Tuesday, March 28, 2023

What better way to bring in the new year than having a fresh new hairstyle! Your new look can be achieved in so many different ways, whether its getting a new cut, changing your hair color, or simply styling your hair in a completely new way. From straight to curly, below are 2020’s best hairstyles to choose from. Make it a dramatic or subtle change, but be sure to change something for your “new you, new look” makeover.

The Bob/Lob and everything in between—over this past year if you’ve read my articles, you’ve heard and seen many variations of this cut. This cut can be done to complement almost any shaped face, and ideally falls between your ears and shoulders. If you’ve been influenced to go for this cut, than you will be happy to hear that this cut is still trending as 2020’s number one cut for women. This year, the sharpness of the blunt bob’s cut is the same as in the classic cut, but with a bit of texture added to the ends to give it a softer, “piecey” look.

Have fun experimenting and changing up this look with some different variations. If you’re afraid of going too short, keep the front tips a bit longer than the rest to give yourself the feel of longer hair. Many of these bob/lob cuts are now being done with soft bangs and tendrils. The soft bangs in the front are mild and don’t require much maintenance for wig wearers. The bangs can be given a slight curl or some bouncy volume for an added affect. Bangs are ideal for wig wearers, as they give the wig a natural look without the added expenses and maintenance of baby hairs and lace fronts.

Another take on the bob this year is the outward smooth bob. The outward layers are styled with a flipped outward bounce. When styling this style on wigs, keep the bounce subtle so that the hair does not appear too heavy. The messier this look gets, the better it appears. The mid-length lob, which is slightly below the collar bone, is an extremely flattering cut for most face shapes. It looks most updated and stylish when cut in a seamless way to create a more structured look. The tousled messy bobs and lobs will remain very popular during 2020 as well as bobs with a puffy side part, which are created by adding some volume in the front, by the part of the hair.

Color is key to enhancing any good cut. Bronde, a combination of brown and blond will remain 2020’s most popular color. A new color look that will gain popularity is the “choppy ends with highlights.” The ends of the hair should be texturized, thinned and cut to achieve “the choppy end look.” Then just the very tips of the hair should be highlighted. Honey-colored highlights will be the color of choice for this look. The combination of this cut and color will give your hair/wig a lot of dimension. For some extra definition add a little dry texturizing spray.

Ombre-highlighted ponytails are the next hottest trend this year.

This messy 2020 pony hairstyle will be seen everywhere. Wide bangs with loose ponies below ones ear are replacing last year’s ponies. To enhance your pony look, get your hair/wig highlighted with ombre color. To create that effortless textured look, style the hair in a loose crimpy wave.

When it comes to styling trends in 2020, an abundance of hair accessories will be seen. Do not be afraid to play and overlap accessories as they work well with the effortless-chic style that is currently in. The no-brush needed, throw your hair into a high or low bun looks great with added accessories such as headbands, clips and pins. Straight or curly hair can be thrown up into a top knot and flyaways can be kept loose or curled for some added glam. For wig wearers a pony wig is ideal to create this look and your hair will be kept securely off your face, while still looking very chic. 2020’s trends are all inclusive, not pressured-to-be-perfect looks, that are easy for everyone to try.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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