Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Do the lace top wigs I see on Instagram really look that good up close? Can you show me how it looks? Can you add a lace top to my wig? Should I get a lace top wig? I have been answering these questions more and more over this past year, as lace wigs have been the most popular selling wigs this past year. Lace wigs are so lightweight, comfortable and extremely natural looking when done correctly and properly maintained. The more knowledgeable you are about how to maintain your lace wig, the better off you are.

Lace wigs are not a new phenomenon. They have been around forever and have been worn heavily by African American women all around the world. Because African American women often have difficult hair to manage, many of them wear some sort of “hair system,” as they call it. The majority of these hair systems are made with lace tops that are glued to their heads and changed around every 2 months. Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly, the lace is glued to their heads and that is how lace wigs and lace fronts were originally intended to be applied to attain that natural look. If you focus on it, you will notice that the hair quality that is used on the wigs for African American women is a much coarser, lower quality, sometimes synthetic, and much less expensive hair than that used on wigs for Jewish consumers. Using lower quality hair makes it more affordable to buy a new lace wig every 2-3 months, so that they can be reapplied by regluing them to their heads. However, considering the fact that lace pieces made with the quality of hair that Jewish women desire run anywhere from $1,800- $7,000, buying a new lace wig every 2-3 months each time the lace tears, loses hair or stretches, is an unaffordable option.

Lace is an extremely delicate material. The more natural the lace looks, the more delicate it will be. Lace can easily tear, stretch or have the hair fall out quite easily with even the slightest mishandling of the piece. One must be extremely careful when putting on and wearing them, as no company can guarantee the lace. When putting expensive hair into such fragile material, you are definitely taking a risk. Sheitel companies are actively trying to find ways to give their clients that lace top look, while trying to make the piece more durable, and have started lining the lace for more durability.

Hands down the most popular question I get is, “Do they really look as good in real life as they do on Instagram?” When the lace top wigs are properly put on and maintained, they do look amazingly natural. The most important part of placing the lace top on, is that one makes sure the lace lays very flat to one’s forehead and be careful that the lace does not tuck under. Over time, the lace will stretch, and adjustments such as taking in the lace so that it lays flatter will be needed. Also, hair, especially in the front part of the wig, will fall out and replacing it with new hair will be needed.

They say once you go lace you can’t go back! That is most definitely true with me! I love my lace top pieces, they are so lightweight and comfortable and I get tons of compliments on how natural they look!

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed cosmetologist and a certified wig maker. She is available for consults and can be reached via text at 201-694-5319. Please follow her @sariswigs

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