Tuesday, March 28, 2023

(Courtesy of Ralph Wigs) Ralph wigs are widely known to be in a class of their own—sophisticated, stylish, smart and special.

That’s because Ralph Tolledano, the man behind the mystique, did not wake up one day and decide to manufacture wigs. Rather, he developed his brand over decades with outstanding skill, determination and an all-consuming passion.

Ralph is a member of the prestigious Tolledano family that traces its roots back to Toledo, Spain. In the 15th century, the family fled the Spanish Inquisition and settled in Italy where they remained for centuries.

Ralph began his career as a very young man and was quickly enlisted as the personal assistant of Joseph Papino, an Italian wig maker who was recognized as the best in the world. Ralph worked under Papino for seven years, constructing and styling wigs for the world-famous Paris opera house. It was the ultimate venue, and it required painstaking effort and skill.

About 30 years ago, Ralph took over the business and remained dedicated to Papino’s uncompromising commitment to quality and perfection. He learned every aspect of wig-making, from hair selection to color, texture and construction. He was celebrated for his talent in the wig capitals of the world. Eventually, he decided to start his own line of high-quality wigs, and to serve the community he is proud to be a part of.

Ralph’s reputation is well known well beyond the local community. He’s been asked to design the wigs for the musical “Titanic” in Chicago. And, in fact, he has been instrumental in designing hairpieces for numerous performances and musical productions.

Clearly, Ralph Tolledano is multi-talented and highly skilled. He learned every aspect of the wig business from the very best in the business, while adding his personal flair to create a vibe that is at once modern and timeless.

But, despite his obvious talents, Ralph is also the ultimate “mentsch.” His customer service is legendary, and he offers a one-year guarantee, even on sale purchases. That’s because he is dedicated to ensuring that all his customers are totally satisfied.

Ralph also recognizes that his customers deserve the highest standards of kashrut when choosing their wigs. That’s why he insists on acquiring certification from the esteemed Rabbi Mordechai Gross of Bnei Brak. He refuses to skimp or cut corners on this or any other aspect of his business.

Those who purchase a Ralph wig would do well to recognize not just the beauty and the brilliance, but also the personal story behind the world’s most respected wig maker, for whom every single hairpiece is a labor of love.

For more information about Ralph Wigs and about his upcoming multi-city tour, contact [email protected] or call 848-210-3121 in New York or 305-428-3879 in Miami. Follow Ralph on Instagram @ralph_wigs and on Facebook at RALPH WIGS. 

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