultimate standard in wigs and hair extensions.

Ralph started out as the personal assistant of Joseph Papino, an Italian wig maker, who was considered the very best in the world. For seven years, Ralph worked under Joseph’s direction, constructing and styling wigs for the world-famous Paris opera houses. He was trained by the ultimate wig maker on the ultimate stage. Ralph took over the business 30 years ago and remained dedicated to Papino’s uncompromising commitment to quality and perfection.

Ralph is multi-talented and highly skilled. He learned from the best and the brightest in the business and he developed his own stylistic flair. “I sometimes feel like I’m doing the work of 10 people,” said Ralph. “I know how to choose the hair, how to construct the cap, how to blend the hairs, how to cut and style, and how to make every person wearing my wigs look exquisitely beautiful.”

Ralph’s vision, he says, is to combine the best elements of function and fashion to achieve extraordinary results. “I am committed to making every client happy, and to use my skills, talents and training to create masterpieces.”

Ralph is famous for his lightweight and comfortable caps. Clients joke, “You can even wear them to sleep!”

Ralph likes to call himself a doctor of wigs, a specialist in the industry. “I understand the fundamental elements of facial structure and therefore can recommend customized styling, color and texture that will enhance anyone’s appearance to be more youthful and vibrant.”

So how do they keep the prices so great? It’s simple. Ralph brings his beauties straight from the factory to you, the client. No middlemen. No detours. No markup. The result—affordable luxury.

Ralph Wigs gives a one-year warranty on products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Even though you purchase the wig at a discounted price, Ralph services the wig for one full year. Clients are amazed at the incomparable customer service. Ralph Wigs prides themselves on this point and their customers tell the tale!

Ralph is currently embarking on a one-month tour in cities across the tri-state and beyond.

Now is your opportunity to become part of the legend called Ralph!

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