Thursday, June 01, 2023

Weddings may be taking place in backyards instead of grand halls, but brides are still dressing in regal, stunning gowns. “We’re booked solid,” said Miri Urbach, the designer and head of Miri Couture, a luxury brand of modest fashion. “We have many brides getting married in June, July, August and September. Jewish girls want to get married and want beautiful dresses.” Miri said they are open by appointment only, with spacing between appointments, and no walk-ins. “We’re trying to serve the needs of the community.” The store is located at 37 North Dean Street, Englewood, and in Lakewood, Cedarhurst and Brooklyn, as well as in Israel and Europe. International customers have been choosing dresses through FaceTime appointments.

Brides are mostly ordering traditional long gowns for their backyard weddings, although Urbach said she is making them with more lace and less beading. White is still desirable, with many ordering a nude-color lining. And some brides with August weddings have chosen the gown of their dreams regardless of the location where it will be worn, hoping they will be able to keep dates booked at a venue.

It’s not only brides who still need exquisite dresses. Mothers of couples getting married or whose children who are becoming bar and bat mitzvahs want something special for the occasion. Urbach's spring line, which can be seen on her website (https://www.miricouture.com) and on Instagram, showcases lots of prints, with pink, blush, blues and silvers, and A-line styling. “Women want to feel good about themselves in a beautiful dress, with their make-up and hair done,” said Urbach, noting that they will look back on the photographs. It’s also important for the couple or child to know their parents care. “Why should they look different than they did at the simchas of their other children?”

Urbach has been visiting all her locations during the lockdown, something she hasn’t been able to do before, and recently visited her Englewood store. She’s seeing pent-up demand from women who are eager to shop, including mothers having a simcha and girls who are dating. With a possible reopening date in Englewood of June 15, she is looking forward to welcoming more women into the store. Exactly what the new normal will be depends on several factors, including staff coming back to work, and the governor’s regulations about how many people can enter at one time. One thing she is sure of: Urbach will be there for her customers.

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